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Urgent: Female Crisis

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Fish Crazy
Dec 11, 2012
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West Devon
I have a large well planted female betta sorrority tank. I have only lost 2 females,one no idea the other got egg bound, until last night. My oldest female ripped the face off another girl who sadly did shortly after. She has always been aggressive and may have killed the female Iwho I thought mysteriously died. I immediately sepperated her into one of those stick on spawning tanks. On lifting the lid tofeed her tonight I noticed a large bubble nest. I am now a bit suspicious of another female who has no obvious oviposter and long ventral fins. All my females have come from the same supplier. I only have one other tank set up right now nd that houses my male, my breeding tank is not set up a I have only tri to breed once and it went wrong (inquisitive children). What can I do ?
Sorry to hear that you're having problems! Females can be stroppy little things, but I haven't really heard of one doing this much damage before. How long have you had the nasty one for? Is there any chance that she could be male wild type/plakat, especially after you finding the bubble nest?

I would keep the aggressive betta in the spawning net for now, maybe get some photos and post here so that we can see if she is female or male? If male, you'll obviously need to set up a new tank or re-home, but if female there are a few things you can try and do to calm her down. How many females do you have all together? It might be that if you up the numbers things might settle down a bit. Re-arranging the tank before re-introducing an aggressive fish can also help :good:

Let us know how you get on :)
It sounds a little like you might have a male in disguise in there!
Have you got any pics of 'her'? :)
I have had "her" ,and I will be gutted if she is a boy,for just over 10 months. She was my first betta and got me into them, she jumps out the water,feeds from your hand and even lets you smooth her. After my loss the other night I have only 4 females,however I am now a bit suspect about another one. I have tried rearranging the tank, no luck she eventualy resorts to type. When I lost one a while back I put in 3 more and she was fine for a month or so, now she has killed one, one of the others I think might be male, the other bred with my male and she is absolutely fine with her. These two often swim around side by side and I think in there own fishy way they are freinds. She will often swim alongside the other suspect fish both displaying and then they chase each other around. It has taken me ages but I have photos of the suspects, Plakats? Could well be. I am quite keen to find out.
They are only in jars for photo purposes I will also post a picture of the tank they live in.


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