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  1. The Big Figfetti

    White dots on plants

    I’ve noticed two new plants I recently added have formed some sort of white dots. It’s also on another plant in the tank that I don’t think is doing so well. Hope these pictures help. Any ideas?
  2. danajs


    Could anyone tell me what deficiency my Amazon Sword (Reni) is experiencing? I suspect iron, but am not 100% sure! TIA
  3. ella777

    Plant advice?

    I'm worried. I've just got a 200l tank and I have no idea what to plant in it. I want plants that dont need co2, easy and shrimp & snail safe. I've got a list of plants I would really love to own Cryptocoryne Wendtii Cryptocoryne Willisii Cryptocoryne Beckettii Java Moss Ceratophyllum Demersum...
  4. G

    New Centerpiece fish for a 4 foot planted tank

    Hi all, Recently I've been looking to try and find a centerpiece cichlid for my 4 foot 45 gallon tank. I was hoping for something like a single severum cichlid but have been told they like to eat plants 😔. Any advice and suggestions are appreciated 😁
  5. CozyCat

    What are my plants telling me?

    Hi! These hygrophila pinnatifida have been growing in my 50L tank for a couple of months. They have lost all the original lower leaves, but have grown side shoots and the stems have rooted themselves in the substrate. But the new leaves aren't that deep green with redish undersides, they're...
  6. D

    Keyhole behavior change

    I've had a pair a keyholes for mo this. They normally are always together. Last weekend I redid their tank and added live plant and switched around their driftwood. Since then I barley see one of them or if I do it's just laying low on the gravel behind rocks or In plants. It also looks like her...
  7. Aqua67

    Pics of my tanks

  8. KatNor21

    Which fish should I get

    Hi, looking for opinions. This is my 38 gallon planted tank and looking to add one more fish species to complete it. Here's what I have: 9 green neon tetras 10 black phantom tetras Amano and red rili shrimp kept at 74-78 degrees 2 HOB Aquaclear 20 filters pH 6.4 GH 300ppm I'm thinking either 2...
  9. ellamay

    Fluval plant & shrimp substrate - layer of dirt over everything?

    Sorry for the bad quality photo. I’ve set up a new 5gal tank using plant substrate for the first time. Everything in there looks gross and dirty. It’s been about a week since I planted it. The rocks were light and all the plants bright green before planting them kicked up all the dust and it...
  10. aar0nlewis


    Hello everyone, I have been keeping fish since I was a young teen. I absolutely love this hobby and I do think it is a hobby that everyone should get involved in, and I have a YouTube channel so if anyone is interested in what my aquariums look like go check it out! YOUTUBE CHANNEL BELOW...
  11. CPDtank96

    A question for you planted tank people out there! 🌱

    Hey guys! New to the planted tank scene and looking for some maintenance tips and tricks 🌱 currently I have the following plants in my aquarium: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' (background) Hygrophila polysperma (background) Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae' (I think this is the type...
  12. CaptainBarnicles

    Hygrophila?? 🤔

    Any idea what this is? I bought a mystery bunch with all sorts of different plants ages ago and I've never worked out what this is... It didn't do well in the last tank I had it in, probably because of poor lighting and not enough nutrition in the it's been pushing out all these...
  13. carligraceee

    P.H Questions

    Hello everyone! My tank is finally completely stocked and I have some questions about my p.h. I will be testing it again later tonight but recently it has lived in the 7.2-7.4 range. I need to have it somewhere closer to 7.0-7.2 in order for it to suit most of my inhabitants. My Stock: 40.3 g 1...
  14. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Can I turn the pump off?

    I’ve got a completely DIY planted tank going for my bedroom. It’s only a 15l tall tank (I re-siliconed an old reptile enclosure and installed gaps for piping) so I’ve made a homemade filter from some parts I had lying around. It’s got a chamber with some ceramic filter media and an external...
  15. carligraceee

    36g Stocking, Plants, Cycling

    Hey guys! I have created a thread similar to this but now my tank is getting closer. I have decided it was my obligation to save for a tank before I save for a car, especially since my mom is willing to pay for my car (I just wanted to help out haha). So here are some questions I have! Cycling...
  16. S

    Mystery snail shells degrading

    I have some mystery snails where the shells are dissolving into the water from what I can tell it is most apparent on my white one (attached photos). Does anyone know the fastest way to help the snails regain their shells? The tank they are currently housed in is planted, there are 4 mystery...
  17. E

    problems with hair algae

    I am new to fish keeping and aquatic plants. We purchased a fluval flex 15 gallon tank that has been running for about 3 months. There is hair like algae that grows on all the plants, and the plants seem to be a little stunted. The new growth on the plants is green but the older growth is...
  18. S

    Fish dying

    Hi I have a problem. I bought a trio of swordfish one male two females. Females took to the tank right away. The male hid in the plants. I saw him swimming the first and second day. The third day found him dead. The tank has a pair of Rainbows, a few guppies and a Bristol nose place. it is a 10...
  19. PlasticGalaxy

    Advice on Stock Redux

    So here I am, back again to ask about my stock. However, this time I'm asking before I plunge myself into the deep end and blindly start picking out fish for my tank. Overstocking has quickly become my greatest fear after one, quite frankly, rude reply I received concerning my stock (I'm a very...
  20. PlasticGalaxy

    Planted Guppy Tank (54L)

    02.03.2021 Here goes nothing! This is my first project/undertaking involving fish. The plan is to have a planted tank with black sand as a substrate, dwarf hairgrass, amazon frogbit and possibly java fern for my guppies and corys to go in. For now, I'm still in the stage where I'm debating on a...