betta (female)

  1. N

    Female betta tankmates

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 12 celestial pearl danios, 12 harlequin rasboras and 6 kuhli loaches, can I add a female betta? I understand that CPD are very shy fish and I don't want to stress them out by the betta being there. I also don't want the betta to be stressed by all the small fish...
  2. Thermal

    My betta has a wound on top of her head.

    This is Val, I got her 2 days ago from a breeder via shipping. When the parcel arrived, I noticed that she was not in good condition, a nasty wound on her head, a lot of missing scales, and pale fins. I tried to contact the seller to ask if she already looked similar or already like this before...
  3. C

    Help me stock my tank!

    Hey! I’ve got a heavily planted 15 gallon tank which currently has 4 guppies, 3 amano shrimp and two snails. What else should I put in there? I’ve been looking at small schooling fish like chilli rasboras and maybe a female Betta? Any ideas?
  4. RelativeFishBeginner06470

    Could someone help ID this?

    Hello, our female betta always had a version of this white material on her scales since she was purchased. It is localized to her head. She is otherwise very healthy, as is the tank she's in. Does anyone know what this is or how to treat? I have these available: Jungle Fungus Clear Fritz...
  5. B

    HELP! Betta fish staying at bottom of the tank

    Hi all, I’ve noticed my betta fish is staying at the bottom of my fish tank a lot and only coming up for air, she sometimes comes up once daily for food but that’s it. I have also noticed her top fin is rather droopy and some red has appeared on her head which I have attempted to treat with...
  6. H

    Mysterious illness

    Tank 55 gallon & 15 gallon Nitrate 20 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Chlorine 0 Alkalinity 100 pH 7.2 78 degrees The above readings have been steady for at least 3 months. Tank mates are: 20 pygmy corydoras (55g) started with but moved---> 2 female bettas (15 gallon split tank) started...
  7. PygmyMitch

    Female Betta with Tank mates

    I think we all know that usually male bettas are more territorial than female bettas and that it’s not a good idea to keep a male betta with other community fish. That being said some people have kept a male betta successfully in community tanks. However can a single female be kept with other...
  8. V

    No!! Unexpected swim in peace!!

    I had a betta in a 5 gallon, with heater and filter. The other day I realized she was acting really lethargic. I realized her heater wasn't working like it was supposed to. So, since this was an emergency situation, I took the heater from my other tank to place it in her tank, so she didn't...
  9. T

    My Betta is sick, help!

    I had my female betta, Sunshine, in a 10 gallon with 4 Rosies (that pink feeder fish) and a small algae eater(unsure of breed).my tank is heated and filtered. I came to find 2 dead Rosies and a dead algae eater the other day. I removed the filter and exchanged 1/4 of the water. I have a well...
  10. M

    Bettas and Guppies Help

    Update- Following two very helpful and informative responses, a new and much bigger 150litre tank has been ordered so everyone will be having an upgrade to a tank over double the size of their existing tanks. The bigger the better! I have enough supplies to set up a temporary 60ltr accommodation...
  11. V

    Is it okay to add my betta during cycling?

    I've had a little ammonia spike in the first week, and nothing since then. It's only week two, but my parents are getting impatient and telling me it should be fine for fish now. The only stocking will be that betta, but I don't want to put her life in danger. She was in a community tank but now...
  12. V

    Is it normal for koi bettas to change color?

    When I first got her, she was labeled as a koi betta and had the colors of one. Now, like half a year later she has turned pink and blue. Her colors don't resemble a koi fish anymore and I'm confused.
  13. C

    Possible poorly female betta

    Hi, This is my first keeping of Bettas and I have had a female in my community tank for about 6 months. Water levels are fine Amonia/nitrites 0 pH 7. She has a white patch on her head behind one eye, and I have tried treating it with white spot/ fungus meds and a general tonic none of which...
  14. M


    This is my sister’s female betta fish. She has never been in another tank with a male betta and she eats and moves around fine.. I initially thought it was just constipation, but now I’m not too sure. I don’t think it’s dropsy either because her scales are fine, but I’m still not sure. Does...
  15. H

    Possible parasite?

    I just got another betta a few weeks ago and noticed a white substance right in front of her lower fin, on her belly, when I got her. It’s there while she poops, her poop appears segmented but brown. She’s from PetSmart in a split 20 gallon with another female I got at the same time. they had a...
  16. D

    Gravel vs sand

    Ive had gravel in my betta tank (I also have shrimp and snails (mainly assassins because they've been breeding a lot lately)) I also have some live plants. I was tired of the ugly black and white gravel and decided to redo her tank. I ordered more live plants and some sand. Ive been reading now...
  17. biofish

    Betta fish pineconing and loosing scales

    Hey y’all. I made a discussion post a couple months ago about this but my beta recovered and now she’s relapsed. Badly. She didn’t make it through the night. But I would still like to figure out what was wrong + how to treat it in the future. I thought it was dropsy 2 months ago. Her tummy...
  18. M

    Emergency tank set up!

    I’ve had a tank up and running for 2 months now and I have 2 female bettas, 6 cardinal tetras and 4 cherry shrimp in a 48lt tank. My bettas where the first fish added and I’ve never had any problems with fighting or chasing …. Until I added my shrimp! Water parameters have been fine for 3+ weeks...
  19. bettafishlover86

    Please help! Betta with dropsy lying on side!

    My betta with dropsy is laying on her side. She keeps getting up and swimming around but keeps dropping to the ground. Is she dying? If so, is there anyway I can save her?
  20. M

    Adding fish

    Hey! So I’ve recently done a fish in cycle and all has gone well it’s been up and running for about 6 weeks now and my parameters have been maintaining nicely! I currently have 2 female betta in a 48lt square planted tank. Since everything has been steady I’m looking at possibly adding a...