platy fry

  1. carligraceee

    My momma platy died giving birth..

    Hello guys! Recently, one of my momma platy has been consistently pregnant. She gave birth to two babies and I have been raising them for several weeks. Yesterday evening, she started showing signs of bloating/swim bladder malfunction. Because of this, I put her in a small bowl full of the tank...
  2. carligraceee

    Fry questions!

    Hello! I currently have fry babies (one is for sure a molly but the other two might be platys). I was wondering when would be a good time to put them in with the adults. As of now- they are close to half an inch (I would guess a bit larger than a fourth of an inch).
  3. R

    six month old platy frys spitting out food

    hi! i am stocking about 20 platy fry in a planted twenty gallon aquarium. the tank is cycled and the water quality is top notch. about a month ago, one of the fry developed collumanus worms, so i decided to treat the entire tank with levamisole from subquaria. i followed the instructions and did...
  4. carligraceee

    All my platy fry dying the same way except one??? Is it me? Or is it the circle of life??

    Hey guys! If you see my other posts, you will see I have some platy fry. They are almost a month old and were growing like crazy! All of a sudden, two of them started thinning out in the tail area and having trouble swimming and coming up to eat. Then they died the next day. It didn't happen...
  5. carligraceee

    Oh what to do with all these fry.

    My platy gave birth close to a month ago and I have been raising them. I wish I could upgrade to a 29g now but I just don't have the space right now. I want to keep one of the girls, my friend might take three, and then I would re-home the rest (I have 9 now). Can I sell them somewhere? Or do I...
  6. carligraceee

    Betta love with platy fry?

    My platy just gave birth and i was wondering if my male beta (in a 5g) would do well with them until they got bigger and i could sell them. i don’t want him to eat the fry, but i thought maybe they would be too big for him to eat. he is pretty aggressive- but doesn’t eat a lot.
  7. S

    Platy baby having trouble swimming

    So one of my platies gave birth and i have 4 little platy fry chillin out and im really worried because there is one of them has to strain really hard to swim and when it can it just rests on the ground or plants All the others are doing just fine
  8. P

    Female Platy Fish Isn’t Getting Pregnant

    Hi all I hope you can help me with this one... I have four platy fish that I purchased about a month ago. The pet store staff reassured me that all four platies were MALE, however after changing my fish tank background recently, I actually noticed that one of them has a triangular fan-like...
  9. wfykitty

    My Platy fish is not active and betta's fin is not as colorful as before..

    I have 1 platy fish and a betta fish in separate tank, and both are male. I got them on October 2020. 1. Recently the platy fish is always at the bottom of the tank. And yesterday I saw his body slightly towards on one side, and he is not very active and just stayed at the bottom of the tank...
  10. S

    Is it ok to keep my platy fry in a 1 gal tank

    One of my platies gave birth and i didnt want the fry to get eaten so i put them in a 1 gal tank with a filter and a lot of plants
  11. S

    Separating Male and Female Platys

    I have had a male and female platy for a few months, and in that time, they've produced a good chunk of fry. I'm considering separating my male and giving him to a friend along side some of the male fry once they are bigger and keeping my female with some female fry. My concern here is quality...
  12. S

    Lazy or labor?

    My pregnant platy is just sitting there doing nothing.. Just sitting unless i get too close Is she getting ready for labour?
  13. Retired Viking

    guppies and platies

    It has been one of those weeks, I have notice that just about all my anacharis has now melted away, I no longer have any in my tetra tanks:( and much of what I had in my guppy and shrimp tank is gone too. I went to the LFS yesterday and they can not even special order it. So I picked up a pair...
  14. J

    Pregnant Platy- Need Advice

    So, I have a pregnant Platy and i’ve separated her into a tank which is quite big so she can give birth. But I don’t know how long that could take, she has a swollen belly and I’m pretty sure the dark spot on either side near her anal fin. But the \__/ shape hasn’t appeared yet I don’t think...
  15. B

    Multiple Colored Platy Fry from 1 Mom?

    Hey all! So our Golden Mickey Mouse Platy had fry. I managed to save a little under 30 of them. We have orange mickeys and yellow mickeys. BUT in her little bunch most are yellow and orange but there’s 7-8 grey ones. Is that common? For them to have random colors? The babies are 16 days old and...
  16. E

    Hampshire - Free Platy Fry (Red/Orange Wagtail x Blue Tuxedo)

    I've got about 10ish Platy fry going for free. I cannot support them and need them gone ASAP. Varying ages of about 4 weeks to 12 weeks. I'm in the Southampton area, but willing to drive within the area to deliver. Can also collect.
  17. S

    Help! My platys are paralyzed and sink!

    So I recently got 12 fry from a friend and they are about 2 months old, varying in size. I have 4 of the tiniest ones in a 5 gallon, the rest in a 20 gallon. About 3 days ago I noticed a few were missing and couldn't see them. I thought they were just hiding but then today I noticed some just...
  18. LiizFish

    Platy fry is not growing

    Hello, I have a single platy fry in my 10 gallon tank with one mystery snail and a bladder snail. She's been in this tank a little over a week and was born on February 27. We moved her to my tank from our 36 gallon tank because we feared she might get eaten. Since the move, she doesn't seem to...
  19. LiizFish

    Platy fry not growing

    Hello, I have a single platy fry in my 10 gallon tank with one mystery snail and a bladder snail. She's been in this tank a little over a week and was born on February 27. We moved her to my tank from our 36 gallon tank because we feared she might get eaten. Since the move, she doesn't seem to...
  20. Reannone96

    Platy Fry 3 Days Old And Have Colour!

    Okay so 3 days ago my beautiful female platy (shown in profile picture) gave birth, I thought they were all dead but I managed to scoop 10 up and put them in their own small tank, anyways people have been saying the platy fry don't get colour until they're weeks old? The father of this fry I...