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  1. L

    I Rescued an Imposter Fish

    Hello all! Long story short...I'm in the beginning stages of setting up a 40 gallon tank (I've had them in the past). I was asked if I wanted to rescue an upside down catfish (in imminent danger of being flushed alive--Seriously!!) so I agreed. I have had upside down catfish before with no...
  2. Juliak

    Black Ghost Knife Fish and Bichir Tank Size Suggestions

    I recently bought a 2" black ghost knife fish. As of right now, he is in a 60 gallon aquarium with my 2 Senegal bichirs (3-4"), 2 rope fish (12"), 2 giant danios (2"), 1 dojo loach (5"), and 3 adult bronze corys. Most of the fish in this tank (bichirs, rope fish, and BGK fish are very calm and...
  3. HalfTailedOwner

    Help -- Betta Fish Not Interacting?

    Hi, last Wednesday I bought a double tailed betta. Ever since then I've noticed he doesn't interact much and is growing slower. A few days ago he only stuck to one side of the tank rather and sleep in the corner. He doesn't notice when I eat or try to interact with him. At first, I thought he...
  4. C

    New axolotls

    Ive begun the cycling process on my 20 gal tank but im not 100% sure it'll be ready for my axolotls when they arrive in 2 days. They are 3" long each. Im wondering if itd be ok to keep them in a tupperware like container and change their waters every day until the big tank is ready. Ive seen...
  5. fishperson100

    Killifish choices?

    Hello everybody! So, I was thinking about getting a killifish in the future. Is someone able to tell me, what types are the best for a killifish beginner, the tank setup, care, and where to get them? Currently I have a 10 gallon tank with a nice HOB filter. Also, are the Corydoras aeneus...
  6. ShannonKoletti

    Angel Fish Fry Help!

    Hi, my tank at work is stocked with 5 very large adult angel fish, two being a pair. Last week I removed wrigglers from the parents into a net fry nursery until I had a sponge filter for a 16 litre tank I had. I used the water from the main tank for the 16L tank and after a few days after the...
  7. E

    Simplest way to take care of apple snail's eggs

    Hello there! I found a little surprise tonight when I got back from work. My little invertebrates made three "nests". I didn't notice before. One seems a little more white than the two others (the second picture) but they are pretty pink/red-ish. Sorry for the poor light, it is dark when I...
  8. T

    Plant help

    Hi, I have a 200litre aquarium with sufficient filtration in the form of the Jewel bioflow arrangement, and a Eheim 250 external filter, which I have plants in. Firstly I'm trying to bind some Anubis plants (I think) to some bog wood from my LFS. I've tied them down with cotton thread as...
  9. B

    Basically Another Betta Caresheet

    Be aware of what you are getting into before you purchase a Betta fish. Know that these fish can live up to 10 years under the proper care, so do your research before buying. The minimum tank size (officially) for a Betta Splenden is 2.5 Gallons with a heater and filter. Please don't keep a...
  10. Antoniakr

    Platy Care

    Hello everyone. I've been wanting platys for a while now.  i'm wanting a quite easy fish, not a fussy one that needs a lot of attention and needs perfect water conditions Are platys quite a hardy-type fish? because i wont be able to afford keeping water conditions spot on all the time
  11. B

    Fire Bellied Toads

    Hey everyone! So I think I am going to be mostly done with fish... My local pet stores just don't take care of them right and every time I have gotten a new fish it brings something into my tank.  This was before I knew about having a quarantine tank.  I am just really frustrated about that.   I...
  12. R

    Betta Fish Water Emergency

    Hi Everyone!     Let me start off by saying that I feel a little like a "fish out of water" here (bad pun, I know), but desperate times call for desperate measures. I am a 3rd year college student and I took in a male betta fish from a guy down the hall who didn't have time for the...
  13. ShannonKoletti

    Ellioti Cichlid Fry Care

    Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone knew some information about caring for ellioti cichlid fry? I woke up this morning noticing one of my ellioti cichlid's were defending a small pot in my tank, to my surprise there were tiny fry in the pot! I didn't even know that fish was a female. Both...
  14. VickyChaiTea

    Teddy Bear Crab Information

    Ok so... I have been on a quest. For the past few hours I've been trying to find out everything I can about Teddy Bear Crabs. Specifically, Pilumnus vespertilio. It took me like 45 minutes to find the damn things scientific name, and I soon found out there is very little information about...
  15. crmpicco

    Baby Assassin Snail Care

    Hi, I have three adult assassin snails in my 70ltr tank at the moment that I bought about 4-5 months ago to deal with a pest snail problem I was having at the time. Between the snails and large water changes, they done their job, so i'm glad I got them. This morning, I spotted a baby assassin...