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  1. crupp29

    Unusual Testing Results

    I have a planted 10 gallon tank that I have been trying to cycle for over a week now. At first I was adding beneficial bacteria to the tank, but then I got a hold of filter media from an established tank. Before I put the media in the filter, my ammonia was at about 2ppm from dosing a small...
  2. C

    Fluval Flex 15 Gal. - First Ever Fish Tank!

    Hey everyone, I recently got into the hobby and had a little bit of help from a friend/pet store employee on starting up. Unfortunately, I didn't read too in-depth about the nitrogen cycling beforehand and the employee had told me that I would be able to add fishes in right away by using bottled...
  3. CaptainBarnicles

    60l krib tank

    Well I've had a go anyway! I'm a complete noob to plants, at least stem plants, I've done OK with crypts and anubias (pretty hard to kill those to be fair) but I've got a few bits I'm going to try. I'm not running co2, I wouldn't have a clue where to start although I'd love to give it a go too...
  4. S

    Help me build my dream planted German Blue Ram breeder tank

    I have never done a planted tank before but have been reading about it and want to go all in on a 10-20 gallon for my desktop. I work from home and can, fortunately, do whatever necessary to keep up with routine maintenance. I am a chemist and like to stay on top of chemicals, water changes...
  5. DylanTropical

    Removing Rio240 filter box, replacing with external filter

    New to the forums, I’m looking to upgrade/remove the filter box in my jewel Rio 240, I’ve read online they aren’t very good as people are always left with ammonia (I am too), my nitrites/nitrates are a good standard, has any body had any issues removing the filter box, also suggest some decent...
  6. PlasticGalaxy

    Advice on Stock Redux

    So here I am, back again to ask about my stock. However, this time I'm asking before I plunge myself into the deep end and blindly start picking out fish for my tank. Overstocking has quickly become my greatest fear after one, quite frankly, rude reply I received concerning my stock (I'm a very...
  7. mmarx339

    New fishy, congo spotted puffer

    New fishy, spotted congo puffer in the 55
  8. Barry Tetra

    Planted tank questions

    hello! I just started a new low-budget planted aquarium. My friend gave me 20 gal tank, light and thermometer 2 years ago when I just started fishkeeping. Egeria densa are from he wild Questions: 1. I use fertilizer and liquid CO2 everyday, is this dangerous for the fishes? 2. Are filter...
  9. ember04

    Shrimp in a bowl

    I have an old 10-gallon bowl from my parent (they used to keep goldfish in it :no:) but it has laid empty for ages, I am not one to waste things and was wondering if I should set it up as a shrimp bowl. I have a low pH, so I was thinking about setting it up as well planted crystal shrimp tank...
  10. S

    Stocking a tank.

    Hello,I have a cycled 25 gallon(95 lt) planted aquarium with one gold gourami(juvenile and really peacefull),5 panda corys,1 golden bristlenose,9 neon tetras,11 guppies and some ramshorn snails.Also,I have a corse sponge filter.What do you think,is it too much?Will some of the fishes be a...
  11. Barry Tetra

    How deep should a soil be in a planted tank?

    As the titles says, I’m setting up new planted aquarium for TOTM hoping to enter @seangee @Colin_T @communityfluvalroma @NCaquatics @AdoraBelle Dearheart
  12. Barry Tetra

    Planted tank store

    I haven’t been to this Planted for a while but here are the pictures and link to their facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Aquatist1/ Basically you pay them to make the biotope and layout of your design, also they have a free corses on aquascaping also the tank in second picture have betta and...
  13. T

    Aquarium Lighting Help

    Hi all, Im looking for help with my aquarium lighting. I currently have a Juwel primo 70L (20gal) aquarium with the out of the box light and aquarium hood. The light is an LED tube (Juwel NovoLux LED 60) but it is very low wattage (8w) so I cant grow plants (all my attempts so far have ended...
  14. G

    What baby snails are these?

    I have a 9g planted tank where I have amazonian soil. I had a betta fish that was about 4 years old and died some months ago, around June. In January I brought two nerite snails (one tiger and one zebra) and they were living with the betta fish in the cycled tank in perfect harmony. there was a...
  15. Ellie Potts

    Community Tank Advice Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm relatively new to this forum but was looking for some advice. I'm setting up a 55-gallon tank (48" x 13" x 21") and would like it to be a community tank. I've recently been really into schooling-tanks with many different kinds of schooling fish. For example, one fish keeper...
  16. JamieTYV

    What is causing my plant to disintegrate?

    Hi all, Long time lurker here, finally joined up! I have 3 tanks (2 X tropical and one cold water). One of my tropical tanks is semi-planted (mixture of live and silk plants - seems to keep my Betta happy!) But recently one of my plants has started to "disintegrate" (but only on one leaf so...
  17. H

    My first fresh water planted tank with jungle style

    Hi guys, Recently I setup a new fresh water tank and it was my first planted tank. I thought it'd be great to show everyone the process from the beginning so I put together a video. So hope you enjoin it and please give some comment/advice if you could. Thanks.
  18. B

    Head-and-Tail-Tetra Behavior: Circling

    Hello all, I have a few questions about head-and-tail-light tetra behavior. I used to have 3 of these tetras in my planted 10 gallon glass aquarium with intentions to get more once I transfer them into my 30 gallon that I have not yet started to cycle... there are only 2 left- the two bigger...
  19. brokenoob!

    Time to flood the tank? Dry Start Method

    Hi there! I've been using the dry start method in my 40 gallon breeder for only 14 days from seed until now, and as you can see I have a crazy amount of growth. I believe I used one package of montecarlo seeds and the rest is random "aquarium grass" seeds from Amazon. Well this morning I went to...
  20. S

    New Tank

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering if someone could push me in the right direction. I currently setup a new display tank and paired it with an established Refugium form my previous tank. It’s had been running for 2 days, I tested levels and I have Ph is 7.8, Ammonia is 0ppm Nitrite is 0 ppm and...