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  1. Y

    Advice, tips, and question!

    I have 8 ember tetras, 1 cherry shrimp, 3 Beckfords pencilfish. Parameters are: 26 Celsius 0 ppm nitrite 10 ppm nitrate 0 ppm ammonia 6.4 pH Today i added water lettuce to the tank, the embers are more active but always swims at the front, is that normal? What can i add to the tank (Plants...
  2. Casper23


    Hi everyone! My name is Cassi, I am a stay at home mom and I am fairly new to this hobby, having only started this a few months ago. I did do LOTS of research before diving into this hobby and I’m still learning which I love! I have a current set up of a 29 gallon Topfin tank. HOB filter and...
  3. lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    my halfmoon male (chub) lives in this tank with 2 anubias, a java fern, java moss, driftwood and some Petco log decorations. a few shrimp along with a shrimp filter, a small air stone and a 10 gal heater. sitting about 76°f. aquasoil, black gravel, volcanic rock substrate.
  4. PygmyMitch

    Planted 10g Tank

    I thought it was time to make a journal for my 10g tank. I’m planning on changing the look of the tank slightly, as I think it’s currently looking a bit too basic and simple. My plan is to reposition the existing plants, add more plants and add some driftwood. I have 4 pygmy corys, which I will...
  5. JayLB

    Pea puffer tank question

    I have a beautiful 66.59 fluval shaker tank setup! My Main fish are pea puffers. Currently I have 11 pea puffers, 3 different types of schooling tetras ( 7-neon, 6- cardinals, 7 glow Light), and 3 corydorás Its a heavily planted tank with black gravel, and some large pieces of wood and a quo...
  6. PygmyMitch

    Custom Filter!

    So since my last post about the problems I had with my internal filter. I was undecided on what filter to go for next. I really liked the idea of how the Fluval flex tanks had the filter built into the back of the tank. Its discrete, allows you to hide the heater and has plenty of space for...
  7. The Big Figfetti

    Haze/Fuzz in new planted wasteland tank

    Hello, I just joined the forums and posted an introduction, but I’m really hoping to get some help with my new tank. It’s only 7 days old, but the plants don’t seem to be doing well. There’s a fuzz or haze around them and the driftwood. I showed pictures to my LFS and they said it looked like...
  8. The Big Figfetti

    The Big Figfetti

    Hi! I’m Candy, the impulse buyer. I’ve been watching a UK hobbyist on YouTube for a few months and really wanted to try my hand at a low tech ecosystem or wasteland style tank. I’ve never kept freshwater before. I used to keep saltwater tanks in my teens and 20’s. I got out of the hobby when I...
  9. Kyanite14

    Low KH?

    My tank is always around 0-2 dKH, I have: Java fern Green Myrio Anubia Frazeri Green Wendtii My PH seems stable at 7-7.2, is it a problem to have KH this low in a planted aquarium? My tap water only has 2-3 dKH. I’m hesitant to add any coral or aqua vitro carbonate, because I want the PH to...
  10. Kyanite14

    Stuck at .25?

    Hey guys, I’ve got a planted community tank that I started about 3 months ago. I had done a fish in cycle with 2 danios, and used a filter cartridge I had left at a pet stores established tank for a week. The ammonia readings after adding the cartridge were a constant 0, so I started to add my...
  11. M

    Walstad tank stocking

    I am a beginner and have a 15 gallon high tank(20"x10"x18") with plants like dwarf hair grass, anubias nana petite, ludwigia super red, Bacopa caroliniana & a few water lettuce. There are 6 widow tetras, 5 cherry shrimps & 1 spotted nerite snail. They have all been doing fine for about a month...
  12. ella777

    Substrate is confusing.

    Hi, I have just got a 200l tank and I'm not sure what substrate to use. Some people say hydroton clay balls are best but others say the Seachem Fluorite is best. The tank I got comes with a ton of gravel which I would love to use but I'm not sure if it's good? I dont know the name of it as it...
  13. C

    Quarantine Timeframe for Fungal Infection?

    I have a 36-gallon planted freshwater aquarium. The aquarium has been up and running for years now, and the current stocking is harlequin rasboras, kuhli loaches, shrimp, and a dwarf gourami. About a week ago I noticed one of my rasboras wasn't eating, and after some inspection I noticed he had...
  14. April_ht

    Building A 200 Gallon Pond

    Today, I spent the day digging a pond after finding an old pool liner and having the great idea of adding a water feature to my greenhouse...I figured, what's the worst that could happen? At least I'm not wasting my money if things don't go to plan. Anyways, after a long couple hours, I...
  15. F

    Is my pH too high? Help please

    Hello :) I have a planted 24l tank with four male fancy guppies. The pH in the tank is 8.2, I have read that guppies like it between 6.8 and 7.6. I have a bottle of API pH adjuster, it says 1ml for 38l but it doesn't say how much that actually lowers the water by. I know that sudden changes in...
  16. SRbettas

    Setting up first dirted tank, so many questions

    Hi all it’s been a while but I’m glad to be back. Anyway as the title says I am setting up my first dirted tank and have a couple questions. Firstly, how do I know which soil is safe, I’ve heard organic topsoil is best but I’m scared I’m going to put something toxic in my tank? I’m also very...
  17. outofwater

    Quarantine/hospital/plant tank

    Fishless cycling this small (10g) tank to be used as quarantine/hospital and just for propagating/maintaining plants. Did a topsoil layer for the root plants, thinking of adding a couple of lucky bamboo shoots, if anything else at the moment. Have 2 red ludwigia shoots, 1 water sprite and a...
  18. O

    My 55gal tank

    Here’s some pictures of my 55 gal setup.
  19. Linkandnavi

    My new 193 Gallon Planted Build

    So my custom sized.193 (us gallon/731 litre) tank arrived on Friday, for the second time. It first arrived the week before Christmas but they'd damaged one corner during delivery and it leaked. Collected with argument, replaced over Christmas and now delivered once more. Manhandled through an...
  20. F

    Zebra loaches and amano shrimp? Algae eater suggestions

    Hi, I’m looking for advice as I’m struggling with hair algae in my tank (100cm x 40cm x 50cm) approx 160L/40G. So I’m considering amano shrimp but concerned about my zebra loaches. Plants: I’ve attached a photo so you can see the plants I have and the type of algae growing, it’s mainly the...