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Quarantine/hospital/plant tank

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Jan 13, 2022
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Fishless cycling this small (10g) tank to be used as quarantine/hospital and just for propagating/maintaining plants.
Did a topsoil layer for the root plants, thinking of adding a couple of lucky bamboo shoots, if anything else at the moment.
Have 2 red ludwigia shoots, 1 water sprite and a couple scoops of giant duckweed and some other floater (if you van identify for me I'd truly appreciate it) all from my main 29g, Java fern from the small 10g that I just glued to rocks I got from the beach last month, both previously cleaned and boiled.

Added fritz zime to get ammonia up to 2 ppm and a double starter dose of seachem stability to further seed/speed up good bacteria. I'll test in a couple of days to see how it's going. No fish of course, as stated this will be a plant tank, to be used for fish only when needed for quarantine or treatment, hence the filter and heater.

As maybe you can see on the floaters picture, the light is a simple 3-bulb LED that came with the cover. I plan on having it on for 6 hours a day.

Let me know your feedback/thoughts, thank you!


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Day 2. First test (pH, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia, in that order). Obviously ammonia is thru the roof, will do the 7 day round with seachem stability to ensure the colony establishes itself.

Added wisteria and Brazilian mini sword, want to get a carpet going to move to the other tanks in the future.


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