Snails *ready Now* Mts Plus Others...


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Feb 4, 2013
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Livestock: Snails galore, mainly MTS plus others e.g. Ramshorn, pond like snails...

Quantity: Lots estimate 40-50+

Delivery or Collection: Either

Sales price: Swap for a new, sealed, large tub of Tetra Pro Colour

Postage & Packaging: Covered in the above swap

Location: East Yorks

Payment: Send me the swap direct

During my latest clean I have removed a number of snails from my aquarium. They are of various sizes, great for loach feeding or if you need them in your tanks.

They need to be sent this week, or will be sold locally, so a swift response if you are interested, and please PM me your address once you have expressed your interest here, so I can sort them ASAP.

Willing to split into two batches if more than one person wanting them, in which case the swap would be a small tub of Tetra Pro Colour per person please.

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