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Jun 20, 2013
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So recently I brought home a few couple of pairs of platies, two females, two matching males & origanlly a male and a female dwarf coral sun set platy.(the male lived but the female just didnt adjust and probably died of stress ) Any ways, recently one of my female fish looked about ready to drop! Sadly I was just about to leave for two weeks. So I devided my tank I put her on one side and all of the others on the opposite side. The fish were feed and looked at but the person had no experience what so ever in telling if the fish dropped or not or when to move her back to the other side! So I took my chances and just said to let nature take its course and leave her in the devided side until I get back and let nature take its course. And when I got back yester day sure enough she wasn't pregnant any more but I didn't see any fry, until I moved momma and there swam one survivor so this journal will be all about the last survivor and it's journeys to adalt hood !

Attached will be pictures of mom just befor I left.


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om no offense but theirs no such thing as a platy pair their needs to be a 2 female to male ratio or your females will be harrased to death
Yes. Livebearers such as platies and swordtails do not form a bonding relationship with a particular mate. The males will generally mate with any available female in the tank. It is always best to keep more females than males in the aquarium so as to prevent the females from becoming overly stressed due to males constantly chasing after them. A 3 female to 1 male ratio is optimum. A one to one ratio will invariable result in stressed females, and possibly her death as well.
Yes I am well aware of the ratio the plan is se time this week to get some more females but the harassment hasn't been an issue yet the one of the males is kinda shy and doesn't seem to bother the females and the dwarf male doesn't seem interested in the fish much larger than him so it's only really one male at the moment. Thanks guys I know your just trying to help I also meant by pair as in colors but ya.
Hi, congrats on the surviving fry, aren't the so cute. I have 10 females and 4 males (guppies) and I still have one lyretail male who only follows this one specific female, it is so funny. I honestly think its true love. Seriously I know that's not the case however I find it so weird/cute that he has picked his favorite and follows only her around the tank like a lost puppy dog lol. At first she would run from her but now she seems to have just given up trying to get away.

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