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  1. Flinkbag

    Please Help! Fish Breathing Very Rapidly!

    I really need someone to respond to this post asap!   I had an issue a month ago where i had foamy bubbles forming on the surface of the water, and all my fish seemed to be struggling to breathe. Now the bubbles are back in a much more mild form, yet my fish are all breathing ridiculously hard...
  2. BrooklynCichlids

    Is My Tank Overstocked?

    OK my tank has been running about 6 months I originally had 15 fish 11 African cichlids from the 3 lakes, 2 red jewel cichlids, a red devil, and a midas cichlid 2 months in the red devil killed my midas now it seems everything is at piece I have a 55 gallon tank. So question is is my tank...
  3. hudsona85

    Kribs With Fry!

    I had a feeling there was going to be some breeding going on since the male was acting pretty aggressive and moving the gravel around. Really was not expecting it so soon! I have 8 fry already from about a month ago in a breeder in the same tank and growing dad by day. I can't tell how many...
  4. hudsona85

    Severum Additions

    So after much debate and discovering water parameters that would be suitable for my new 75gal tank, I have chosen to go for SA cichlids. I will have sand as my substrate and debating between the Aquatop CF500UV, Eheim Pro 350, or 1 or 2 AquaClear 110. I am not planning on having live plants. I...
  5. hudsona85

    New 75 Gallon! Need Some Ideas

    Hello!   Just recently purchased a 75 Gallon Marineland tank with Marineland LED lights. I am right in the middle of being a novice to intermediate as far as experience goes with FW aquatics. I have debated back and forth as to what I would like to put in this. I got as far as wanting cichlids...
  6. C

    Ideal Setup For Ram Cichlids?

    I recently acquired a 90L tank from a friend (I think 24 gallons, approx? Sorry, I'm Australian so I'm not great at the conversions from metric). I had kept a pair of German Ram Cichlids in the past in my 200L community tank but it was a struggle looking after them in there because the water was...
  7. Ellphea

    Stocking For All Male Mbuna Tank

    I have a 55 gallon all male mbuna tank. I am looking to add a few more fish species to the mix as mine are all still juvies.  Here is what I currently have: Melanochromis johanni (electric blue johanni) Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric yellow labido) Melanochromis auratus Maylandia zebra (red...
  8. F

    55 Gallon Cichlid Tank

    Hello everyone,   I'm new to the forum and new to Cichlids so please bare with me with any of my potentially dumb questions. I have had several community tropical fish tanks in the past but shut them all down due to moving and work. I now have the time again and would like to get something a...
  9. Ellphea

    Mbuna- All Male Or Mixed?

    I am setting up a 55 gallon mbuna tank and I am very curious as to whether it would be better to try for an all-male tank or to go with the conventional method. There are some key points I would like to point out to keep in mind.    1. I live in a rural area and the closest (good) LFS is a hour...
  10. L

    Video My Projects

    It's been a long time since I last posted, so I figured that I was long overdue for an update here.    I've moved past breeding my guppies and now my column tank is going to be fully stocked. I would love to take pictures of my fish, but my camera is too slow to take a decent picture of them.   ...
  11. B

    Africans Breeding At The Aquarium Today

    I was at the aquarium today and I noticed a pair of breeding Africans. I just thought it was worth sharing and it would be cool if anyone could identify them
  12. AeonMapa

    Heat Wave

    Ok so its summer here in the Philippines and that means real hot weather. My tanks are now at 30C and sometimes higher. This heat will last at least another month or two.   I keep: Geophagus Surinamensis Red SeveRUM ELECtRIc BLUE JACK DEMPSEY RAmS, tEtRAS, Raphael catfish, guppies, betas, cores...
  13. J

    Suggest Me Some Tankmates!

    I just set up a new tank with 4 cichlids! Im wanting to add some catfish and 1-2 shrimp. So suggest what to add that will go with my cichlids!
  14. AeonMapa

    Feeding Cichlids Earthworms

    Hi does anyone here have a good idea of how much earthworms can be given to new world cichlids? I know that bloodworms should be fed in moderation because they can cause constipation and such, but what about red wriggler worms? I feed them live or newly chopped up. Below are my cichlids and...
  15. H

    Sexing Jack Dempsey?

    Hello I have a 4 year old Jack dempsey currently residing in a 45 gallon corner tank, but I have yet to decide weather its a male or female, please help!
  16. T

    Haplochromis Sauvagei (Paralabidochromis Rock Kribensis)

    Greetings all, First post, would just like to share my newest acquisitions. These little live gems are truly hard to find in Europe, as are many Victorians due less popular compared to Tanganyika/Malawi and their vulnerable status in the wild, making wildcaught specimens less available...
  17. kiwi210

    Is It Safe To Add A Discus To One Of My Tanks?

    I've been owning cichlids for over 2 years and I think I'm finally experienced enough to own a Discus. I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 smaller Blood parrots. One of them is a little aggressive but the other one is pretty calm. My other tank is a 40 gallon with a Jewel, Johanni, Yellow Lab, and...
  18. kiwi210

    Plants And Cichlids?

    I want to add some live plants to my south american cichlid tank but I was told they will eat the plants. Is this true or just a rumor? 
  19. R

    What Would You Put In This Tank? 63G/240L - Aquaone Ar980T

    Hey guys. I'm looking for ideas as to what to put in this tank.   Through much research I've discovered that this is the biggest (water capacity) tank that I can fit in the spot that I have for it. It's the AquaOne980T.    It's bigger than it looks - it looks funny because it's the 'tall'...
  20. Tropical_Dave

    Breeding Jewel Cichlids

    Hi there, im hopeing some of you can help me, i'm trying to breed my Jewel Cichlids but so far no luck. i bought a tank last year with a mixture of fish including the Jewels, definately male an female pair. they were always swimming together and had their own little territory. i was warned they...