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Mar 10, 2018
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Hello, I have a single platy fry in my 10 gallon tank with one mystery snail and a bladder snail. She's been in this tank a little over a week and was born on February 27. We moved her to my tank from our 36 gallon tank because we feared she might get eaten.

Since the move, she doesn't seem to have grown at all, but the other platy fry that is still in the 36 gallon tank is at least twice as big.

Why isn't she growing?
is it eating?

is there a heater and filter on the 10g tank?

The fry is probably stressed at being alone. Make sure the temperature is around 26-28 degrees Celsius and feed them 3 or more times per day with baby brineshrimp, microworms and other small foods.

Have some floating plants in the tank for the fry to hide in.

If possible put the other babies in with it, or move it in with the others in the bigger tank.

A larger water volume will encourage growth, as will lots of big water changes. Baby fish produce a hormone to inhibit the growth of other fish around them. Doing lots of big water changes dilutes the hormone and encourages more consistent growth.

There will always be some variation in growth depending on the fish. Some are simply weaker than others and don't do as well.

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