african clawed frog

  1. M

    Naughty African Dwarf (Albino)

    Hi! New poster here, I’m writing to share what happened to me today. I was waking my fish and frogs up and I noticed one of my larger ones (banjo) wasn’t there. I searched high and low in the tank in the gravel in the filter around the tank in all corners etc. He was absolutely nowhere to be...
  2. N

    African Clawed frog tank mates?

    hey all! I’m relatively new to fish keeping, just under a year now of experience. I currently have a 75 gallon aquarium with an aqua clear 110 an aquaclear 70, and a bubbler. It’s currently housing my 3 adult dojo loaches (not quite full grown but decently sized) 3 Yoyo loaches (medium ish...
  3. OjoAndBlubb

    Are my ACFs too fat?

    So around 4-5 months back I got these two African Clawed Frogs. One is female and one is male. But I feed them a are they too fat? Ugh. I wish there was a better way to post pics on here.