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  1. nortonmad213

    My New Girls

    Hi guys. Just thought I'd share with you my two new girls. Not sure what tails they are so if you would like to help that would be great
  2. B

    My Female Betta Rose

    I have a fairly young female Betta, and today was the first day that she actually flared! I am super excited, she loves the new plants I put in and is getting more later today. She has done really well and her colors are coming out nicely. The first photo is the best picture I could get of her...
  3. AquaPit

    Female Pregnant Belly Reversible?

    Sorry.. I have a very novice and quite naive question to ask! If a female betta has a pregnant belly and haven't mate yet, will she be 'unpregnant' and back to normal??
  4. AquaPit

    First Look At My Female Bettas!

    I got myself 5 female bettas yesterday! They are not named yet so they will be addressed as F1-F5! Haha! Before I show the photos of them, let me share what my plan is.. I'm thinking of getting at least 4 more! But I'm gonna hold that thought first as I wanna see how these bunch of females...
  5. 3

    Green Terror, Male Or Female?

    I have a 1 year old green terror and im not sure if it is a male or a female. Any idea which it is?
  6. Liv15

    Should I Get My Rabbits Neutered?

    I have 5 rabbits, 1 is my house bunny and the others are outdoors. My house bunny is male and will be 3 in September this year. He has also been bred before. The outdoor bunnies: 2 females are living in the same hutch (they are mother and daughter), both have been bred before. Their ages are...
  7. nortonmad213

    Filter Flow For Female Bettas

    hi, so this weekend my breeder has got 30 bettas for me :D i know with male bettas the less flow the better does this stand true for females as they generally have much smaller fins. my filter atm is aimed at the surface for agitation. there are plenty of lulls in the tank for them to chill if...
  8. nortonmad213

    Female Betta X20

    hi i am looking for around 20 female betta's   i live in bridgwater somerset but i am able to drive to collect   thanks for all your help
  9. Y

    Hi Is My Female Sunshine Holding?

    Okay so i've had my 70 gallon tank cycled for about 2 weeks and yesterday i went and i picked up a breeding group of Sunshine peacocks. 1m-4f.  when i was floating them in the tank 10 mins later there was fry at the bottom of the bag! i guess one of the females were holding. but anyways this...
  10. B

    Buying A Betta

    Hey everyone! So I want to but my first betta fish soon. I want to put him in our main tank, but because I had a recent camalanus worm attack I am very hesitant. When I decide to buy him I do have a small tank that I used for guppy fry that I can use before hand.    First: does anyone know how...
  11. nortonmad213

    Are Females Suitable In A Community Tank?

    hi, so as the title reads, i have found a local breeder who sells female bettas for a pound a piece, i was wondering if they would do well in a community set up or best to have a species only tank? thanks in advance
  12. prairiefire86

    Common Pleco Laying Eggs Pics

    Hi, I have accidentally breed my common plecos for a about a yr now in my 180 community tank. (Go figure my commons would multiply but no luck with my bristle noses lol) the tank is a 180 gallon planted. They do not use a cave. They just have a area behind my drift wood they dig out. Its sort...
  13. D

    Redness On Gill Plate Of Mollie

    Hi,   I have a half white/black female mollie that has some redness on the gill plates (both sides)  I originally thought she might have been nibbled on by another tank mate, but now she's looking a bit thin. She can swim around alright (no clamping fins) but sometimes she just sits at the...
  14. E

    Guppy Female Stomach Ripped Open. Fry Hanging Out. What Now?

    I need help on what to do now. I found my female guppy hanging at the top of the aquarium with all her fry hanging out and her stomach open. Do I euthanize her? Do I save her fry somehow? Can she heal from this?   Has anyone ever had this before and does someone know what happened?    
  15. S

    Hi Please Help Is My Female Dolmation Mollie Pregnant?

    Hi i have had my female for about two weeks now and we have Two male mollies is she pregnant or just fat??
  16. B

    Female All Red Delta Guppy Fry

    Hi guys just a quick one. Got some new stock about 6 months ago including a trio of all red big tailed guppies, v nice. Now ive let em too it 2 times now (the trio is young less than a year old) and ive got 2 batchs of fry about 50 in total. They are 4 weeks and 8 weeks old respec.   Now my...
  17. J

    Gold Sevrum Male And Female?

    Are these male and fema just want to make sure. The one I think is male. The one I thinks female.
  18. C

    Female Guppy Not Swimming And Is Vertical On The Surface

    Request Help Please!!! I can't seem to find any information on this in the existing forum posts.  Tank size: 10 gallons or 38 Liters pH: 7.3 ammonia: 0ppm nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 15ppm kH: don't know gH: don't know tank temp: 25.5 Celsius Fish Symptoms (include full description including...
  19. J

    Tiger Barb Question

    Hello,   I appreciate some guidance regarding this situation.  I am a beginner and I bought 2 tiger barbs, 2 sunshine platy, and 2 panda platy.  Upon introducing all 6 fish into the tank,one of the tiger barbs will not stop chasing the other barb (not the other fish though). To stop this...
  20. NomNomTiger

    Sex My Angels Please !

    I think I sexed them correct but not sure.  Are they both female ?