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  1. I

    HELP!! african dwarf frog dying(??)

    a little under a week ago while i was cleaning the sand with a gravel vac, his leg got stuck and i accidentally sucked him in. i panicked and got him out of the tube as quickly as i could but his skin was incredibly red and irritated. i’ve been keeping an eye on him the past week or so and while...
  2. M

    Moving with African Dwarf frogs

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I have to unexpectedly move (3 hours away). I currently am the owner of two African dwarf frogs and 1 betta. I know that this move will be stressful for them and I want to do anything I can to make it more comfortable so I have a few questions. What can I do...
  3. J

    African Dwarf Frogs Holding Each Other

    Hey everyone, I have had 2 ADF for about 6 months now, a male and a female. They have been singing the entire time I’ve had them and a couple times a week they latch onto each other. I know this is normally a sign of mating but as I said it been happening every few days for six months and there...
  4. M

    Ecobio block

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's safe to you ecobio blocks with african dwarf frogs and Corey cat fish? I recently switched my african dwarf frogs to a 10 gallon tank from a 5. I had 3 nano ecobio blocks in the 5 gallon. I recently bought the size small of the ecobio block for the...
  5. S

    African Dwarf Frog floating please help!!

    Hi, I made an account so I could ask about this so sorry if I am doing something wrong. I've had two African dwarf frogs for about three months, and within the past 4 days, I've had the female floating at the top. So far I've done tons of research and she's not bloated or doesn't have any cloudy...
  6. R


    Hey guys, I keep african dwarf frogs for years now and this has never happened. I've been dealing with a bladder snail infestation which I've sorted out pretty well... the numbers have decreased a lot. However, I noticed my ADF was struggling with a small snailI went to go wash my hands (as I...
  7. W

    African Dwarf Frog Bumps with red spot on them.

    Hello all, Unfortunately, my ADF may be sick. This is the first aquarium with endlers, guppy, adf, orange shrimp, and a pleco... 16 gallon. A few weeks ago, I noticed a bump developing. Now, there are several and a few have a red dot on them. What type of a disease can this be? And how should...
  8. D

    Is this set up good for dwarf african frogs?

    Once my larger rank cycles (almost complete) the only fish in my 10 gallon will be my baby betta. I'm thinking of adding dwarf African frogs. Is this set up safe for them? All my big opening are covered. How many frogs should I get?
  9. Falconwithaboxon

    Bloated African Dwarf Frog

    I have an african dwarf frog that is rather bloated and he his spending much more time at the surface than he usually does. I am worried he's suck or are a rock but I'm not sure. Is there anything I can do to help him? Or will he just die? The tank is rather tall(24 inches) and I could try to...
  10. W

    ADF upside down and swollen leg

    Hi, I got two new ADFs a few days ago. On day two I noticed that one was upside down on the bottom swimming in circles. I noticed he (assuming it's a he??) had a very swollen leg and figured he would struggle swimming up to the surface so put him in a floating breeding box near the top of the...
  11. T

    55 gallon Dwarf Frog Stocking Questions

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon tank and I'm thinking about stocking with African Dwarf Frogs or Claw Frogs. How many frogs can I stock in this tank? What fish can I stock with these frogs in my tank? Will African dwarf frogs be a Hassel to take care of? I'm not looking for a very difficult stock to...
  12. Moopoo

    Frog and Rocks

    Hi I have noticed that a lot of people that have aquactic frogs don't have any places to hide on the bottom of thier tank. My Bert who is a african dwarf frog loves his many rocks in the tank... Lots of places to hide!!.. who does the same??
  13. Moopoo


    Just wanted to say hi.. I have 2 goldfish called rocky and Robyn and a variety of tropical including a aquactic frog called bert!... I've never had a frog before so loving this wee man.. ? Rocky is a miracle fish as when my son looked after him through different issues with tank and various...
  14. J

    My history

    Hello, My name is Jess and I am excited to have found a place with reliable advice and understanding fish keepers. I have had fish in the past but took a break for a couple of years. I decided to start an African dwarf frog tank and have fallen in love with them.
  15. J

    African Dwarf frogs bloated, dropsy or fat?

    Hello, this is my first post I have a 3.5 gallon with two African dwarf frogs and a snail. I have two live plants, and a cave to hide in. They have a filter and a heater. I have had them for a little over a month now. I'm feeding them Mon, Wed, Friday, mainly pellets and thawed brine shrimp as...
  16. G

    Introducing New African Dwarf Frogs?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice. For backstory, for 7 years now, I have had 2 ADF and a zebra nerite snail living in a 5 gallon tank with no filter. I realize that I definitely should have a filter, but I was very young when I first set up the tank, and by the time I learned enough to know that they...
  17. ember04

    How many African dwarf frogs in a 7.5 gallom

    Can anyone help me? I am setting up a 7.5-gallon African dwarf frog tank. The tank will be specifically designed around ADF and will have no other tank mate (maybe a snail but that is it). The tank will be planted in a 'jungle' style so very heavily planted and will have lots of driftwood and...
  18. jedimildred54

    Help is this dropsy? African Dwarf Frog

    I fed my African dwarf frog brine shrimp for the first time a day and a half ago. He was floating near the top, but he DOES go down. I did a 25% water change today. All the levels are good.. He seems more bloated then usual. Is this dropsy? Link to video of him swimming: .
  19. jedimildred54

    African Dwarf Frog has cut/injury on butt, HELP

    I have 2 african dwarf frogs in a 5.5 gallon tank. The NO2 and NO3 seem to be zero. PH between 7-7.5. GH &KH good I had Petco test the water and they said it was fine. One of my frogs has red around the anus like a cut. I'm wondering if bleeding from pooping/constipation or injury. I did see the...
  20. M

    Naughty African Dwarf (Albino)

    Hi! New poster here, I’m writing to share what happened to me today. I was waking my fish and frogs up and I noticed one of my larger ones (banjo) wasn’t there. I searched high and low in the tank in the gravel in the filter around the tank in all corners etc. He was absolutely nowhere to be...