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Sep 6, 2013
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I am thinking of creating a landscape-look for my tank and was wondering if java moss can grow on/in sand? I have seen that Java moss is often used to create a 'grass' type look and it seems like it doesn't need much to thrive. I've read that a few people buried their java moss partway into the sand and it did fine, and grew in after a while.

I have a few other questions about java moss. Will 78 degrees suffice, and if it does work out that I can plant it in the gravel - will I need to add anything extra to the tank to 'feed' the java moss? I am a beginner, so if that's a silly questions just excuse me.

Also, I have one mystery snail. In a 10 gallon tank, will he eat all of the java moss? I plan on having all of my plants well settled before adding any fish or my snail, so if he's just going to nibble at it but it will grow back that's perfectly fine. Oh! And I will most likely have corydoras, will this be a good, soft plant for them? ^-^

If there is anything else I need to know about java moss, please let me know! Thanks!!
Java moss will grow in almost all water conditions, provided there are enough nutrients. You can add flourish comprrhensive supplement or something similar.

They don't need much light but will tolerate high light. Also you don't have to plant it. Just stick a few rocks in it to weigh it down and let it grow on the bottom.

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