75 gallon acrylic busted!


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Jan 23, 2021
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About 5 years ago maybe even six my sister swapped a glass 75 gallon for a approximately 75 gallon acrylic tank. Both tanks were used and both parties were happy with the exchange. Upon bringing the tank home we did notice that the top was bowed a little bit but everything else seems structurally sound so she set it up as her eel tank she's got a bunch of little spiny eels of different species she had some she has some ropefish or had some real fish in there about four little ones an assortment of plecos and some ras and she had programmies but they wasted away and she had a hope line Grammy in there. Well last night when I went downstairs to grab some r o d i water to top off my 6 gallon tank upstairs I noticed a whole bunch of water on the floor. And then I heard the drip drip drip, a very frantic drip drip drip and looked in horror as the drips were coming from the 75 gallon acrylic tank which sat on top of my 75 gallon glass tank with my Pablo eels and Daniels and a couple plecos. The way that the tank was leaking into my other tank was directly into the marineland filter that was on my glass 75 gallon tank and causing the water in my tank to overflow as well slightly but most of the water was coming from the acrylic tank also dripping on the floor. Of course I saw this at 9:30 at night, so I called for my sister and the both of us went ahead and evacuated all of the fish into her 40 breeder. The 40 breeder had been a river tank but my sister had let it go and so the only thing that was left in there were some dwarf rainbow fish and a couple of gobies. So she moved her 8 or 9 spiny eels into the tank her four rope fish she moved the clown plecos that we have five of them we have two super red plecos that one in there we have one vampire pleco that went in there and her raspberries and the moonlight gourami went back into the 125 her oak line gourami went into the 120 with my dojo's and ghost my albino pleco went into the 125 as well. So we drained as much of the water out of that tank as we could and called it a night, fortunately it only took us two and a half hours to catch all the fish move them and drain most of the water out of the tank. My sister was very upset because she had a nice fish in there of a rear species that stays small and the spiny eels seem to have outcoated it for food because we couldn't find it anywhere on the tank anymore so it must have died and been a pleco snack. She was so disgusted that she's said she didn't want to have any more fish anymore, but hopefully that's just for blowing off steam cuz she doesn't want to have any freshwater fish anymore she's just wants to stay with the saltwater fish, although her salt water tank has been giving her problems too as she said some coral die off on her.

So now we are down one acrylic 75 gallon tank we will not be replacing it with anything. Right now she is determined to bring her spiny eels, well at least most of them to fish planet to give us a donation we are also going to be donating the super red male and female pair and the gobies if we can catch them out of that tank. She wants to adapt the 40 breeder for her rope fish to grow them up a little bit in so that they can get a bigger size so that they can go in a tank possibly with her purple wolf fish. Right now if they're too small. Or they may just go into my 75 gallon with the pavel heels since there's room in that tank right now for them. Her ultimate goal for the 40 breeder was to make it into a reef tank, she was just waiting for some time to collect the gobies and take them to fish Planet, but now that tank is a bit full of fish again so we'll see what happens.

This morning everyone seems good The tank's not dripping anymore and the majority of water found its way into the drain. I was too tired this morning from last night to do anything, and I'm working in the 12 to 8 shift today so I'll be too tired to do anything when I get home a little after 9:00. But I'm also working a 12:00 to 8:00 shift tomorrow so tomorrow I'm planning on getting up early enough to try to sweep the rest of the water into the drain clean up the basement a little bit and wash the floor. Thursday we have the electric actually the gas company coming out to put the meter that is sitting in their basement outside so it has outside accessibility. When we moved in 2 years ago we were told by the gas company that they were going to be doing it within the next month but here it is 2 years later and they're finally going to be doing it. Which means that I'm going to have to find some sheets and covers to cover all of my tanks because the basement is a cinder block basement and I don't want all of that dust making its way into my fish tanks.

Always some fun projects going on, even if they are accidental.

And I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense in part, I've been talking into my phone as I was driving to work. I will try to edit it during my lunch later today
Sorry to hear about your tank issues. I would have thought an Acrylic tank would be more reliable. Please let us know what failed on the tank.
Won't be able to completely empty the tank until this weekend as it will take 2 and work won't allow until then. We are also interested in seeing where it failed.
Sorry to hear about this, Nat...leaking tanks can be quite nightmarish
Thanks Matt.
It was something, that's for sure. Hope you are doing well.

Just got done straightening, sweeping, vacuuming, and washing the floor in the basement. Also moved a bit of stuff around so the gas co. Has better access to the indoor meter. Now I am nursing a cold brew coffee and have a bit of stuff to do to get ready for work. I think sitting down was a bad idea, I don't seem to want to get back up...lol.

Probably will have to get some dropcloths to cover the tanks and fish/turtle supplies after work. Not sure what kind of mess they will make pulling the meter/pipes out, but don't want to chance it.

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