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  1. ella777

    Substrate is confusing.

    Hi, I have just got a 200l tank and I'm not sure what substrate to use. Some people say hydroton clay balls are best but others say the Seachem Fluorite is best. The tank I got comes with a ton of gravel which I would love to use but I'm not sure if it's good? I dont know the name of it as it...
  2. C

    Quarantine Timeframe for Fungal Infection?

    I have a 36-gallon planted freshwater aquarium. The aquarium has been up and running for years now, and the current stocking is harlequin rasboras, kuhli loaches, shrimp, and a dwarf gourami. About a week ago I noticed one of my rasboras wasn't eating, and after some inspection I noticed he had...
  3. April_ht

    Building A 200 Gallon Pond

    Today, I spent the day digging a pond after finding an old pool liner and having the great idea of adding a water feature to my greenhouse...I figured, what's the worst that could happen? At least I'm not wasting my money if things don't go to plan. Anyways, after a long couple hours, I...
  4. F

    Is my pH too high? Help please

    Hello :) I have a planted 24l tank with four male fancy guppies. The pH in the tank is 8.2, I have read that guppies like it between 6.8 and 7.6. I have a bottle of API pH adjuster, it says 1ml for 38l but it doesn't say how much that actually lowers the water by. I know that sudden changes in...
  5. SRbettas

    Setting up first dirted tank, so many questions

    Hi all it’s been a while but I’m glad to be back. Anyway as the title says I am setting up my first dirted tank and have a couple questions. Firstly, how do I know which soil is safe, I’ve heard organic topsoil is best but I’m scared I’m going to put something toxic in my tank? I’m also very...
  6. outofwater

    Quarantine/hospital/plant tank

    Fishless cycling this small (10g) tank to be used as quarantine/hospital and just for propagating/maintaining plants. Did a topsoil layer for the root plants, thinking of adding a couple of lucky bamboo shoots, if anything else at the moment. Have 2 red ludwigia shoots, 1 water sprite and a...
  7. O

    My 55gal tank

    Here’s some pictures of my 55 gal setup.
  8. Linkandnavi

    My new 193 Gallon Planted Build

    So my custom sized.193 (us gallon/731 litre) tank arrived on Friday, for the second time. It first arrived the week before Christmas but they'd damaged one corner during delivery and it leaked. Collected with argument, replaced over Christmas and now delivered once more. Manhandled through an...
  9. F

    Zebra loaches and amano shrimp? Algae eater suggestions

    Hi, I’m looking for advice as I’m struggling with hair algae in my tank (100cm x 40cm x 50cm) approx 160L/40G. So I’m considering amano shrimp but concerned about my zebra loaches. Plants: I’ve attached a photo so you can see the plants I have and the type of algae growing, it’s mainly the...
  10. Linkandnavi

    Positioning of Circulation Pumps for Planted Tank

    My new 193 US gallon tank is arriving next week. It'll be heavily planted and co2 injected, running a Fluval FX6. I've had problems in a previous 120 gallon with dead spots, particularly at the bottom of the tank and so will be using a couple of small circulation pumps to move water across the...
  11. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  12. hazyvonne

    Newbie looking for canister filter recommendations

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to this hobby. I have a 55g, planted tank (see picture) that's about 4 months old. When I first got started all the info out there was rather overwhelming so I decided to go with a HOB filter to make things easy. I currently have a Penn Plax Cascade 300 running. As...
  13. April_ht

    Subtropical Community Tank

    Unfortunately 3 of my platy fish jumped out of a bucket while I was re-scaping my tank for a planted aquarium, so I am now left with 6 WCMM. I never really took it serious that fish would jump, and a platy of all fish :confused: guess I've learnt my lesson now. Anyways, I've invested in a good...
  14. MuddyWaters

    I Did Everything Wrong

    I started a new 15 gallon aquarium right at the beginning of September. I have kept aquariums off and on since I was 12 years old and I have never tried to update myself on new stuff as it came along- I just always did it like I did when I was 12- mostly it worked out (with some casualties...
  15. April_ht

    Online Stores Australia

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not I'm sorry, but does anybody know of any good quality online stores to buy from in Australia that sell a range of live plants or aquascaping supplies including rock, driftwood, backgrounds etc? I can't go out yet due to lockdown and...
  16. April_ht

    Freshwater plants (cold water)

    What plants would be best suited for a cold water planted tank? Information about my tank: 70 litres (18 Gallons) 60l x 30w x 40h in cm (approx 24l x 12w x 16h in inches) Water hardness 105ppm or 5.5dH pH 7.5 Temp: 18 degrees Celsius after a water change and 20 degrees Celsius on average. No co2...
  17. T

    Is this a good stocking list for my planted 10 gallon?

    I asked a question a couple nights ago on the planted chit chat part of the site about my plants and everyone was very helpful so I wanted to check with everyone about my stocking list for it. I already have three mystery snails in there, and plan to get three scarlet badis, and eleven ember...
  18. T

    A Few Questions on My New Planted Tank

    Hey guys. Wanted to ask a few questions about my new planted tank. It's a ten gallon tank with a water sprite, amazon sword, baby tears, and three java ferns. I got the first two a couple days ago and the java and tears today. I got them both off Aquarium Coop. My first question was what are...
  19. Tippersloth

    Leafs getting patchy

    Hey guys my swords are getting patchy, I’ve had them for several months now and they were doing really well with big growths etc. they normally bounce back after awhile as this has happened before but it seems to be nearly every leaf now. I’m currently using flourish range of fertilisers (see...
  20. crupp29

    Brown Algae

    Just today I noticed some brown algae in the fish tank I have been cycling for a couple of weeks. The water has been tested regularly and at this point, the tank seems to have finished cycling. I plan on doing a large water change later this week and getting a couple fish this weekend. The tank...