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Enough Food For My Cherry Shrimp?

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May 30, 2013
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new hampshire
I have six red cherry shrimp that i just got a couple of days ago in a 10 gal strictly for the shrimp.  i have a fist sized clump of java moss in there and i was just wondering if that and some algae with some crushed up fish flakes every so often was enough or whether i should be feeding them algae wafers as well as other things.
With small numbers of shrimp in a small tank I would limit their food, because anything uneaten will foul the water quickly. Cherry shrimp like tropical fish flakes, you can also get shrimp dedicated foods. Or as a special treat for your shrimp give them banana and zuchinni, they are also partial to defrosted bloodworms. Shrimp just like yourself and fish like variety so try not to only give them one food, that way you should cover all their nutritional needs even if its more by accident then careful planning.
yea i am hoping they will breed and i will have many more than i do now so i got some shrimp food as well for later :)
You don't need to worry about RCS breeding.

They're like algea - one day you have just a spot and the next day your entire glass is covered in it.
yeah I've heard that and that's what i'm hoping for because my fish store said they will buy some of them once i get a bunch. 

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