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  1. charlotte1211

    The new setup!

    Got the new tank to a presentable condition still feel like it has some room for improvement! We also have our new Betta Abraham Lincoln. Almost felt like a crime to not give him the American name he deserves with his red, white and blue colours.
  2. N

    My betta is having lumps on his body

    Hi I am new to this forum but I am desperate for any advice possible on my little guy. I have had Sushi for almost a year and the past few months he has developed lumps and bumps on his body seemingly with no cause. They are white and sometimes flesh colored. He is a sensitive guy so I try not...
  3. Demeter32

    Planted Betta Sorority (Pic Heavy)

    JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is going to be really long.    I've been wanting to get me a nice planted tank going for my single royal blue female betta. After doing a bit of research I decided to make a planted sorority tank and get a more females. After talking to a friend who lives on the other side...
  4. AquaPit

    El Rojo! The New Addition!

    Meet my most expensive fish yet... El Rojo!!
  5. AquaPit

    Meet Loki & Trojan's New Nemesis!

    My fourth one! Introducing my blue angel.... Marvel He is still a young chap I think.. And my fav shot of him!
  6. AquaPit

    Meet Loki's New Friend!

    He is Loki's sparring partner! Separate tanks I mean! Haha! Loki Introducing.. Trojan! Trojan under the light.. Turned blue-ish! Anw, is Trojan a Marble species Betta?
  7. AquaPit

    Video Female Or Male Betta?

    Hi Take a look at this video of my betta that I bought 1 week ago. It is a small Betta and was placed in the Female Betta tank at my LFS. However, I have a strong suspicion it's a Male Betta instead! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ7p4-Jwl7I
  8. RCA

    Well What Would You Have Done...

    ...bought him or resisted?   Will try and get a better picture in due course, but this is my latest boy, as of 16th March, sorry but just couldn't help it.
  9. 3

    Urgent: Female Crisis

    I have a large well planted female betta sorrority tank. I have only lost 2 females,one no idea the other got egg bound, until last night. My oldest female ripped the face off another girl who sadly did shortly after. She has always been aggressive and may have killed the female Iwho I thought...