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  1. L

    Zebra Danio Spawning?

    Hi I am new to having fish and purchased 4 zebra danios a month ago. When cleaning out the tank yesterday I found a baby, so I have purchased a tank float thing and have separated it from the adults, anything else I should be doing?. One of the danios look as though she is ready to spawn as she...
  2. LuluH

    Baby guppys and filter intake pipe

    Can anyone recommend a good preventative measure to stop the very young fry under a month old from being swept into the cylinder's end that is black plastic with gaps. i used the toes' tip of a ladies fine stocking and elastic band over it this week but found one fish was attached by its mouth...
  3. A

    Striped platty?

    Hi everybody. This is my first time having fry. The one pictured is maybe 3-4? weeks old. I assumed they were platy's, but now I'm second guessing because the fry have vertical stripes. Almost looks like someone took a marker to it. Is anyone able to ID this fry? It's not easy getting a clear...
  4. Meg0000

    Baby ember tetra in quarantine tank!!!!

    I found a baby ember tetra in my hospital tank for my pearl gourami!!! I put plants from my 10 gallon in it so I guess there were eggs from my ember tetras on them!! That's just so amazing I think:D
  5. J

    Help identifying the baby fish

    In our tank we have gouramis, tetras, clown loaches and some other community fish. As far as I’m aware none of these are live bearing fish. However, about a year ago we brought new plants from the fish shop down the road and a few weeks later we had 2 little fish swimming at the top of the tank...
  6. BlueSarcasm

    Baby fish?!?!

    i just bought fish yesterday and when I woke up this morning there were 7 little fish swimming away from my betta (for obvious reasons) I'm not sure where these fish came from or what kind of fish they are, one day is certainly not enough time for eggs to hatch. Can anyone tell me why? Also, I...
  7. LiizFish

    Platy fry not growing

    Hello, I have a single platy fry in my 10 gallon tank with one mystery snail and a bladder snail. She's been in this tank a little over a week and was born on February 27. We moved her to my tank from our 36 gallon tank because we feared she might get eaten. Since the move, she doesn't seem to...
  8. B

    Platy Fry - Need Some Tips!

    Hey guys I'm new to TFF but I am an ok (somewhat experienced) fish owner. I don't seem to have any real problems, I am just in need of some tips! So I have 6 platys in a divided tank (15 gallons), two females and one male on each side, with a betta on each side as well (hence the divided...
  9. L

    My Setups

    Hello everyone! I am a 20 year old woman from Canada. I am sort of new to fish keeping and aquariums but I have been doing well so far. Anyways, enough about me. Here's a few videos and pictures of my setups!   VIDEO        
  10. Iiriva

    Geophagus Winemilleri Breeding

    I thought I could start a little journal thingy about my Geophagus winemilleri breeding. :)   Ok, so I have 11 Geophagus winemilleri in my 250x75x60cm 1125 litre tank. It's something about 8,2 feet and almost 300 gallon.   As seen in the picture, grown winemilleris are big fish, and I don't...
  11. A

    How To Care For Livebearer Fry (Age 0-2Mos)

    I wanted to start a new topic on the care of freshwater livebearer fry (baby fish).  I've looked long and hard to find out about the care for them, and although I found some topics on it (on numerous sites), I haven't been able to find exactly the answers I've been looking for.  Perhaps, that is...
  12. theDutchess

    Planned Platy Babies For Fun

    So recently I brought home a few couple of pairs of platies, two females, two matching males & origanlly a male and a female dwarf coral sun set platy.(the male lived but the female just didnt adjust and probably died of stress ) Any ways, recently one of my female fish looked about ready to...
  13. SamB

    What Do You Do With Your Fry?

    I may be getting some fish that will definitely be getting it on and producing some babies..   The question is.. What then? The fish are aggressive and cannot all live together.. what do you do with your fry?
  14. J

    Is My Sunset Platy Pregnant?

    I think I came to the right place I bought her at pet smart and I'm wondering if she's pregnant or just fat here's my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKLlbtB5Pr8&feature=youtube_gdata_player thank :) I'm new to tropical fish