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  1. B

    50/60 litre tank?

    Hiya! Ive kept fish before but never tropical fish (both my parents have though) and just wondered what kind of fish i can keep together and how many as do NOT want to overcrowd. ive had platys and goldfish in the past now want something a bit more exotic! also random other question, what’s...
  2. S

    Suitable Tank Inhabitants

    Hi all, I recently had a good discussion on here about the minimum number that should be kept of particular species and during that discussion discovered that my tank may have some fish that may well be unsuited to the tanks water conditions , hence this new post to try and establish which...
  3. FrezhFinz

    Adding more substrate?

    I have a new setup 40 gallon and I was wondering to see if it’s possible to add sand substrate to the gravel I already have in my tank it’s only a few weeks old is this something safe to do I saw a few people on YouTube using plastic water bottles to do it , but my next question would be would...
  4. M

    Sand Vs Gravel? Yes, this conversation again. Lol

    Hello! So, I am sure this question is asked a lot. Well, I want to ask it again, Sorry! So, my one of 10 gallon and my 55 gallon has sand. My other 10 gallon has gravel, well river rock. So I had both in the past, and now in the present, getting back into the hobby. As of now I am planning...
  5. Chloem07

    Sand in tank

    Hellooo, Im in the process of switching my tank too tropical. Im planning to have just guppys in there at the moment, i love the colours and movement of them. Im on abit of a budget and i have just regular playing sand for the base. Is that ok to use? Or do i have to buy sand especially for...
  6. AmyKieran

    Easy way to change gravel to sand?

    Currently I have a blue coloured gravel in my African cichlid tank. I’m looking to change it to sand. What’s the easiest way to change this to sand? And am I right in saying it’s just play sand? Thanks
  7. G

    Black sand for Corydoras and Plants?

    I'm currently setting up a low tech 55g aquarium and I'm having trouble with the substrate. To cut to the chase, I'm looking for a black sand that won't be harsh on the cories and other bottom dwellers, but will also be a practical substrate for plants without too much extra care. I've heard...
  8. I

    aquarium sand types

    I recently got 4 blood parrots, and they seemed to really like pushing things around the tank, so I threw in a couple of pebbles, which they like. i’ve been told that these blood parrots like digging sand, and I would like to know which type of sand fits best for these fishes, their ease of...
  9. S

    Ammonia spikes with new sand - please help!

    I need some help from smarter people than I. I have a 29-gallon tank that I recently took all the gravel out of and put Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand (dry) into. I read both options of rinsing and not rinsing but determined that rinsing was the better option after some research. I...
  10. PlasticGalaxy

    Advice on Stock Redux

    So here I am, back again to ask about my stock. However, this time I'm asking before I plunge myself into the deep end and blindly start picking out fish for my tank. Overstocking has quickly become my greatest fear after one, quite frankly, rude reply I received concerning my stock (I'm a very...
  11. S

    Sand Substrate Questions

    Hello, I am starting a 20 gallon long tank for leopard danios and some corydoras catfish. In my extensive research, I've decided to go with sand as my substrate for the catfish, but deciding on the sand proves to be a herculean task. Long story short, I have a ten gallon bag of CaribSea Super...
  12. Falconwithaboxon

    Sand vs Gravel

    Hello guys, I'm getting a new tank(45 gallon) and I just had quick questions. I planned on doing sand because I read that it is better for angelfish and cories. Is that true? Is sand harder to take care of than gravel? Would a mix be good(like half sand half gravel)? Any other advice that I did...
  13. Barry Tetra

    What type of sand are these? The sequal

    so I just bought these sand from my LFS, kinda expensive 40$ (1200thb) for 10 kg but it is the best sand I’ve ever experienced they sink to the bottom of the tank and not cloudy at all, what type of sand are these? @seangee
  14. R

    Better way to clean sand?

    I recently switched my 29 gal long to black sand (imagitarium) and I’ve been cleaning it with a regular siphone, but it’s pretty inefficient. The siphon doesn’t pick up all of the debris and it drains water too fast to get it clean, I’ve tried to stop the flow in order to slow the draining, but...
  15. Barry Tetra

    What kind of sand is this?

    Hi guys, Can anyone Identifies this sand? What kind of sand is this? I bought this sand (they call it river sand) from the internet, I wanted to know if I got scammed or not.
  16. R

    Switching to sand questions

    I’m planning to switch my substrate to black diamond blasting sand(medium grit), I’ve done all of the research and concluded that this would be the best option for my tank, but I have a few questions: 1. Would a 50 lb bag be enough for a 29 gal long tank? 2. How much sand should I plan on losing...
  17. R

    Black or natural sand?

    This is my 29 gal long tank, I really want to switch the substrate to sand for my cories and khuli loaches, what would be best and look best? These are the fish I have: - two neon tetras - two angelfish (one silver with black stripes and one koi) - three corydoras - two khuli loaches - three...
  18. R

    Tank ideas, switching substrate?

    I have had this 29 gallon freshwater tank for a little over a year and I want to change it up, the blue substrate has spots on it and I frankly think it’s kinda ugly. I was thinking of doing black sand, but I’m now leaning towards white sand, would this look good? I also want to know if anyone...
  19. Lajos_Detari

    Can sand, gravel increase my water GH? Is GH 9 suitable for shrimps?

    Can sand, gravel increase my water GH? Recently, I realized that my tap water GH is 5 but my shrimps tank GH is 9. (using API test kits) I suspect that the sand and gravel or even the rocks could have increased my shrimps tank water GH to 9. Do you think GH 9 is suitable for Fire Red, Super...
  20. Circus

    Corydora Substrate

    I have 4 Pepper Corydoras in my unheated 29 gallon tank (temperature stays around 72°F). I plan on adding 2 more so they are more comfortable together. Before that though, I had a question about substrate. I have a planted tank gravel in there now with leaf litter covering most of the bottom...