1. outofwater

    Why is MTS a real thing?

    First off, mods, if this is better somewhere else, please move thread accordingly. So, it is a real question, what drives MTS. When I first started (last Christmas) I read the acronym, chuckled and went on with my first tank. Two months later I found myself with 3 running tanks on hand, at...
  2. outofwater

    Quarantine/hospital/plant tank

    Fishless cycling this small (10g) tank to be used as quarantine/hospital and just for propagating/maintaining plants. Did a topsoil layer for the root plants, thinking of adding a couple of lucky bamboo shoots, if anything else at the moment. Have 2 red ludwigia shoots, 1 water sprite and a...
  3. G

    Snail feeding!!!

    Hi what can I feed my bladder, mini rams horns, and Mts snails? I feed them flake food but I want variety. Can I feed them broccoli or lettuce?
  4. B


    I am starting to have a Mts problem in my pea puffer tank. The puffers do not eat these. is it safe for me to put lettuce in the tank to attract the snails
  5. Fiji

    Possible Copper Poisoning?

    Hey everyone, So I've recently gone back to live plants but cannot afford a co2 system at the moment so I've been using Seachem Excel as a supplement. Now ever since I started using this fertilizer some strange things have been happening and the only factor I can connect this behavior to could...
  6. Tyler_Fishman

    Really Amazon!

    I was optimistic about getting MTS snails for my planted 10 gallon, It would be a nice addition to my tank, After some research I have concluded that they are Sudible even crucial for my setup, so I did what any person would do when their LFS did not have something they wanted: Go to Amazon. I...
  7. RCA

    Anyone For Snails?

    Snails *READY NOW* MTS plus others... Livestock: Snails galore, MTS, Ramshorns, Pond Type Snails Quantity: Lots estimate 40-50+ Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: Free Postage & Packaging: Will check and advise, standard RM 1st Class Rate Location: East Yorks Payment: PayPal, PM...
  8. RCA

    Snails *ready Now* Mts Plus Others...

    Livestock: Snails galore, mainly MTS plus others e.g. Ramshorn, pond like snails... Quantity: Lots estimate 40-50+ Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: Swap for a new, sealed, large tub of Tetra Pro Colour Postage & Packaging: Covered in the above swap Location: East Yorks Payment...
  9. 214jay

    Should I Add Mts Snails To My Tank?

    Hello   I have been considering introducing MTS snails to my tank since I decided on sand substrate and cannot decide if it will be a good idea.  I already have 5 Nerite snails, a handful of pond snails (numbers staying low), corys and amano shrimp as my clean-up crew.   My main though is that...
  10. F

    Nerite, Mts, And Assassin Snail Questions

    So I'm renovating my 10G tank because I want to put sand in it and also want/have plants in it so I also want the sand to be airated and "fluffy" for them. So my questions are as follows: 1. I want to introduce MTS into my sand to keep the sand turned over and promote good root growth. I hear...
  11. S

    Selling: Mts Malaysian Trumpet Snails

    Hi I'm getting quite a few MTS's in my tank now and just putting the feelers out to see if anybody would be interested in buying some I can post within the UK Let me know if interested Thanks