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Fish Crazy
Feb 21, 2017
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I went to my local petco and was nearly blown away. They're fish were in almost perfect condition, the only thing I noticed were an anorexic foxface and a few sick orbic cardinals, the rest of the fish were in perfect condition, not only that but they little stands that sold macro alages and java moss, they also
Had a 2 inch cardinal tetra!!! their coral frags were very healthy. And in the shallow frag tank they had mangrove proagules.They also had an all plant tank with ottos swimming around along with a solitary discus and a few Chili rasboras, the water was crystal clear and they plants were very healthy, I picked up some what I believe are otocinculus affinis and a large java fern, My expectations were comepletely blown away from what I've experienced in the past. Any opinions on your Petco's treatment of fish?
The Petco I go to has very healthy fish and plants as well. Their selection and health of bettas is far superior to Petsmart and any other chain stores I can think of. I love going to Petco, I'm like a child in a candy store. I just get so excited and I love it. Too bad the closest one is quite a drive away and I'm too chicken to drive there on my own.
Sometimes those big box stores goof up and hire a fish area manager that actually knows something about the hobby and does a decent job of maintaining things, and ordering in better stock. But not often :)
Oh yeah petco by me has great stuff almost everything (except saltwater fish) are great their cherry shrimp are 4$ but for a reason they are high grade and I think toney or someone had a picture of them.They are solid red.Petsmart by me is less than good,I dont go there except for fish food and plants cause their plants are somewhat good.Definetly love my petco.
they are pretty red
Mine has a wide variety of plants and fish, and will order in anything you need. They, of course, don't take great care of the fish, though... I suppose they see them as disposable. The bettas are in especially bad condition. Recently they've been putting up things like "Don't keep Dory!" in their saltwater section, and information on how tetras like to school, so that's a start!
Yeah I remember when I was an irrrisponsible kid and wanted a kissing gourami for the heck of it. They lady asked me if I hadn't the supplies and of course I didn't, now that I have a tank I don't even want a kissing gourami XD
Heres a secret to keeping Red Cherry shrimp really red, Please don't tell anybody.

Keep your shrimp on black substrate, The shrimp try to "blend in " with the dark substrate as a natural defense but it works against them because the go dark red.
My next shrimp tank will have sand, think half my shrimp live in my substrate. It came from a yard sale with what it's got.

I did see one of my culls in my 29 with the coal slag that looked much better

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