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  1. A

    Please Help Me To Identify The Gender Of My Molly! (Photo)

    Hi,   Please help me to identify the gender of my Molly bought last week, I'm new into hobby, LPS did not know if it was male or female! Thanks  
  2. Jessman

    What Fish Can I Keep With Female Fighters?

    Hi, my 5 female fighters are moving to a bigger tank this weekend and i was thinking of new tank mates for them.. i have tried putting them in the community tank before - they dont do well with guppies! ended up killing 3 of them after the woman at the lfs said they would be ok.. anyway can...
  3. SarahMarie

    Male Or Female?

    I was told by the pet store that the white and orange platy is female and the all orange one is male but I'm beginning to wonder if they are both male? I'm new to this and would appreciate any help. Thank you
  4. J

    Help! Are My Honey Gouramis Male And/or Female?

  5. D

    Gradually Losing Female Guppy's

    Tank size: 34L Link pH: 7.5 ammonia: 1 ppm (4 ppm two days ago) nitrite: 1 ppm (0 two days ago) nitrate: 5 ppm (30 this morning) (0 two days ago) kH: N/A - I don't have a test for these. gH: N/A tank temp: 22 'c (I have it colder than usual for the weather loaches)   I am testing twice daily at...
  6. mindwarpstudios

    Seeking Experienced Insight

    I am looking for an opinion of experience...  First, a bit of background:   I have a Female Cockatoo Cichlid who has had a bit of a troubled existence recently.  About two months ago, she lost a few scales directly in the middle of her forehead.  Fearing HITH but suspecting a collision, I...
  7. M

    Difference Btween Male And Female (Tetra)

    hello, im ali new in this forum and fishkeeping !!!     I WANNA CHECK IF THESE FISHES OF MINE MALE OR FEMALE ?>   THERE IS 1 BLUE AND OTHER 1 IS LIKE DARK BLUE FROM TOP TOTAL 2 FISHES    ....i know these fishes are actually dyed fishes this is not there real color blah blah...   go ahead   p.s...
  8. davidjp1982

    (Pics / Video) Sick Female Apistogramma Agassizii - Red Spots - Rapid

    Can anyone help diagnose what is wrong with my female Apistogramma Agassizii - she has two red spots visible either side of her nose, she is rapid breathing with her mouth open. Her mouth looks quite red and raw inside and she is also slightly red under the gill and at the base of the fins near...
  9. peachlids

    Hermaphrodite Betta, Please Help, Im Tired Of Reading X_X

    ok SO   i have 2 bettas, a red and purple CT male, and across the divider is a mystery gender white/blue/greenish betta.   i have come to 2 conclusions:   1. it is a small, shorter finned delta tail male with no beard under his gills, flaring or not flaring. with shorter vent fins and female...
  10. G

    Is My Balloon Molly Pregnant?!?!

    These are some pictures of my new balloon molly.  Her stomach seems bigger than the others and her behavior also seems different.  I'm not really sure what a gravid spot is supposed to look like.  I was wondering if anyone can tell if she might be pregnant.
  11. Bizztron

    Green Texas X Vieja Cichlid Male Or Female?

    Hey guys i have here some pictures of my Green Texas x Vieja.. is anyone able to tell me weather or not it's a male or female please? help would be greatly appreciated.. also are there any food/diet tips to making my fish grow quicker and lots bigger. please help out guys Thanks so much guys
  12. LaurenRhiain

    Will My Kribensis Cichlid Be Sad Without A Female?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so I hope I'm posting this correctly I just bought a pair of Kribensis Cichlids today and a couple of hours after adding them to my tank I found the Female dead My water levels are all fine and I only keep peaceful community fish so I have no idea why she died. I...
  13. 3

    Urgent: Female Crisis

    I have a large well planted female betta sorrority tank. I have only lost 2 females,one no idea the other got egg bound, until last night. My oldest female ripped the face off another girl who sadly did shortly after. She has always been aggressive and may have killed the female Iwho I thought...
  14. LicianDragon

    Guppies Are Dying But No Water Quality Issues?

    I have a 20 gallon tank that was set up about 3 months ago. I started it off with 10 feeder guppies. 3 survived cycling(and the fin rot they all had when I bought them). The tank currently has no issues with ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. I added male fancy guppies later. Currently in the tank...
  15. KruseZoo

    Unknown Betta?

    I have have my beautiful betta, Zoey, for a while now, I just came to realize that I dont know what kind she is! She has very long fins for a female. We got her from a LFS who know what they are talking about. She was in a tank with mollies, platys, guppies, and a few other females. We bought...