java moss

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  1. M

    Peroxide Dip for java fern

    Hi, I'm new to live aquarium plants and was wondering how to do a peroxide dip on java fern? How long do I dip it for? Is it safe to do peroxide dip on plants going into an African dwarf frog tank? Also I have java moss and guppy grass as well but was advised no to use peroxide dip on these...
  2. Snoyo1

    Glueing Java moss to rocks

    Good evening everyone :) I’m just super gluing some Java moss onto some rocks for my tank and I’m wondering how long do I have to wait before u can put it into the tank?? Thank you in advance
  3. pinklets

    Sickly Java Moss & Moss Ball

    Hi all! It's my first time posting here, so excuse any abnormal/'newbie'-ness on my part. (Also a bit new to the fishkeeping hobby.) I'm really looking for help & insight on my Java Moss & Marimo Moss Ball. I have a few different tanks setup, but for this topic, I have: 25gal tropical aquarium...
  4. A

    Attaching Java moss to driftwood

    Hi all, I bought some Java Moss which I have attached to some driftwood from my tank with fishing line and added this back to my tank. My only concern is should I worry about my fish getting caught or doing any harm to themselves on the fishing line in the picture? I didn’t want to do this to...
  5. Ellie Potts

    Fertilizers? Substrate? Help needed for a planted tank

    It's been a long time since I've had a fish tank with live plants, and I'd really like this next one to be planted. The tank will have 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 killifish, 10 neon tetra, 2 african dwarf frogs, and maybe some cherry shrimp. pH will be around 7 and temp will be about 77 degrees F. I'm...
  6. FishionistaB

    Hi all! 65gallon tropical

    Hello all! I’m excited to be here. I have some experience with basic tanks in the past; betas, guppies, mollies, etc in 40gal or smaller. Nothing this big or beautiful until now. Most recently I deactivated my Facebook account and decided to go all out with a brand new 65gallon deep set up...
  7. T

    Rural Networks

    New to the site and forums in general. Live in northeast Colorado with little to no pet stores and aquarium supplies. Best local fish store 55 miles away, the closest petco or petsmart is 115 miles away. I currently order food from a few places amazon, brine shrimp direct, etc. I've always...
  8. Irksome

    Trouble keeping plants alive in low light

    I’m trying to keep my tank looking beautiful but I keep running into issues. Plants keep dying, even some of the apparently easiest to keep. Im hoping for help from someone with “low tech” experience. I cannot easily add light or c02 other than changing the bulb. I’m running an Arcadia 18inch t8...
  9. Reaeve

    New to the fishy hobby!

    Hi! I'm nervous about starting this new adventure. I'm just scared I'll mess up and kill my future little friends. Probably bc when I had fish as a kid/teen i knew nothing of cycling and testing waters. I have a 37 gal top fin kit. That came with a 200 watt heater, 40 power filter, and other...
  10. Lyuba_buk

    Greetings from Illinois

    hi! i am Lyuba and i am new to fishkeeping. Well, several years ago I had tiny tank with betta fish, which survived a lot (never did any cycling or dechlorinated water). Currently cycling my new 10 gallon tank with One & Only. I would like to have one betta and a couple smaller fishes (looking...
  11. Tyler_Fishman

    Java moss problem

    isn't this stuff supposed to grow like nuisance algae? Not for me. I got my java moss when it was a lush green color at petco. I placed it in a Lower light area, parallel to my ozelot sword which obstructs a good majority of light. It's not like it's pitch black, just there isn't too much light...
  12. Tyler_Fishman

    New Betta

    got this new Betta at Petco, nothing really stands out much about her expect how her tail has threads like a crown tail on it, they are very small however. She is quite a young fish about 4 or 5 months old so it is to be detrimend on if she is a true veil tail, which I think she is. Haven't...
  13. sharkydog

    Java Moss

    I am thinking of creating a landscape-look for my tank and was wondering if java moss can grow on/in sand? I have seen that Java moss is often used to create a 'grass' type look and it seems like it doesn't need much to thrive. I've read that a few people buried their java moss partway into the...
  14. tmoney

    Enough Food For My Cherry Shrimp?

    I have six red cherry shrimp that i just got a couple of days ago in a 10 gal strictly for the shrimp.  i have a fist sized clump of java moss in there and i was just wondering if that and some algae with some crushed up fish flakes every so often was enough or whether i should be feeding them...
  15. Robbo89

    Java Moss, Decorative Or Uncontrollable?

    So, what's the general opinion guys?   Keen to add some to the driftwood in this tank, along with an Aunbias nana, but heard it can be literally impossible to remove from an aquarium once added... advice please!     Also, could anyone ID that plant I have in the background? Cheers, Alex.
  16. Ralphw62

    Is Java Moss A Death Trap? Not Java Fern, Sorry

    Sorry for a sort of double post I said fern before..meant moss well I found my clown loach stuck in a clump of java Moss! upset I guess there must be a way to plant or display this stuff safely? I found a liking to the plant and a supplier that has great prices on it.. the place where I...