1. M

    Need Some Planning Help

    Hi all,    So I am moving into a bigger apartment in a few weeks, hoping to have everything in and sorted mid Jan, at which point some space will be measured up and a new tank will be ordered.    Because I am super stressed about moving, I am preoccupying myself with what I may want to run on...
  2. Stoty

    Injured Fish! Fungus? Help!

    Hi,   I have an injured mumba from an attack.  I have had him in my QT tank for the last 2 days and have been treating with melafix.  A friend spotted him laying down in the sand in my mbuna tank.  He wasnt moving much when i put him in my QT tank, but now he is moving better.  His fins are all...
  3. C

    Extremely Territorial German Blue Ram?

    I got four GBRs three days ago, one male and three females. The male is obviously dominant, he claims his space but he's "friendly"about it. Two of the females are fine as well, they just swim around and don't really bother anyone. One of the females is extremely aggressive. She hides in a...
  4. C

    What Sex Is This German Blue Ram?

    See the attached photos, it's all the same fish. Here's another
  5. C

    German Blue Ram Cichlid Water Conditioning?

    Hey guys;   Thinking about getting a pair of German Blue Ram Cichlids. From what I've read, they require water that is on the softer side, with low pH (5-7). My municipal tap water is moderate on the hardness scale, but the pH is relatively high (~7.5).    Do you have any suggestions on how to...
  6. jimbooo

    Blue Rocks For Sale - Used In Cichlid Tank

    Hi,   Ive moved away from chichlids and back to planted tanks and have a load of blue rocks for sale.   there are roughly 20 to 25 rocks as seen in the pic below.      each rock is between 15 and 25 cm long (1 to 2 kg each I would guess)   any takers? I'm looking to sell the lot in one go so...
  7. N

    Please Help Id Mbuna Species And Sex

    Hi All, I've waited for my pet to mature before asking for help in identification.  She/he has matured into a very beautiful Mbuna and I would love to add several others.  I've been searching over the last year unsuccessfully.  The closest I've come is the Metriclima family, yet there are stark...
  8. alexshaw

    Jack Dempsey Cichlid, Eggs Need Help.

    Hello all I have two Jack dempsey's, in my 400L Tank. One is female and the other, male. I recently woke up to find they had laid eggs on a peice of slate in the tank. This was good news to me as i have been wanting to breed them for a while. The tempreture bump and live food helped well. I have...
  9. jimbooo

    Need Ideas - Suggestions As To New Set Up Please

    Hi All,   i need your brains as i have a mental block.   i have had a disaster in one of my office tanks over the weekend. its a Juwel Rio180 (40G). currently a malawi cichlid set up with lots of rocks etc.   the tank split a seam on saturday half way up and dumped 20G on the office floor...
  10. J

    Dragon Blood Peacock Black Dots

    Hello, just after some enlightening. I have a Dragon Blood Peacock just starting to colour up, believed to be Male from blue tinge on face and bigger spots of back fin. But anyway I noticed today after getting a close look it has many many little black dots/spots all over it, face to body to...
  11. lowcontrol

    My First Tank. Oscars And Plecos.

    This is my very first tank. I bought it almost a year ago as an already established tank.  It is a 55gal. When I originally got it, it was WAY over loaded. Three cichlids, two oscars, and two plecos. Guy was just gonna dump the fish and sell the equipment if I hadn't of got it from him. I was...
  12. lowcontrol

    Help With Identifying Cichlid And Possible Problem.

    I bought my first tank a little under a year ago, got a good deal on an already established tank.  One of the fish was this guy. I know it is a cichlid, but thats about it.  Also today when I went to feed the fish, he just kinda sat there floating just above the substrate, didn't even try to eat...
  13. C

    Bolivian Ram?

    Hello fellow fish lovers. I'm just confused. Is this a Bolivian Ram?  
  14. Tropical_Dave

    Pundamilia/ruti Island Cichlid Fry

    hello everybody, ive just bought some pundamilia fry which i am going to feed them cichlid veggie flakes that i give to my yellow labs. i was wondering though if i could also feed them high protein fish food? i know i cant give it to my labs as they would probably get bloat but i have always fed...
  15. monahan95

    Is My Female Sp 44 Holding?

    I've had my sp 44's for around a month (2 male 2 female) They are only around 2" and I haven't seen any breeding activity, however, I have noticed over the past few days that one of my females hasn't been eating and she isolates herself from the rest of the tank. She also has a small lump...
  16. N

    Please Help With Aggression Issues In 50G

    Hi All, I recently added 8 new pets to my 50G.  The pets currently are as follows: Kenyi: 2 Females/1 Male Cobalt Blue Zebra: 2 females? 1 Currently Juvenile Bumblebee: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Yellow Lab: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Mixed Mbuna: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Psued Acei: ? 2...
  17. 3

    Green Terror, Male Or Female?

    I have a 1 year old green terror and im not sure if it is a male or a female. Any idea which it is?
  18. S

    Opinions On Cichlid Aquariums

    ok so i have a 500+ ltr aquarium, around 125 gallon i think id like some opinions on what people think of the stock list, any changes you think i should make or any additions? oscar x1 jack dempsy x1 convict x1 (maybe more?) green terror x1 texas x1 featherfin catfish x1 silver dollars x7...
  19. monahan95

    Species Identification

    I bought this African cichlid today and at first I thought it was a female kenyi, but once I got it home I done my research and it says that all kenyi are born blue and the male's will eventually go yellow with darker vertical bars, Notice that mine has started to show signs of yellow on his/her...
  20. AeonMapa

    Ebjd Journey!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here, and I hope to get a lot of support from you my fellow fishkeepers, and hope to be able to help you out as well   I just purchased a baby EBJD about a week ago. He's only 1" in length. Now I know that its recommended to get this particular fish a bit...