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What Fish Can I Keep With Female Fighters?

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Apr 11, 2013
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Hi, my 5 female fighters are moving to a bigger tank this weekend and i was thinking of new tank mates for them..
i have tried putting them in the community tank before - they dont do well with guppies! ended up killing 3 of them after the woman at the lfs said they would be ok..
anyway can anyone tell me any fish that can live peacefully with the fighters, not ones that are too big, just small ones.
these are the ones i like and am considering, please tell me if they will be ok :)
green tiger barbs
cherry barbs
harlequin rasboras
neon tetras
glowlight tetras
lemon tetras
any other suggestions would be great :) 
You'll want to definitely avoid any sort of nippy fish. So that means no for the tiger barbs. To be safe, I wouldn't put the cherry barbs in there either as sometimes they get a bit boisterous. Your goal is something small and docile. The rasboras would probably work, depending on the size of this new aquarium and the number of caves and plants.
With the fact that your female bettas have already shown to be aggressive to other tankmates, I would be very wary of adding any other fish with them.  What size is the new tank?  Depending on the size, my personal opinion would be to add more female bettas, more decorations, and lots of plants.  Out of your suggestions above the harlequin rasboras are the only ones I see that might work but even then I don't put a lot of faith in it.
I think they were just preying on the slow an vulnerable in my tank, as they went after the most heavily pregnant which werent as fast as the others.
Im planning on making the whole base of the new tank just small caves, using stones and slates, and put long silk plants in between so there will be plenty of hiding places.
If i put the rasboras in first before the bettas, would that make a difference? So that the bettas wont have already established a territory and attack the others because of that?
Female bettas don't really set up a territory like a male betta would so adding the harleys first would probably not make that big of a difference.   The harleys would be faster than the guppies so you might get lucky and it work out.  I hope it does.  :)    Keep us up to date and with pics of the tank.  We all LOVE pics.  :D
Mine are definately territorial! Thy had set up a territory within a couple of hours in my community tank, they werent very happy when other fish went there either haha.
Do you think any kind of rasboras would do or just the harleys?
Pictures will be up when ive finished setting everything up :)

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