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  1. W

    Ick Guard Making My Fish Sick?

    About 4 days ago I noticed the dreaded "white spots" were on a couple cherry barbs in my tank. I initially added about a tablespoon of aquarium salt to my tank (36 gallons) and turned up my heater to 82 degrees as a quick fix too try to get rid of the ich, But the next day those barbs gained a...
  2. eslingerl10

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    Hello! I am fairly new to this hobby (about 3-4 months in), and I've begun my hobby by purchasing a 3 gallon half-moon tank with a whisper filter and a heater to keep the water at 78 degrees. I figured this would be the best environment for my Crowntail Betta after I did some research saying...
  3. AshleyNZ

    My Cichlid Adventure - 52G/220L Journal

    Have been inactive for a long while now, but I have returned from the grave.  After a few months of having my tank set up as a tropical community, completed with green-colored silica sand from a pesky algae, and nasty looking plants, I have decided that this is not the setup ideal for me!  ...
  4. notg2009

    I Thought Lighting Would Fix The Problem!

    Hey everyone, I have a 29G Marineland planted tank. I used to use the stock LED unit but decided to upgrade to better lighting in order to get better plant quality. I dose with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel per bottle instructions.The tank is cycled and I dose with Seachem Stability when...
  5. driger8642

    Name These Fishes :d

    Got them from Petco, was disappointed that they didnt have my corys :( So my son decided on getting these, the worker said they will fit nicely in the tank and so far they have been peaceful but I totally forgot to get their names.... can someone give me a name for them??   1st fish...     2nd...
  6. S

    Plants And Lights Needs

    I bought a used tank with stand, hood and light fixture, aquarium dimensions are 36" X 12" X 18" which is I believe is a 33 Gallon tank.  I get exited and the next day I went to petsmart and I get two amazon swords, one water sprite,one flame moss and a red and green plant with short leaves .I...
  7. H

    Pictures Of My 3 Aquariums

    I just started to have fish this spring!  I love it! I have 3 tanks, the newest being my Beta tank.  I also have a tank with 2 African Dwarf Frogs and a tank with Guppies and Striped Tetras.   I like to make my tanks colorful!   
  8. N

    New To The Hobby; Critique My Aquarium?

    So I had a single betta fish in a small tank for a year. I realized that what I was doing was wrong and found a 10 gal tank in my shed. I set it up, and my betta settled right in. Fast forward a few months. I got a few more plastic plants, some more gravel and a little rock formation with holes...
  9. mrstwalker

    New To Planted Tanks, Advice Needed!

    So this is going to be a few months out, but I want to gather as much information as I can before I begin this process!   I have always wanted show quality butterfly telescope goldfish. And when I move in the next few months I think I will be at a place I can start the process. I have also...
  10. mrstwalker

    Aquarium Journal - Advice?

    I have heard of several people using/making aquarium journals for their tanks. They log information about water changes, water quality tests, illnesses, medicating, plant care etc. to keep up with the history of their tank. I think this is a marvelous idea and I really want to start a few of my...
  11. P

    Saltwater Fish For A 55 Gallon / Flame Angel!

    Alrighty so i posted a while ago about a ton of saltwater questions and so far this is what i got (this referring to the picture attached) i still have a bit of aquascaping to do but this is my 55 gallon tank so far it's cycling now and i want to start seriously considering fish/invertebrates to...
  12. H

    Nitrate Levels Won't Go Down!

    Hi all,   So basically, I've had my tank set up for nearly a year now, and It's been fine for a long time. Recently (about 2 months ago) I noticed that the Nitrate levels were increasing, I increased the number of water changes to twice a week. Now I didn't take a lot of water out the second...
  13. P

    55 Gallon Maintenance!?!?

    i'm so excited and so happy that for years i've been dreaming of getting a 55g and finally got one and it's beautiful and i couldn't be happier, i currently have 4 rainbow fish, 5 cory cats (different kinds), 1 golden wonder killi, 6 platys, and 6 lyre tail mollies, and 3 gorami's (1 dwarf flame...
  14. Cameronb_01

    Tropical Fish

    Hi Everyone, I have just purchased a 450 Litre tank and I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions as to what fish to get. I would like something very colourful, large and interesting and preferably reasonably easy to find. I have not yet decided whether it is going to be a...
  15. C

    Hello Everyone I Am Caroline From China

    I am Caroline from China. I like fish very much.
  16. Xzavier247

    Foreground Discussion

          What is your favorite foreground plant? This is an open discussion for others to see whats available and what it looks like. Please submit your answer following with a picture.  This is to also help others who are new to the planted tank.    I'll start off with Dwarf Hairgrass.    Another...
  17. mrstwalker

    Decisions - New Fish?! Help Me Decide!

    So, my hubby really knows how to get me, by contributing to my aquarium addiction, he made a deal with me that if he didn't have to go to a dinner party then he would buy me a new tank and a new betta. Naturally, I gave into my addiction, and hubby didn't go to the dinner party, so now I get a...
  18. B

    Africans Breeding At The Aquarium Today

    I was at the aquarium today and I noticed a pair of breeding Africans. I just thought it was worth sharing and it would be cool if anyone could identify them
  19. Z

    Convict Cichlid Breeding

    Just wanted to share, getting started on breeding convicts. Looking to get some good color and healthy looking fish. Tips are helpful!   thanks.
  20. monahan95

    Cheap Aquarium

    Anyone know any good websites or stores where i could find a reasonably priced fish tank? I'm only looking for something around 50-80lt. My budget is only around £130, ideally even a little lower than that as i will still need to buy gravel and plants etc. If anyone could link me to a few or...