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  1. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Change

    Hi Guys, I have been keeping Discus, (9 of them), in my 450L planted tank now for just over 6 months and it has been going great. However, in order to achieve the look I envisaged for the tank I have my heart set on completely swapping my current gravel substrate for "Amazonia". How should I go...
  2. RCA

    Snails *ready Now* Mts Plus Others...

    Livestock: Snails galore, mainly MTS plus others e.g. Ramshorn, pond like snails... Quantity: Lots estimate 40-50+ Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: Swap for a new, sealed, large tub of Tetra Pro Colour Postage & Packaging: Covered in the above swap Location: East Yorks Payment...
  3. three-fingers

    Round Pellia, Huge Portion, Sale Or Swap

    Plants: Round Pellia, Lomariopsis lineata Quantity:  A very large portion, more than you would need for a nano tank!  Will add pic. Delivery or collection: Either. Sales price: £10 posted, but will happily accept plant swap offers instead as I currently cant accept paypal. Postage and packaging...