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Jan 16, 2014
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Hello everyone! I am a 20 year old woman from Canada. I am sort of new to fish keeping and aquariums but I have been doing well so far. Anyways, enough about me. Here's a few videos and pictures of my setups!


Wow! The tall set up is awesome! Dig the alligator head! (At least I don't think it's a croc.. Which nose is which?! lol) The guppies are pretty! What's going in them?! =]
Well, I bought some guppies from a lady advertising them on Kijiji. She had about 60 in one 30 gallon tank so I thought "Wow, let me help her out and save a few guppies from an over-crowded tank!" So I email her, and go to pick up my requested 3 male guppies.
She gave me 6 fish in total, three of which were female and two of them pregnant. One female died a few days after I got her. She was smaller and didn't even look good in the bag on the way home. The males bullied her. She had bright colors so I was a little peeved about that. However they were really big guppies and the males are gorgeous! Huge bright orange tails.
I immediately went out and bought a tank divider and before I could purchase a breeding net and recognize the signs that she was about to give birth, one female guppy gave birth in the tank. The other had the luxury of breeding nets and so her spawn had a better chance. However I have a ton of babies I'm raising on finely crushed flakes and they are thriving!! So far they mostly look like the mothers: white, partially black under the lights, with blue fins. i hope some have their father's orange!! I'm not sure which male managed to mate with them as they came to me pregnant, but i'm still excited.
i plan on just giving them away. I don't want money for them, just good homes. I am trying to sex them as they grow but it's a little difficult, but it's still fairly early.
The BF's work got rid of their shop tanks. They had breeding pairs of salvini cichlids so there are 9 baby cichlids in the male's tank. They will most likely be gone tomorrow as I am giving those away too. They have settled in nicely and only one was lost (sadly would've been a total of 10 babies in a successful transfer) and don't seem to bother the guppies and vice versa.
Love the tanks!! and welcome fellow Canadian!! :D where abouts are you from? if you don't mind me asking :)
Thanks a lot everyone! I am located in Central Alberta, Joe17!
here is a small update on my tanks!
the small cichlids have been rehomed. they were all given to a cichlid-lover and he was asking if I wanted some free fish. however my large tank isn't cycled and still isn't big enough for a cichlid or two. 
3 new cherry barbs. two females and one male. these will be added to the larger tank once it has been successfully cycled but for now they are keeping the female guppy some company! they are all schooling up together but they haven't shown aggression.​
a baby guppy checking out the pleco.​

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