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Oct 28, 2020
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Hi! New poster here, I’m writing to share what happened to me today.

I was waking my fish and frogs up and I noticed one of my larger ones (banjo) wasn’t there. I searched high and low in the tank in the gravel in the filter around the tank in all corners etc. He was absolutely nowhere to be found. He has escaped from a tank before and we didn’t think the holes in this one were big enough for him to get through but low and behold they were (we have since taped them up so this doesn’t happen again).
Online I’ve read that they can only live 20 minutes outside of water so after a couple hours of panicking and searching/moving furniture and even pulling up some of the carpet I assumed the worst.
later on in the day, 9 hours after I first couldn’t find him- I find him. I walked into the room and he was on some wires in a very obvious place, I knew he couldn’t have been there before because there was no way I would have missed that. I call my partner in to get him as I assume he’s dead and I’m in a bit of shock- HE ISNT DEAD!

He was still breathing? But covered in dust and dirt and some hair, anyways in a panic we plopped him back in the water and he seems to be doing fine. He is swimming and zen posing and he has even had a snack.
I have no idea how long he was out the tank for but he is fine. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to clean him up? We don’t want to stress him out anymore than he already is.

what a crazy day of emotions, I really thought I’d lost my little guy. I don’t know how but he’s still here with us and hope he will be for a long time.

tldr:/ aquatic frog escaped tank, couldn’t find for over 9 hours, found him alive and well but covered in dust and debris.
Here is banjo and jim for reference ☺
I once had a frog go walkabout and was advised not to just put it back in the tank. Rather than type out everything I was told, this is the thread

By the way, the albino frog is not an African dwarf frog, it's an African clawed frog - you can tell by the front feet. Dwarfs have webbed front feet, claweds don't have webbed front feet. Clawed frogs grow significantly bigger than dwarfs and will probably grow big enough to eat the dwarf frog :oops:

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