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Geophagus Winemilleri Breeding

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Jan 28, 2012
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I thought I could start a little journal thingy about my Geophagus winemilleri breeding. :)
Ok, so I have 11 Geophagus winemilleri in my 250x75x60cm 1125 litre tank. It's something about 8,2 feet and almost 300 gallon.

As seen in the picture, grown winemilleris are big fish, and I don't recommend having them in a smaller tank than 500 litres.
Anyway, four of those said winemilleris are older adults, which have laid eggs once, but haven't gotten any further.
Abput two month ago we got 7 young winemilleris, which are only about 1,5 years old, and only like 1/4 of the size of the adult ones. We call them teenagers, because they are. :p
About 3 weeks ago two of those youngsters paired and laid eggs. We didn't expect anything to come out of it, as they are so young and this was their first time. But they did know how to take care of the eggs, and about 1,5 days laiter they took the eggs to their mouths and started to mouthbrood. Or something. Not sure about the english word for it.

^ A link to my video about brooding. 
So, they keep the eggs in their mouths, in safe, and roll them around in their mouths so everyone gets their share of fresh water and oxygen.
About 11 days later they let the fry out for the first time. The fry didn't swim too well then.

We already had the baby tank running and fully ready, so the next day, when the fry was let out again, we took them very gently and moved to the other tank. 
They have been growing very well. I have been feeding them with brine shrimp eggs, freshly hatched live artemia and powdered baby food and they are eating well. If there has been losses I haven't noticed any. 
This video was taken a few days ago.
They're getting bigger and bigger every day, and I am very pleased and exited about them. :)
More will follow later.
this will be interesting to follow. Congratulations. Why did you remove them so soon? Is there a chance that the adults would eat them?
I always admire people who take on breeding because i don't want to take it on. So much work and then what do I do with the babies? Good luck!
Well, it's a community tank. Other fish would have eaten them for sure, and quite quickly, too. So that's why we moved them as soon as they were capable of swimming themselves. :)
@Liam2368 Just wondering, what is the name of the fish in your profile picture? The blue on the fish is amazing...
Thank you.
The older ones I have are originally from Germany, as many "special" fish in Finland are. Those young one have been born here (from few different parents) and are now breeding, too.
That's a really nice tank, and gorgeous fish. I'm looking forward to your follow-up posts as I'm new to geos and recently to got a winemilleri.

This is how we're doing today. They are starting to look like fish! :)
Great pictures and love the tank set up!
At first I crushed and powdered dried mosquito larvae and shrimps and mixed it with TetraMin Baby-powder, and added some spirulina, too...
Now I have peeled artemia eggs as well, and liquid baby fish food.
I didn't know if my mixture would work. All that happened right before holidays, so there wasn't any proper pet shops open, and because of the holidays the mail didn't go too well, so it was just a few days ago I got new foods. But, apparently my own baby food worked quite well, because we have lost hardly any of them, and they are growing up fast. :)
Oh my... We actually have 3 pairs of winemilleri with eggs at the moment. o_O

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