planted tank

  1. Aynia

    Planted Tank Advice?

    So as we're dealing with our 38gal, we're looking to get a second tank, possibly 65gal. We're kind of tired of gravel and want to switch to a planted tank with a sandy bottom. Right now the only plants we have in the 38gal gravel tank is two anubias plants and some moss balls. Other than that we...
  2. vikinglord13

    Vikinglord's Freshwater Biocube

    Hey all, I'll be posting videos from my channel here, and am happy to discuss my tank! -Andrew New tank video: 3-week update video: As always, thanks for watching and please like and subscribe to follow along :)
  3. J

    Breeding Pair of Angelfish. Need Fish Community Recommendations.

    Hi- I have a pair of breeding Angelfish. They are in a community with other angels, snails, loach, and rainbows. They laid their eggs and were caring for them well! One morning I woke to a snail on the eggs and most gone. I can't confirm the snail ate them but no more eggs. I just got a...
  4. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    I decided to add some live plants to my betta tank! I added the moss ball a few months ago and it's still healthy so I thought I might try my luck with a few others as well. I added a java fern and two anubias. I keep my LED light on for 10+ hours a day, is there anything else you guys recommend...
  5. E

    Best CO2 system for about £100?

    Title. Hi guys, wanted to know if there are any decent CO2 systems that are relatively easy to just hook up to a tank and go. never used anything other than a tropica 60 system before so an all-in-one system would be preferred. Cheers!
  6. C

    Setting Up New 125 Gallon Planted Tank

    I just got a 125 gallon tank for super cheap (it just had a small leak I neeed to seal). The largest tank I have right now is only 20 gallons, so this is sure to be a completely different beast. I have a few general ideas on what I want to do with this tank, and was hoping for a few suggestions...
  7. V

    My betta’s fins are slowly thinning...

    Hello! My poor betta fish seems to be having thinning fins. I’ve noticed a gradual thinning in his pectoral fins, but recently they seem to be getting worse. His dorsal and caudal fin seem to be thinning now, too. Here are some photos I took during his tank cleaning yesterday. You can see how...
  8. ameliagb

    what can I keep with my senegal bichirs?

    Hi! okay so I have a bowfront tank of like 50 ish gal with 2 senegal bichirs one grey one and one albino both fairly small but the grey one growing at a kind of noticeable rate as well as 1 pink and 1 blue convict. the tank is very natural looking and heavily planted with a set up of rock...
  9. N

    Betta eats my Bottom feeders food...

    Hi guys, My new 10 gallon planted community tank is doing great...for the most part. It consists of one male betta 4 panda corys 3 Amanos and a nerite. My little ecosystem is actually going along great socially, perhaps too well because my betta has joined my school of corys. He follows them...
  10. dirty_bishop

    55 Gallon Dirt Substrate Community Tank

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my first aquarium.. 3 ft tank 9 Harlequins 8 Corys 4 Bristlenose 15 Neons 3 Dwarf Gouramis 3 guppies (newest addition, why not).. and about 6 or so plant species.. What do we think ? :) I'm super happy for my first tank. It's about 8 months old now.
  11. H

    Questions About Planted Tank

    I know I posted about my stocking questions just a few topics down but I also have questions on planted aquariums. So, when I decided I wanted fish I did a ton of research on the fish and not much on the plants.. I recieved a tank with all the old gravel substrate and thought the plants would do...
  12. G

    29 Gallon Stocking Advice

    Hello all! While I'm not *exactly* new to the hobby, after doing a lot of reading I've discovered that I'm new to keeping fish correctly (as in, all those years I was keeping fish as a child, I was basically running to the pet store, thinking 'this is pretty,' and getting extremely lucky that...
  13. M

    Can someone please sex this dwarf Gourami for me?

    Hello Everyone, This is my fist post. I'm been in and out of fish/aquatic hobby for a long time and recently got back in and so far have built 3 Walstad style tanks. I have a 55 gallon, 20 gallon & 5 gallon all Walstad style planted tanks. My 55 gallon is my oldest at 6 months now and I can...
  14. Tyler_Fishman

    Planted paradise?

    if you've ever been to a pond in the north you might not think to put anything in your aquarium, obviously as Cold water species do not thrive in warm water, but as summer is just around the corner you can find a myriad of species for aquarium use, Lakes shores are often covered in Ludwigia...
  15. R

    Led Lights/Dwarf baby tears

    I am very interested in adding dwarf baby tears in my standard 5 gallon aquarium. I currently have the cheap LED light that came with kit and am looking to upgrade. I saw this light on Amazon and wanted to know if you think it would work for growing dwarf baby tears. I would also like to know if...
  16. Tyler_Fishman

    New Betta

    got this new Betta at Petco, nothing really stands out much about her expect how her tail has threads like a crown tail on it, they are very small however. She is quite a young fish about 4 or 5 months old so it is to be detrimend on if she is a true veil tail, which I think she is. Haven't...
  17. Tyler_Fishman

    Importance of LED's

    About a week ago I went to Home Depot to Pick up a few things, I had no luck growing my plants to their full potential, and creating a nice soothing white light that that is visually appealing in the day time. At home depot I picked up a Philodendron plant to go into my HOB filter and a set of...
  18. Tyler_Fishman

    Hardest to keep

    what is the hardest fish to keep in your experience? From my understanding the hardest SW fish to keep are Moorish Idols and Copper band butterflies and of freshwater the hardest fish to keep is the discus. And the hardest freshwater plant to keep is probably HC baby tears
  19. Tyler_Fishman

    Petco opinions

    I went to my local petco and was nearly blown away. They're fish were in almost perfect condition, the only thing I noticed were an anorexic foxface and a few sick orbic cardinals, the rest of the fish were in perfect condition, not only that but they little stands that sold macro alages and...
  20. Tyler_Fishman

    aquarium smell

    I uncovered my tank today and noticed an earthy dirty smell, which I've heard is very good, appearently it means a colony of bacteria that break down waste has been established in my tank :D, what do your tanks smell like?