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Mar 4, 2020
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New to the site and forums in general. Live in northeast Colorado with little to no pet stores and aquarium supplies. Best local fish store 55 miles away, the closest petco or petsmart is 115 miles away. I currently order food from a few places amazon, brine shrimp direct, etc. I've always shuddered at the idea of ordering fish online and getting what I ordered and healthy specimens. Driving the 115 miles to my closest big pet stores has had mixed results, seems like they rarely have what I'm looking for or very unhealthy fish. Anyone have any advice for sites as well as maybe local breeders. Would prefer to develop a trading network for some of my livebearers as well as find new supply chains
The closest fish clubs that I've seen are located in Denver about 120 miles away. Also don't see much activity from those clubs. Majority of people that I do know in my area raise cold water species, especially koi. I'm trying to get back into endler livebearers. I imagine not many nationally breed endlers and was trying a broad search to hopefully find some that do. Or find someone with trusted sies for ordering healthy fish

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