1. S

    New Tank

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering if someone could push me in the right direction. I currently setup a new display tank and paired it with an established Refugium form my previous tank. It’s had been running for 2 days, I tested levels and I have Ph is 7.8, Ammonia is 0ppm Nitrite is 0 ppm and...
  2. hetsu

    Need a Multi-use timer

    Hi!! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the fish-keeping hobby (at least in doing a good job at it; I had some pretty pathetic tanks as a kid when I didn't know any better). Right now, I'm trying to find a timer that will do two timings at once, because I only want to buy two separate...
  3. C

    One week into a fish less cycle

    Hi everyone , I am one week into my fishless cycle and am seeing high levels of ammonia and nitrites with medium to low levels of nitrates. I am now experiencing a hair algae bloom. Am I doing something wrong ? I have a 135 litre planted tank with a Co2 system. I run the lights for...
  4. N

    Best light for 10 gallon planted tank?

    Hi! I'm starting up my second tank, a 10 gallon, and the lights that come with it are terrible. I have some low light hornwort and amazon swords, but I'm going to be adding some medium-light plants in next week. I'm a college student, so I don't want to spend a ton, I'm gonna say no more than...
  5. B

    Thoughts on this stocking combination?

    Hi All. Interested in as many thoughts as possible on this stocking. This would be a gradual build up from where I am now. 55 gallon(240l) Temp 24.5 Degrees C. PH 6.5/6.8, Live plants Stem and moss ball with a java fern., Fine, very small gravel, Betta 2000 Canister filter(turns over the tank...
  6. Irksome

    Rescaped tank to black sand

    Hello, my tank redone with dark sand instead of ugly mixed gravel. My crypts are melting a bit but everything else is doing great. The photos don’t do it justice, there must be a knack that I’m missing.
  7. T

    Lots of Aquatic Plant Questions

    Hi, I'm planning to start my first planted aquarium but I have alot of questions even after doing a week of research. I wanna make sure to do this right, so if anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! 1. What hardy beginner plants can I tie on wood and rocks? Is there...
  8. B

    How do I make this more aesthetically pleasing?

    Hello, I have just reaquascaped my 29g freshwater tank. I want to make it look a little better. Any ideas on how to improve the aesthetic? Thanks
  9. A

    is my tank okay?

    so i’ve bought 2 sets of 2 gallon tanks 1 week ago. one for my betta and one for purposely breeding pest snails and algae. so im focusing more on my betta tank no filtration planted (only 1 stem plant) theres soil and in where the live plant is planted and artificial green colored gravel i...
  10. M

    Do Nerite Snails need to eat calcium or just have it in the water?

    So, I'm relatively new to snails. My boyfriend always wanted me to get one, but I wasn't really interested (too worried about crazy snail reproduction after hearing some horror stories from friends). But I found a beautiful little tiger nerite at the fish store and I fell in love. After a quick...
  11. Irksome

    Shrimp jungle

    My new shrimp tank, it seems to be going well despite the hair algae.
  12. ElissaBee

    First post and my tank

    Here is my 10g hi tech planted tank with CO2 injection. Plants are hydrocotye verticillata, ludwigia repens, bacopa caroliniana, cryptocoryne undulata, lobelia cardinalis, dwarf nymphaea and java moss. Inhabitants are 3 adult female guppies, a pair of juvie/adult guppies, and 6 fry, all of whom...
  13. Barry Tetra

    Cloudy water need help!

    I just got new tank for my betta. I put clay substrate in the tank and this happen, can you guys tell me when its gonna be back to normal? (Ive washed clay before putting in the tank)
  14. W

    Dwarf Puffer Planted Tank Help

    Hey everybody, Need some advice from more experienced folks on this site. I am currently setting up a new 10 Gallon tank for Dwarf Puffers and wanted to gain some clarity on my water parameters. My current setup: - Top Fin Essentials Starter Kit (10 Gallon) - Modified TF 10 Filter with intake...
  15. Irksome

    Can liquid carbon help with a light/c02 imbalance?

    Hello everyone. My new 10 gallon divided low tech tank has been running about a week now. As the light was so poor on the hood I’ve put a tabletop led grow light shining into the sides. My plants look great, my weeping moss divider is filling out amazingly well with the directional grow lamps...
  16. W

    German Blue Ram - First Fish

    I have recently entered the hobby, purchasing a Aquapod 56litre aquarium. Which I have included some small plants and larger rocks. I have cycled my tank and has the local fish store confirmed the conditions were now suitable for my first fish. I decided to go for a German Blue Ram although I...
  17. S

    New Nano Tank

    Hello again, I have been cycling a nano tank for about a month and I am getting ready to stock my tank. I planted my plants, and just need a final fish to balance it all out. I was thinking of filling my 6.8 Gal tank with some cherry shrimp, blueberry shrimp, and some Mosquito Rasbora, but from...
  18. A

    60l planted Betta smaragdina tank - pic heavy!

    After a three year break from the hobby for uni and a realisation of a number of mistakes I made before that, I've decided to come back to the hobby and do it properly! Kit: 60l aquarium modified to have a rimless front A1171 Aquamanta IFX 50 internal corner filter 200 l/hr 3W Aquamanta Xanti...
  19. A

    I was tricked, now I need guidance.

    So, I'm super new to this. Some how I got roped into getting a fish tank -per my husband- for our 3 year old. (facepalm emoji) Yup. I was all set to get a Betta and a 2.5-5 gallon tank. The prices for these small tanks we're almost as much as for the tank 'we' settled on. a 13 gallon...
  20. L

    Nitrates not building?

    I did a nitrate test 2 weeks ago in my heavily planted dirted tank and got around 0-5ml/l. I tested again today without doing any wcs inbetween, and I still got the same result. I'm assuming my plants are eating all the nitrates before they can build up. Does this mean that water changes are...