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  1. V

    1 fish dying each day

    hi, I have a 50 gallon tank, which has been fishless cycled for the past month. I introduced 2ppm ammonia until the water parameters were able to absorb ammonia and nitrite in 24hrs. Then I adjusted to 3ppm (for assurance) and that was successful too. I then added 16 fish to my aquarium on the...
  2. Fishies1996!

    Mystery Snail Help!!

    We went to get some snails yesterday and at the same time we got our water tested, our water was apparently all good and I do a weekly 40-50% water change and have never had any issues with my test at home kit. This morning, each snail has excreted about 50 little black dots, at the first we...
  3. E

    How long has this fish been trapped in my plants??

    My threadfin rainbowfish are extremely skiddish, and apparently when they get scared they nose dive so deep into my valisneria that they get stuck and can't get out. I lost (they literally disappeared) one fish a week or two ago, one fish two and a half days ago, and one fish just today a...
  4. ella777


    I need to euthanize my guppy. How do I do it? I've got clove oil but I have no idea how much I need to put in Edit: I've already done it now, he died within 5 seconds
  5. outofwater

    Not an emergency, just looking for anything more expert members might notice

    Woke up to one of my female cories dead at the bottom of the tank. As the pictures might show she had the bent spine that seems common on these when overbred/inbreeding, but she was always pretty active and healthy looking, up to last night on my last glance at the tank all the fish were acting...
  6. meezazee


    So, this may be a bit of a random one, but has anyone had any weird / disappointing encounters at pet shops? The last handful of times I went into my local pet shop, I noticed a large amount of their fish were dead, so the last time I was there, I politely mentioned to them that I wanted some...
  7. A

    PLEASE HELP planted tank cloudy water dead fish

    Okay HI I have a planted tank using organic soil that is technically used for plants like tomatoes. But I’ve had this tank for over 9 months because I got it on my birthday last year and it’s a 10 gallon fluval tank with special lights for plants and a built in filter. Now it’s been ruining...
  8. bettafishlover86

    Poisonous root tabs?

    I recently added api root tabs to my tank. Now my snail is dead. I am testing the ammonia and will post results when finished. Is it possible that the root tabs killed it?
  9. Falconwithaboxon

    RIP Paul

    My Columbian Spotted Pleco, Paul, has died. I was on a trip and don't know for sure why but I believe he drowned or starved. When I got back he was sitting on the bottom which is normal for a pleco but then I noticed a few minutes later that he still had not moved. He was stuck in some of the...
  10. bettafishlover86

    What in the heck happened?

    So this morning I noticed my betta was missing, but I didn’t have time to look for her until after school. It appears as if she is attached to the driftwood by some sort of fungus. Does anyone know what this is or how it happened? I don’t know if she is dead, but I will update in a few.
  11. outofwater

    Postmortem for dwarf cory

    Just would like any thoughts/opinions on this. My tank has been firmly established now for 3 months, and this little guy was there from the start. A few days ago I found him dead early in the morning. Pictures were taken as soon as I noticed and pulled him out. The day before I had not...
  12. Falconwithaboxon


    Hello guys, So I got home today to find one of my Neon Tetras dead. Usually I wouldn't be super worried, it happens sometimes, but he had a large chunk taken out of him. Something ate part of him but I have no idea if he died first or died from the bite. I have Angelfish and Dwarf Gourami in...
  13. H

    LED lights vs. Tiger Barbs

    hi everyone! I recently put some let lights on the top of my tank, and within 24 hours, my only two tiger barbs died. I was wondering if there is any correlation between barbs and the lighting that they are under. My albino barb seemed to be stuck at the surface for about three hours and did not...
  14. T

    Dead Molly

    Hi, I woke up today to find one of my Mollies dead. Over the past two days this molly has seemed lethargic, just sitting at the bottom of the tank although he would still swim around and eat at feeding time. I am really at a loss to say why he died and am worried that it could be something...
  15. Aspen35

    Help! New Snails!

    I don't know if this qualifies as an emergency, but i just received a box with a bunch of mystery snails. They seemed to be fine while acclimating, but now that they're in the tank they've stopped moving around. (they were when I first put them in. Is something wrong? Some of them are not even...
  16. LexiLex888

    One fish dead the other not looking good help!!

    So yesterday evening I did a water change on my goldfish tank (40 gallons) that only had two small goldfish in it. They seemed to be fine yesterday but this morning I woke up to one dead and the other laying on the bottom of the tank and it looks like his skin is peeling off? I do this water...
  17. LexiLex888

    Bubbles on Fish, 4 dead

    Help! About 2 months ago I decided to purchase a 55 gallon tank and start a tropical fish tank. I set it up, let it cycle for two weeks and then slowly started to add fish. I have about 25 (all tropical) fish in there now, and 4 snails. There was a slight bacterial bloom a while ago, and my...
  18. A

    New to Forum - Desperately need help

    Hello everyone! This may be a bit of a lengthy post, but I desperately need some help, advice, telling off, whatever the solution is to my problem... So I caught the fish bug a couple of years ago, and have upgraded tanks a couple of times during this time. I actually won my first aquarium on...
  19. C


    Hi I saw today that my white molly was lifeless at the bottom of the tank. Noticing this I got a net to remove her only for her to dart away and then begin spinning and sinking upsides down. I know this is likely swim bladder however there is also red markings, almost like a rash, just before...
  20. O

    Reason my Betta Died

    My one Betta,Bert. that I had for almost 2 years , just died and we replaced it with another Betta last week, Swim Shady. Woke up today and Shady was dead. At 1st I thought it was shock and then I realized what killed him. Every time I fed him, I would just put in the pellets and walk away...