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  1. I

    HELP!! african dwarf frog dying(??)

    a little under a week ago while i was cleaning the sand with a gravel vac, his leg got stuck and i accidentally sucked him in. i panicked and got him out of the tube as quickly as i could but his skin was incredibly red and irritated. i’ve been keeping an eye on him the past week or so and while...
  2. R


    Hey guys, I keep african dwarf frogs for years now and this has never happened. I've been dealing with a bladder snail infestation which I've sorted out pretty well... the numbers have decreased a lot. However, I noticed my ADF was struggling with a small snailI went to go wash my hands (as I...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Bloated African Dwarf Frog

    I have an african dwarf frog that is rather bloated and he his spending much more time at the surface than he usually does. I am worried he's suck or are a rock but I'm not sure. Is there anything I can do to help him? Or will he just die? The tank is rather tall(24 inches) and I could try to...
  4. Ellie Potts

    Apistogramma Cacatouides and African Dwarf Frogs??

    I have a standard 55-gallon aquarium (48" x 13" x 21") kept at about 78 degrees F. The tank gets water changes once a week at 50% and is very heavily planted and over-filtered. I would really like to add a pair of Apistogramma cacatouides, as I've wanted them for over a year now and would like...
  5. Moopoo

    Frog and Rocks

    Hi I have noticed that a lot of people that have aquactic frogs don't have any places to hide on the bottom of thier tank. My Bert who is a african dwarf frog loves his many rocks in the tank... Lots of places to hide!!.. who does the same??
  6. M

    Naughty African Dwarf (Albino)

    Hi! New poster here, I’m writing to share what happened to me today. I was waking my fish and frogs up and I noticed one of my larger ones (banjo) wasn’t there. I searched high and low in the tank in the gravel in the filter around the tank in all corners etc. He was absolutely nowhere to be...
  7. A

    HELP! African dwarf frogs

    Around 2 weeks ago I bought 3 new African dwarf frogs to live with my current frog (I’ve had him for 4 years) who seemingly all looked healthy and happy! All was well until 2 days ago, one of the new frogs suddenly died. I thought it was just because of stress or age, I found him dead floating...
  8. M

    African Dwarf Frog Sexing?

    hey! I’m new to dwarf frogs and trying to figure out the genders I’ve got! Photos with a blue 1 on them I think are a boy. Purple 2 I’m hoping is a female. Let me know if I need better photos! Yes I know the frog is in a weird spot in one of the photos, it’s still getting used to the tank and is...
  9. R

    What size tank should I keep an African dwarf frog?

    Hey guys I have a 3.5 gallon tank right now and I saw some African dwarf frogs at the store the other day and I thought they looked so cool! I haven't bought one, but I would like to. I've kept freshwater invertebrates before, so I have a little experience, just not with african dwarf frogs...
  10. Tanya farrell

    African dwarf frogs

    Could some one please clarify what sex my frogs are please as I got told 2 females or male , I I looked it up and I think 3 females , also how old are you or how do I tell , hope th pics are ok , thank you
  11. I

    Adf Isn't The Same

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but I've been reading various posts for about three years now gaining insight about aquariums. I have a concern that I couldn't find answers to yet. I have a 5gal tank, it's been cycled and running for about 4 years. About a year ago I bought two African Dwarf frogs...
  12. starlitsunrise

    African Dwarf Frog With Injured Foot/leg

    I was out of my house for 2 days and came home to find my frog with a really badly injured foot. I don't know what to do to help her.  Tank size: 10 Gallon, split in half. pH: 7.6 ammonia: 0ppm nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 10ishppm kH: Don't Know (I have hard water if that helps) gH: Don't Know tank...
  13. starlitsunrise

    Should I Get Another Frog? & Food Question

    Hey guys,  As some of you may know one of my African Dwarf Frogs died a few weeks ago, he got kinda bloated looking one night and then the next day he was gone. I'm not sure why that happened as my other frog and my betta are both fine. (more info...
  14. B

    Fire Bellied Toads

    Hey everyone! So I think I am going to be mostly done with fish... My local pet stores just don't take care of them right and every time I have gotten a new fish it brings something into my tank.  This was before I knew about having a quarantine tank.  I am just really frustrated about that.   I...
  15. C

    Can I Have A Bumble Bee Shrinp With A Adf?

    Can i have a bumble bee frog with a ADF? or will they fight or the frog eat the shrinp?
  16. deniselovestochat

    Raising African Dwarf Frogs

    hello I am going to be getting some African Dwarf frogs and breeding them. I have breed bettas before and know a few things about breeding.     right now I do not have the frogs yet and I am preparing for when I get them.   I will be posting my experiance with you guys.   right now I have a 5...