betta (female)

  1. F

    $50 budget Betta sorority tank

    Hey guys! I recently started a betta sorority nano tank. I had an aquarium 10 years ago but things have changed a lot since then, equipments, the theory in general. I decided to ask this forum for ways to improve my tank, some advice from experts, equipment wise, aesthetically, anything...
  2. G

    Biorb questions

    Hey, I’ve just rehomed a biorb 15l freshwater tank with what I believe to be a female betta and 2 shrimp. They’ve lived in there for quite a few months but the owners are moving and can’t take them. I had a big tropical tank about 7 years ago but freshwater is different. This one little fish...
  3. Blu_bruh

    Ich on betta

    Pls help. i used to be on here more and i have entirely new tank its 20 gal with 3 female bettas one of which looks like she got ich on top of her head (picture below). Theres also snails and shrimp and a few corries. I know copper based ich medicines can kill like half of my tank so i did a...
  4. Alamarell

    Need help identifying this!

    Hello! I've recently started my first aquarium about 7-8 months ago. I bought a new betta fish (Rosalina) a little over a month ago. Since I bought Rosalina I noticed she has something worm-like attached to one of her fins. I did research on anchor worms but it doesn't have a split head and...
  5. R

    Betta and ADF issue!

    I have had a female betta in a 5.5 gal tank for a few months now. Shes was a sorority fish so I wanted to get her a new tank mate, but 2 betas in a 5.5 gal seemed mean. So I got an African drawf frog. They were doing great, both very friendly and active. However, after a week in the tank, I woke...
  6. C

    New Betta!

    Hi! I just got three lovely female betta, and I love them all very much. I am new to owning betta, but I have done a lot of research. I have three questions. My first question is how often do betta take in oxygen from the top of a tank? My betta do swim around the tank, but they go up to the top...
  7. 3

    How to do a Betta sorority?

    i am going to get a 105l/27g tank. Do you think a beta sority is ok in this. Any advice on it. Can I buy a few first then add some later? Cheers
  8. H

    Help Determining Sex of Betta

    Hi all, Recently purchased this betta. She is listed as a female, but I am not so sure. Would really appreciate any help with this.
  9. Ellie Potts

    55g Betta tank??

    I've read some mixed things on sorority tanks in 20 gallons... but what about in a heavily planted 55 gallon? I'd really like to try this out but have no idea where to start - how many betta's should I get? Species only, or add some endlers/cardinal tetras as distraction? Is this even worth...
  10. L

    Advice for plants to keep in my tank

    Hey guys! I’ve recently got a betta(named moose) and a mystery snail(named Jeff), so far they both doing great and very active. I’m going to be upgrading my tank from 2 Gallon to either a 5 or 10 gallon within the next month so I’ll have a lot more room for plants. I was wondering if anyone had...
  11. kellyrazz1996

    Suddenly obsessed with this little female betta

    I've been wanting a red male betta for the past few months and finally set myself to the task of preparing for one. Lots of reading and a 20 gallon tank later and I found myself searching through three different pet stores, but none of the betta were calling out to me. I ended up going home with...
  12. D

    Betty fin rot or fin nipping ?

    Hello. I have been noticing that my beta fish fin has been looking a little rugged lately. I’m not quite sure if it could be mild fin rot, tear, or nipping. Water conditions are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate If it’s fin rot, how could I help prevent it from getting worse & can it spread to...
  13. S

    Is my betta sick?

    Hello everyone! Im new to the hobby and would like some advice regarding my Betta because she is turning white. She's been in her active self as usual though, no loss of appetite too. What should I do?
  14. P

    Is this Ich?

    Hello! I purchased a female betta 9 days ago and placed her in a new aquarium. I added a new Java Fern yesterday and today I noticed white particles on her fins, mostly tail. Is it ich? The tank has a filter but there is some ammonia (.25 ppm?) which I have been trying to control by dosing...
  15. L

    Help! Patches on Betta’s Head

    So today I noticed my female betta has a few patches on her head and she hasn’t had them before. I tried taking photos of it, but she kept moving so I could only get this one (pictured below). Im still pretty new to the whole betta/tropical fish keeping, but I’ve had her for over a year and a...
  16. JackieP

    Please help with my betta fish

    Hello, so I just bought my betta fish like four days ago. Tank is clean and cycled 0 ammonia 0 nitrites. So after I bought my fish I noticed she has some white on her nose. Almost like she’s missing scales. Also her little front fins are a little frayed. She’s eating and swimming around a lot...
  17. CrazyBettaLady

    Fancy Dan and Joan of Arc

    Hello! I'd like to post something good today, so I'm going to show off my two beautiful crowntail bettas, Fancy Dan and Joan! Joan (full name is Jeanne d'Arc, or in English "Joan of Arc") is a beautiful blue/turquoise/green/sorta iridescent female crowntail that has a very friendly and...
  18. primsloaches16

    How to stop my Betta from being a glutton?

    Hey yall! After my stocking thread, I'm sure y'all are aware of my currently way overstocked tank which I'm getting prepped for fixin'! One of the inhabitants is my lovely betta, Honey. (Name not so fitting, shes a "wild" colored female betta with some pretty blue and red on her fins, when I got...
  19. Bettagills

    White Growth on Betta - EMERGENCY - unsure of what it is

    Azora is a Halfmoon female betta fish of about a year old. She is energetic, happy, colorful, eats frequently and with no issue. About a month ago I noticed a small white dot (bump) growing above her right eye. I research and began treating her for a fungal issue using pimafix. After a week of...
  20. M

    Betta tail has changed? is it hurt?

    Hi everyone, so I have had my Betta fish for approximately 5-6 weeks now and I have noticed a change in tail shape. When I first got him he as a square shape notch in his back tail and it was very smooth and I think just part of his build. However I have since noticed it has changed to a long...