1. ReMz

    Old Member - Reintroduction

    Hey - have chatted with a few of you guys.   Old member from back in the day. Back on the forums and loving what this community has turned into. Definitely has grown, but the core of the forum is still the same.   My tanks have changed a bit over the years I have been off the forums.   When I...
  2. P

    Compatibility And Stocking Of A 240 Litre Tank.

    Hello all. Been doing a bit of research for a new 240 litre tank tank and I have a list of possible tank mates that I have seen together before and like the look of. I guess I'm just asking u lot for an honest truthful opinion on what may work as he internet is full of people who think they...
  3. Zeoth

    Stocking My 55Gal

    Hey guys! I have an empty 55 Gal, Still going through cycling at the moment however i went to the petstore and put down a list of fish I liked and which id love to keep in there. I tried to make sure alot of the fish that i picked were already stocked togeather at the store.   Pearly White Zebra...
  4. Fishywishy333

    What Other Fish?

    Hi everyone, so I am going to try and upgrade my aquarium at Christmas time (I say try because I might not have the funds). Right now I have my 11 rummynose tetras, 1 guppy, 2 snails (can't remember species) and 5 amano shrimp in a 60 litre aquarium. I also wanted lots of live plants in the new...
  5. fishguy101

    Transforming 53 Gallon Aquarium

    I have a 53 gallon aquarium, and currently, it has fancy goldfish, but I am going to be taking the goldfish out, taking them to my dentist's office (which has a fish tank, but nothing in it). Then we are going to be putting african cichlids in. Here is the tank:  ...
  6. D

    Tail Nipping Mystery

    I had a small tail nipping problem in my 55 gallon and figured it was my skunk loach because they are known for agression and fin nipping, but i got rid of him a few days ago and it seems worse... As of now I have: 2 white skirts A 1 inch EBJD A 3 inch Blue Acara 3 clown loaches 3 corey cats 1...
  7. LaurenRhiain

    Best Cichlids For 60Ltr Tank?

    Hey all! I now have an empty fully cycled 60 litre tank which I'm going to clean and water check before re-stocking.  I was wondering what the best sort of Cichlids would be for a 60 litre tank? I really need some help and info on this as I'd love to keep Cichlids of a smaller size- any...
  8. fishguy101

    Good Deal

    A few days ago, I saw an ad in the local paper for a 53 gallon aquarium with everything (filter, heater, oak stand, the whole nine yards) for only $100.00. We called today and he said he had a couple of calls before us, but no one showed up. He also said that if we were to but all of this today...
  9. G

    My First Cichlid Tank!

    So I am new into having an aquarium, and i am interested in cichlids. African cichlids to be specific. I bought a 10 gallon tank, with a filter that has a bio-wheel. It cleans the complete tank 10 times in a hour. (Sorry, i don't know what you call this) The guy at my LFS told me i could have...
  10. G

    Can Someone Tell Me The Sex Of My Fish Please?

    I have recently bought some cichlids, but do not know the sex of them. I was wondering if anyone could please help me out by telling me? 
  11. G

    How Many Cichlids

    I Was Thinking Of Getting A 120L Tank, And I Was Wondering What Type Of Cichlids Am I Able To To Put In And How Many Well, these are the details for my fish tank:
  12. yunnyqian

    Hi There From Bangkok Thailand

    hi ,   My name is yunny from Thailand . Nice to meet you all ^^.  I'm a girl who  crazy cichlids, stingray (pokadot and Blackdiamond) and flower horn ^^ maybe can say I crazy all kind of fish ^^  I want to make friend who like the fish same me...     thank you ^^
  13. Llittlefox

    Severum And Blue Acara

    Okay so I'm new to Cichlids, I normally have a tank of guppies and other nice peaceful live bearing fish. Now the reason I've decided to get Cichlids is because everyone is telling me I should get Cichlids.   What I bought was a Severum and a blue Acara I also have a Pleco, they were small when...
  14. D

    Cichlid Tank.. Jewels Laying Eggs

    Hi guys!   I have a 36 gal freshwater tank.  Living in the tank are: 3 jewel cichlids which are about 3 inches 1 convict cichlid a little over 2 inches 2 dempseys I recently got that are maybe 1.5 inches 2 featherfin catfish 2 peacock eels 1 rubber lipped pleco about 2 inches and I also added 3...
  15. S

    Hi, Newbie Here Looking For Help

    Hi, I'm Sam and I have a cichlid problem. Well some wouldn't see it as a problem, but a pair of our keyhole cichlids have spawned and we now have around 40 to 50 inch long babies (they're about 5 weeks old). Gorgeous though they are and very entertaining, this pushes our tank occupancy about 50...
  16. Brahmza

    German Blue Ram Eggs?

    So, in my 55g tank I have 3 pairs of German rams. Two pairs of German blues and one pair of electric blues. My most dominant pair seems to have laid eggs today. They've been paired for about two weeks, and its my first time keeping rams. Curious about what kinds of food can be fed. Would...
  17. S

    Growth Seems Slow.

    So this may be a question thats been asked a bazillion times but, ive started my cichlid tank about for months ago. so far i have 10 cichlids, 3 kuhli loaches and two cory cat fish and a albino rainbow shark. i have two heaters, two air bubbers and three filters ( one 70 gallon and 2 - 30...
  18. Brahmza

    German Blue Rams?

    I just transitioned from a 20g tank to a 55g tank. I was curious if I would be able to put a pair or two of German Blue Rams or even Gold Rams. My current setup consists of: 3 Tinfoil barbs, 5 Tiger barbs, 1 BN Pleco, 1 spotted cory, 2 dwarf gouramis and a mix of leopard/longfin danios. The...
  19. B

    Stocking My 55 Gallon

    hey guys. so i just got my 55 set up. its currently at 8.o ph and 80 degrees. i have a rainbow that outgrew a 29 gallon and now im moving him to the 55. i also want to add 7 or 8 african cichlids to the mix. the problem is i dont know who gets along with who. any help picking fish would be...
  20. B

    Cichlid Selection And Stocking

    hi guys. so i just set up my 55 gallon and its almost done cycling. ph is 8.0 temp is 80. im going to move a rainboow shark that is outgrowing a smaller temporary tank into the 55. i was thinking about getting 7 or 8 african cichlids to also go into the new tank. the problem is i dont know who...