Fire Bellied Toads

Dec 1, 2013
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Hey everyone! So I think I am going to be mostly done with fish... My local pet stores just don't take care of them right and every time I have gotten a new fish it brings something into my tank.  This was before I knew about having a quarantine tank.  I am just really frustrated about that.
I think the idea I am going to stick with is getting 3-5 fire bellied toads. I have a 38 gallon tank. Its 12.5x36x20 (WxLxH).  I plan on just collected wood from my grandparents home and just using that inside the tank.  I have fish dechlorination, will that be ok for frogs?  I have a lot a gravel and I can also collect rocks up there which I plan on making into some decorations. 
One thing I would really love would be to put some of my guppies in the water.  I plan on making it about 4-5 inches deep (gradual) and I have a filter to put it, Probably my undergravel filter or a smaller filter that stay in the water, I would cover up the underwater filter with some rocks to slow down the current.  I have a heater to put in the water as well, and it will easily heat the water on a low setting.  
Would the frogs toxic skin hurt the fish if I changed the water frequently? I plan on using some of them as a food source and will also feed them a variety of foods. 
Any input is appreciated!