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  1. Vengified

    Fry in Tank, how to W/C, etc. And UNIQUE female. And tank pics.

    So, I have several questions/concerns, and also a few pics I would like some opinions/information on, so please livebear with me, on my livebearer inquiries! :clap: Sorry it's rather long winded. Also, before anyone asks, I do know the nitrogen cycle, my tank is fully cycled, ph 8.0, hardness...
  2. Vengified

    Possibly Sterile Female? Wasting Disease? Worms?

    So, I have a female guppy whom appears different than the rest of my females. She has always been blonde, and always appeared slightly different than the rest. But the others purchased with her, and a couple after her, are all visibly pregnant, with a couple about to pop any day now. I was...
  3. W

    Preg. Female Molly Agressive towards Male

    We just recently lost a female molly due to who knows what. No other issues in the tank, she just never grew then started acting completely strange and died. So we bought a Dalmatian lyre tail for our very large and "needy" black molly so he could have 3 females again. Mind you, he and the...
  4. J

    Male Platy bullying Female Black Molly

    I am really hoping someone can help me out! I started out with two platys (one male, one female) and one black molly(female). the molly got cotton mouth and spread it to the platys and in healing them I noticed my black molly becoming “annoying” to the male platy. not even aggressive, just...
  5. Cameronb_01

    Breeding Discus

    Hi everyone, About a week ago I identified a breeding pair among my discus, (due to their constant proximity and the protective nature of the male). From that point forth I started doing 25% RO water changes daily, increased the temperature from 28°C to 30°C and also changed their food to...
  6. J

    Is my dwarf gourami female??!!

    Hey all! My post yesterday was me trying to find a place to purchase a female dwarf gourami to go with my male. I could not find any locally-or so I thought. My school is far away and along the hour drive there is a petco. I went on my way back and the guy there said he had what he thought was a...
  7. J

    Looking to buy FEMALE DWARF GOURAMI

    Hello everyone! I'm fairy new here and set up my tank recently. I've got a good filter, tank temp, tank and water parameters and I have one powder blue dwarf gourami. I'm looking to buy a red flame female gourami or really any female dwarf gourami for that matter. I've checked the usual places...
  8. O

    Looking to keep an all female Betta tank. What do I need to know/be aware of?

    I've been looking to set up an all female Betta tank. It is a 40G that is ready for the fish. I've read up on the basics of keeping such a housing, but what are your tips for keeping an all-female tank?
  9. M

    Hyper Betta - is This Normal?

    Tank Details TANK > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/starter-kits/top-fin-3.5-gallon-enchant-aquarium-38392.html?cgid=300128 SUBSTRATE > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/decor-gravel-and-substrate/gravel-sand-and-stones/top-fin-caribbean-sea-aquarium-gravel-17573.html?cgid=300103 HEATER >...
  10. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it. http://imgur.com/a/B7Dg8 http://imgur.com/a/3i7xi
  11. M

    Can someone please sex this dwarf Gourami for me?

    Hello Everyone, This is my fist post. I'm been in and out of fish/aquatic hobby for a long time and recently got back in and so far have built 3 Walstad style tanks. I have a 55 gallon, 20 gallon & 5 gallon all Walstad style planted tanks. My 55 gallon is my oldest at 6 months now and I can...
  12. J

    One platy fins looks like it has been attacked

    Hello, I have a 75 litre fish tank that has 4 neon tetras and 5 platys in 2 female and 3 male. Yesterday i noticed that one of the female platys was just floating in the current of the tank putting in just enough effort to keep stable in the water.on closer inspection i noticed her fins have...
  13. Fc1700

    Tankmate(s) for a Single Convict Cichlid?

    I have a single female convict in my 20 gallon long. I got her about 10 months ago, and she's been alone since I added her with a blue ram who was bigger than her at the time and she ended up killing. came back one day and the rams eye was missing . That's when I realized their aggressiveness is...
  14. irinasopas

    Introduction and Need urgent help

    Hello. My name is Irina, I love fish. I have an aquarium with guppys, bettas (3 females and 1 male) and others. My female betta is egg bound and I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME.
  15. J

    Blue Acaras Not Eating

    I have 2 blue acaras, they are in a 10 gallon by themselves. I've noticed that the male has started the courting, pulling on plants, vibrating ect. I've also noticed that they've began to dig through the rocks? Now neither of them are eating?? WHY?? All the food that I've given them is all on...
  16. cooledwhip

    Female Betta Tank?

    Hey everyone. A few years ago I was really into bettas and had 2 really nice bettas I ordered on aquabid. They were really pretty and not the petsmart muts. (no offense ;)   Anyway, they died off a little while ago and for about a couple months I never had fish. I recently got back into it, I...
  17. L

    Betta Breeding Question

    I want to breed my two halfmoon Betta's. I have done all the bloodlines of both my female and male, I think the offspring would be quite good. I have asked the local pet store if they would like some Betta fish, they agreed.   Question is that, can I keep the male offspring together? (Obviously...
  18. N

    Please Help Id Mbuna Species And Sex

    Hi All, I've waited for my pet to mature before asking for help in identification.  She/he has matured into a very beautiful Mbuna and I would love to add several others.  I've been searching over the last year unsuccessfully.  The closest I've come is the Metriclima family, yet there are stark...
  19. LyraGuppi

    My Sorority *pic Heavy*

    Here are the betta girls of my 20 gallon sorority. :)   Pearl, cellophane lady with blueish tinged fins.   Amethyst, a weird color. Fins that look purple in the right lighting, but reflect silver, red, and blue, and purple spots on her side. :?   Topaz, the shy cambodian female.  ...
  20. G

    Pregnant Guppy Died - Infectious?

    My poor pregnant guppy I had for 3 months, and she was pregnant for the third time when suddenly she started having this odd clear string coming from what I presumed was her birth canal. It had also yellow flecks in it so I looked online and couldn't find anything relevant - maybe the beginning...