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  1. F

    New Tank Queries

    Hello Firstly, let me say hello and thank you for taking the time to read this post! Previously I've had gold fish on 2 occasions, once as a child (in 80s) when I had two fish in an old fashioned fish bowl that lived seemingly happy for 9 years until my Aunt killed them whilst we were on...
  2. JackGulley

    A Beginner's 20g Long Aquarium (Platys + Pygmy Corys)

    Hi, I'm a relatively new member here, but you might have seen me already. I first took an interest in fish tanks this fall, and for my birthday in October my dad's coworker gave me their used 20 gallon. It's been up and running for about 3 months now, and I feel like it's really coming together...
  3. R

    Help! High nitrate levels, little knowledge.

    Hi there, I’m new to owning fish so have very little experience. I followed the shop instructions by starting off with 6 neon tetras, then a week later added 4 more then a week after that added a 5 more fish of varying species. I went to do my weekly 1/3 water change and found the nitrate...
  4. B

    Beginner in fish tank hobby and I’m confused

    I need you guys help badly. I went fish store today and did my water test (water was on my 37 gallon tank been one day and filtered 24 hour) Ph 7.2 Nitrate 0 Kh 40 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Chlorine 1.0 Gh 75 employee told me wait couple more days and after that I can get small kind off fishes. I...
  5. V

    1 fish dying each day

    hi, I have a 50 gallon tank, which has been fishless cycled for the past month. I introduced 2ppm ammonia until the water parameters were able to absorb ammonia and nitrite in 24hrs. Then I adjusted to 3ppm (for assurance) and that was successful too. I then added 16 fish to my aquarium on the...
  6. B

    Fertilizer with shrimp

    3 days ago I added about 20 RCS to my 10g tank and I was wondering of it's alright to continue adding liquid fertilizer to the tank. I was thinking that about 1/3 of the recommended amount ones every other day should be fine. I have some epiphytes and they need some ferts. It's my first time...
  7. B

    Filter for shrimp tank

    Hey there, I have a 10g tank to which I will add some cherry shrimp. I tried to aquascape it as good as I could and I also added all kinds of plants, moss, floating plants etc. The thing is that I really need to inject co2 with these plants and the tank has a sponge filter at the moment. I...
  8. B

    Ammonia in new tank

    Hey there! I've darkstarted a new tank about a month ago. I put some used filter media to help out the process a bit. The thing is, I've been doing an ammonia test every week, since it's the only test I have left, and each time the ammonia is at minimum, under 0.05 ppm. There shouldn't really be...
  9. S

    Possible 20 gallon stocking.

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting my first aquarium and want to do it right, I only have room for a 20 gallon unfortunately. I was thinking for the stocking I could get a group of Peacock Gudgeons, a group of American Flagfish, and maybe a bigger center piece fish by itself. What do people think...
  10. B

    New aquascape opinions

    Hey there! I'm making a new tank for some shrimp and I wanted to get some thoughts from some more people about the hardscape. Nothing is really glued in place yet, only some rocks are glued to one another.
  11. B

    New plant ID

    Hey there, I got some plants from a friend and I want to ID 2 of them if it's possible. I'm not exactly sure if the bigger one is a rhizome plant or not.
  12. B

    Twinstar light size

    I want to get a twinstar for a 10G tank and I'm wandering which one to get. The tank is 40 cm long and I can either get a 30-40cm C-line or a 45-55cm B-line light. The C-line has 1000lumens while the other 1200. I'm thinking that the 1200lm one would be better for the kind of plants I want to...
  13. B

    Corydoras dying, idk what to do

    Hey there. I have a 10G that's been running for about a year and a half. It's also heavily planted. At this poin I don't know what to do because when I started I got 7 panda cories, 5 of them died along the way and I never understood why. My water is 24⁰C (75 F). Nitrite and ammonia are 0...
  14. D

    Complete beginner

    I’ve was given a tank and filter from a friend. I’ve cleaned it, filled it and ran filter for 3 days then emptied and repeated the process a few times. I’m now at the point of leaving it for a bother couple of weeks before we put the fish in for a Christmas present. It’s a cold water fish setup...
  15. D

    One of my mollies has been staying at the surface and seems to be gasping

    I just got 4 new mollies and 2 cory catfish today and after a few hour this one molly has been staying at the surface for the last 10 minutes. It wont ever leave the surface for any reason and it is the only fish in the tank doing this.I checked the water parameters before i added the fish
  16. B

    Chihiros light for nano tank

    Hey there! I wanted to ask if anybody here has used one of the chihiros C line lights. Like the C301, C361. They are quite cheap where I live and I don't have a big budget. If someone has used one of these, are they any good? I'm planning to add red plants to this tank as well.
  17. B

    Red tiger lotus in small tank

    Hello, I want to make a 5-10g shrimp tankin which I want to put red tiger lotus as a center piece and I was wondering if it is feasible in such a small tank. I know that they can grow quite big and that they use a lot of nutrients so I'm quite skeptical if I can use it or not. I plan to use...
  18. J

    Nitrite Spike, Not going down after multiple water changes.

    The other day one of my fish died overnight in my established 10 gallon. I tested my waters with the api master kit and my nitrites were off the charts purple. My ammonia is zero and my nitrates are about 5 ppm. My kit is not expired and it reads zero nitrites on my tap water and my 29 gallon...
  19. G

    Beginner issues - Please Help!

    Hi There - Brand new to fishkeeping and have read a lot online. So I think I know where I went wrong, but need to confirm before I make the same mistake again. We started fishkeeping last spring when my daughter’s 1st grade teacher asked us to keep the classroom goldfish over the summer. The...
  20. J

    Advice on stocking for a newbie

    Hey guys, I'm more or less new to the hobby. Had fish as a kid, but as far as things go I'm pretty much a beginner. I've done a lot of research into different fish and their needs the past year or so but that doesn't compare to real experience so I thought I'd come ask you nice people for your...