1. L

    Mystery Guppy Death

    Help! I’ve been keeping fish for years. Had a break from the hobby for a few years when we moved home. Set up a new aquarium details below. It’s cycled for 3 weeks and then added a group of male and female guppies from local store. All was well for about three days and the we began observing the...
  2. S

    C. C. Starfish tube feet turning white

    Hello, today morning I noticed that my chocolate chip starfish is turning pale/white around her tube feed. I’m wondering is it rot? I haven’t seen it yesterday. I attached a photo. Sidenote, I have gotten her four days ago, and I had to raise my salinity a little bit because the store told me...
  3. T

    Possible Fish Infection

    pH: 8.4 ammonia: .05 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 kH: 300 (17) tank temp: 73 Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Breathing heavily. Redish spots on one side. Spots were no there yesterday night, was there this morning. Volume and Frequency of...
  4. M

    What's this on my Corydora?

    Hi all, This is our first post here. I purchased some corydoras about 7 months ago and within a couple of days, one of the corys started developing these lumps. At first they looked like fungal infections. They were fuzzy/fluffy looking. They grew quickly and then stopped. The lump on her side...
  5. B

    Infected tank?

    Hello, I am relatively new to fishkeeping, I currently have superfish Home 60L, however I have run into a problem. I am currently stocking a pair of Apistogramma cocatoides, 2 sterbae corys and 3 ottos, as well as 4 espei rasboras. However, I just brought 10 ember tetras, in hopes to get a...
  6. A

    New-ish Betta losing scales on face -- any thoughts?

    Hi. I got a delta tail male betta fish 40 days ago and have noticed that he is loosing color and some scales in the face. His body appears to be fine and his behavior is normal --he's very active and has a great appetite. He is the sole fish in a 13 gallon, well-cycled tank along with with 1...
  7. L

    Please help!!! Betta Fish with facial swelling/injury (?)

    Please help! My female betta, Lady Fish, has what appears to be some swelling/roughed up area of scaled and whitish discoloration to the left side of her face. I just noticed this tonight, she looked perfectly fine yesterday. I'm not sure if this is an injury or some sort of...
  8. F

    Betta developing dark spots please help!

    Pictured below is my male betta in the store (20 December 19) followed by his first days in his new home. He instantly became much more vibrant which I was very happy about. However he then developed a dark spot by his lip - starting off as a small grey dot. He was also glass surfing for...
  9. Hannitah

    Pleco acting weird

    Hello! I have a common pleco in a 29 gal (along with just 1 female Betta because I have a sorority but she was too aggressive for everyone else but she's been good with Tom the plecosTOMus) anyway, recently Tom has been acting really odd. At times he will be super still, not even sucking on...
  10. B

    Does anyone know what this red mark, possibly sore? On my cory catfish is?

    I recently found white worms in my tank, I cannot get rid of them, so I started treating my tank with salt and water changes to no avail. I found my Cory cat with this on his side last night, does anyone know what it could be from?
  11. Y

    White fuzz on mollies

    Just noticed on a few of my mollies a while fuzz on their eyes, mouths and fins, is it fungus? Not sure what to do. Have some white spot and fungus treatment will that work? Tried turning resolution down for photo and video but it won’t work. Also have 4 molly fry that have it and they ask just...
  12. pjwilford


    I’m finding this fish has a mysterious white spot. seems like some sort of fungus. a black molly of mine has it all over as well. Will pimafix cure this? What is it?? I have a guppy currently giving birth right now too. will meds be safe for babies?
  13. C

    Wart-like lesion on Dwarf Gourami

    Hi there This is my first time posting here so apologies if I make any faux-pas. My boyfriend recently got a male and female dwarf Gourami. Originally they were both very lively and seemed happy, but the male has been acting off recently. He often hides in the back, and is generally quite...
  14. D

    White marks eating into head - guppy

    Hi, I have a guppy with a white mass on/around its head that appears to be eating into its flesh. The white mass appears to be mostly on top of the head, and partly under the right side of the mouth. I would really appreciate any help you can give on the type of infection and any action I should...
  15. Annemarie

    Betta cloudy eye

    hello! So I’ve had an aquarium with a betta for about a month now. There’s some plants, a little bit of algae (but we’re taking care of it), a good filter, and a heater that keeps the water at about 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit. The ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are in healthy amounts (0,0, and a...
  16. zuzupc

    Popeye & Pale Odessa Barb

    Tank size: 30 gallon pH: 6.5 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 10-20 kH: n/a gH: n/a tank temp: 72 F Fish Symptoms: For about 8 days now, 1 Odessa Barb is showing symptoms - popeye in one eye, pale (no red stripe, scales are dull not shiny, black spots are faded). Still swimming and eating, but...
  17. E

    what is wrong with my betta?:(

    My betta is not doing so well. Here is some info about him: Housing: 5 gallons Filtered No heater Stays between 78-80 No tankmates Food: New life spectrum betta formula Pellets Every day, 3 pellets a day Maintenance: 1 gallon water change weekly (20%), vacuuming substrate and...
  18. N

    What's wrong with my betta?

    My female betta is currently in my quarantine tank and has developed a new split in her upper lip as of today, which you can see at 0:06 in the video I've attached. I don't understand what's causing these splits because the split runs deep enough in one part to see red. She is still being...
  19. J

    Infection caught to late?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and also new to fish keeping. I have two tanks at the moment (mine,my partners). My partner has a 25 ltr tank with 3 platys in. We noticed recently that they spent a lot of time in the bottom of the tank and looked ill(pale/red gills). I did a water check and the...
  20. Fish-mates

    What is on my dwarf gourami's side?

    Can anyone help my fish please? I thought the gourami had damaged it's side crashing into a branch in the tank. As the side wasn't healing and looked white in the damaged area I moved the gourami to a QT and started treating with Melafix. What's weird is the white is not cotton like but looks...