betta (female)

  1. hetsu

    Need a Multi-use timer

    Hi!! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the fish-keeping hobby (at least in doing a good job at it; I had some pretty pathetic tanks as a kid when I didn't know any better). Right now, I'm trying to find a timer that will do two timings at once, because I only want to buy two separate...
  2. Reddd.head

    Planning on breeding this pair!

    Hey!I have a beloved purple elephant ear betta female, and a close friend of mine has what I believe to be a pretty half moon male betta that we’d like to breed and get offspring from, which we’d be keeping in our own collections! Take a look at this pair and let me know what you think! What...
  3. S

    In the middle of a cycle

    Hey guys! So I am brand new to all of this! I had some Betta fish when I was younger but honestly was too young to properly take care of them. Durning the quarantine, I decided to buy one. When I did, I set up the tank how most people would think it is okay to set up a Betta tank because this...
  4. J

    Male Betta Not Making Bubble Nest - Breeding first time

    Hello, As of today i have given breeding my male and female betta fish. My female is in a tank with my male an she is inside a jar, at first she had the stripes that mean she is scared and now she has the breeding stripes. My water parameters are all ok, temperature is at the correct level and...
  5. J

    Female betta with juvenile apisto

    I have a juvenile apisto triple red and was curious if it could workout with a female betta in my community 29 gallon planted? Any advice appreciated thanks.
  6. C

    Betta, does my betta have velvet??

    Could you inform me whether she has velvet or just the colouring. Thank you
  7. M

    What is this on my new betta?

    1 day after purchasing this betta I noticed a white thing hanging off her. It’s been 2 days and it’s not going anywhere. It’s very close to her anus (right next to I think)and she is able to poop, which is a light brown color. I watched her and the feces came out just fine but didn’t phase the...
  8. L

    Please help!!! Betta Fish with facial swelling/injury (?)

    Please help! My female betta, Lady Fish, has what appears to be some swelling/roughed up area of scaled and whitish discoloration to the left side of her face. I just noticed this tonight, she looked perfectly fine yesterday. I'm not sure if this is an injury or some sort of...
  9. Danni4

    How many betta and corys can I put in my ten gallon tank?

    So I've had this tank for a while, but recently the goldfish I had in it died after it's mate did, I was wondering how many Cory catfish and betta fish I could put in it without it being a danger to any of them. The tank does not currently have gravel but it does have a heater and heavy duty...
  10. F

    Red streaks on gills and face

    If anyone has any ideas on what this may be it would be hugely appreciated. Please find pictures below. The red streaks were present when I purchased her, I thought it was part of her colouring as it was one streak by each gill but have now noticed a second streak on each side - again appearing...
  11. P

    Is my Betta Ok?

    I bought my Betta about 2 months ago and she's been in a living in a tank in my dorm room. I don't have a heater but ive been putter her near a lamp and checking the temperature to make sure she's warm. She eats fine and swims normally except when she sees me she swims very fast towards me and...
  12. Bettapuppy

    Introducing Frida!

    I got myself a new betta today! I got a little tiny, halfmoon, female. She’s a bit dull now, but I can see traces of blue and red on her. I chose to name her Frida after the famous artist Frida Khalo. This is my first time owning a female. Are there any differences I should know about?
  13. SRbettas

    Stocking and tankmates for betta

    Hi, Ive recently moved my sorority of three and my trio of kuhli loaches to a 15 gallon tank (57 litres). I was wondering what other fish i could have in the tank preferably something not red or white as tyat is thd colour of my bettas and i want all my fish to stand out. Would Endlers...
  14. fisharecool789

    betta fish growth

    i unfortunately don’t have an LFS so i bought my betta from petsmart and she’s really hard to take pics of cuz she’s always dashing around (very rowdy fish) and i was looking through old pics and this is the comparison of august vs october ! so happy to see her get so big and grow such pretty fins
  15. Ama

    Some doubts about my new betta

    Yesterday my dad bought this pal and he didn't ask anything about her. Some of my doubts are mentioned below 1)How old is she 2 )What type of betta is this 3)when she get ready to b NB:- currently I'm keeping both of them on a small glass.... I'm actually planning to buy new homes for them
  16. fisharecool789

    questions ! (sorority tank, betta fish & angel fish? & more betta questions)

    first off, i am not sure if i’m posting to the right topic ! the simply “betta” topic is unavailable rn for some reason. jojo (my betta) always swims along the glass (it’s reflective so she said swimming around with her reflection) and i want to know if that’s normal. i can’t tell if she’s...
  17. S

    Moldy Betta

    I purchased a veil tail female today. When I got her I noticed her fins were a bit clamped( at least that’s what I thought. I’m not for sure that’s what it is) however there was nothing else that caught my eye as alarming. I took her home to place her into my heated/planted/cycled 10 gallon...
  18. S

    Female Betta Tankmates? Similar Fish?

    I am thinking about getting a 10 gallon tank. I’m still fairly new to the hobby as I’ve only had my first and current male betta for around 5 months. He is in a heated/cycled/filtered/ planted 10 gallon with one nerite snail. While he is a healthy boy he’s also a very aggressive one(especially...
  19. fisharecool789

    is my betta sick?

    i was feeding my betta this morning (i feed her blood worms every other day since that’s what a lot of my friends who keep bettas suggested) and i noticed a weird white thing on her nose/head. i’m not sure if that’s just part of her coloring (bc on her body scales she has scales that aren’t red)...
  20. fisharecool789

    tank update?

    hey everyone, sorry if i’m posting under the wrong topic : ( there are just so many i don’t know which one to post under! but i got two cryptocorn plants, as well as an amazon (amazonian?) sword plant (i think?), my female veiltail betta is getting along really well with my guppies !!! the 3...