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Jan 8, 2013
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A few days ago, I saw an ad in the local paper for a 53 gallon aquarium with everything (filter, heater, oak stand, the whole nine yards) for only $100.00. We called today and he said he had a couple of calls before us, but no one showed up. He also said that if we were to but all of this today, it would cost us about $1,100. We will most likely be the ones to get it. Has anyone else seen a deal like this?
Yep, I just recently got my 65, the whole nine yards and more. It was a complete dirtied planted tank with the proper lighting and everything, and CO2 system. Came with marbled blue angels, diamond tetras, congo tetras, breeding pair of albino brittle nose plecos and rubber lip plecos.
The only down side was the tank cracked when I was setting it up, but caught it in time and had to replace it... and some diseases on the congos like cotton mouth and fin rot, but was able to control that in a matter of days.
Got all that for 300$ + another 110$ for the new tank.
Just now my word of advise, look over that tank like no tomorrow and after setting her all up listen to it.. if you hear crack noises then watch out. Hah i'm still paranoid about my new tank.. just watching it and looking it over every now and again. still haven't been able to fill it up to the top, but getting close to doing it.
And congrats on your find, should post pictures of what it'll look like when you are all done.
I have seen a couple of good deals, but always right after they are sold.
Four foot 40gal. with custom cabinet, lights, and bits and pieces $80.00.
Four foot 55gal. with cabinet, filter, lights, heater, et cetera $100.00.
Good luck.
The thing is I can't set it up until we move. I will post photo's when It's all done, though.
I got my 55 with stand hood and a heater for about 60 bucks. The tank was rather old but with a new silicone job it was good as new.
We just got it. It looks a little dirty, but it will probably be an easy clean. (No soap, of course, for reasons of toxic water to the fish)
Here is the tank:
By the way, I got the light bulb working by fiddling with it a little.
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I was given a free tank with stand and all the supplies along with free fish. The guy didn't want anything to do with the fish as it belongs to someone who abandoned them. 
 Since then I had a lot of research to do and learning about different fish, water etc.....

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