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Sep 5, 2014
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My poor pregnant guppy I had for 3 months, and she was pregnant for the third time when suddenly she started having this odd clear string coming from what I presumed was her birth canal. It had also yellow flecks in it so I looked online and couldn't find anything relevant - maybe the beginning of labour some said, so I just kept my eye on her. The next morning I found her swimming on her side or tipping up, right near the surface of the water. She had done nothing similar to this with previous labours, but I was unsure what to do. Following this, the male in the tank began to peck at her side and head and was clearly stressing her out so I gently separated her, which she did not stress about.
This morning I woke up to find her dead. Is this death pregnancy related, or is it something with the tank and could possibly be infectious? Thanks in advance for the help!
The clear stuff could've been faeces. Being clear, it could indicate parasites. 
it could be some sort of parasite but unfortunately guppies aren't necessarily as hardy as you would think. What fish did you have in with it? If you had the wrong type of fish or you have the wrong male to female ratio for guppies you could find something else bullied it too much.
If you're worried you could carry out a few water changes over the next couple of days to be sure, start with 60-70% today and then work down each day for a few days.

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