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  1. D

    Can African Dwarf Frogs Eat Spiders?

    I just noticed a small spider just above the water line in my 40 gal tank with African dwarf frogs in it. If the frogs can eat spiders, I am interested in feeding it to them. If not, I'll just collect the spider and put it outside. :) So does anyone know if its safe for them or if they would...
  2. P

    Live food for tropical

    Hi all, looking to grow some little foods not fish; daphnia, scuds etc . Amazon say their breeder unit requires water at 28-30 deg C ?? I can’t have my tanks at that so how do you people breed and what are you using. Thanks Paul
  3. ella777

    Half banded spiny eel food times?

    He is about 5-6 years old, I've had him for around two months. In his past home, he was fed frozen blood worms, so that's what I've stuck with. He only seems to be interested in blood worms or occasionally daphnia. People online have said 2-3 times is a good amount per week. I'm assuming one...
  4. metropolis93fan

    Are frozen mysis shrimp enough of a diet for a blind betta?

    I have a blind betta. I have to "hand" feed him with tweezers with food that is long enough that he can feel it and grab it. It's a bear to feed him frozen (defrosted of course) mysis shrimp but I read that's probably the best for the situation. When I'm going to be gone for extended periods of...
  5. ella777

    Food recommendations?

    What and how often should I feed my circumcinctus? I've had him for a month now, hes about 5 years old. The past owner fed him frozen bloodworms, he loves them and so do the other fish. I have bought 5 packets of frozen daphnia which he isnt interested in at all. I'm happy just feeding him...
  6. ella777

    Peacock eel?

    Hi, I have recently got a peacock eel. He lives in fresh water, not salt water. This may be controversial but hes lived in fresh water for a little over a year, he seems happy and healthy. My question is, how often should I feed him? I feed him frozen bloodworms which he loves. Google says 2 -...
  7. outofwater

    Going on vacation, recommendations?

    Hi guys, I'm going out for 2 weeks starting in mid-August. I have nobody close enough that I can leave feeding to, and after last year's experience and reading, I've decided that, most likely; I'll just leave the fish without food. So, here's where I am: I I've started to ramp up feeding to...
  8. Guyb93

    American food

    It’s sad to admit but I often watch strange things on YouTube and I’m hooked on people cooking and eating ... don’t know why but it’s too late to stop and I always look at these Gumbo videos and stuff and think I want to eat that but I don’t want some watered down British version I want a propa...
  9. B

    do you fast your male betta?

    I have been fasting my male betta once a week for as long i keep him, like more than 1 month. on the fasting day he seems really hungry and would kick the gravel up. im afraid he might injured himself doing that. what is your experience with fasting your male betta, would you recommend doing it?
  10. Rachealmax

    Male Betta and red tail shark

    Hi I was just wondering if a male Betta could live with a red tail shark? Also any recommendations for Betta food? He currently likes bloodworms and brine shrimp but will not take pallets. A little picture of Bow the Betta
  11. AmyKieran

    Feather fin synodontis feeding

    Hi there, I own a feather fin syno about 7 inch long. I’m worried that he isn’t getting enough food. He usually stays in his ship all day and when I feed my other catfish he doesn’t bother moving. I’ve even tried putting food through a tube directly into the ship but doesn’t seem bothered. I’m...
  12. Kaijuaquatics

    Fish safe veg?

    Hi everyone Want to give my fish some variety in their diet apart from frozen and pellet food. Can anyone give me some fish friendly veg to give them and how to prepare it? I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions on whether certain things should be boiled. Honestly I just like giving them as...
  13. G

    Snail feeding!!!

    Hi what can I feed my bladder, mini rams horns, and Mts snails? I feed them flake food but I want variety. Can I feed them broccoli or lettuce?
  14. outofwater

    Dwarf gourami ate all floater plants

    My tank currently had 5 corys, 2 otos and 7 neon tetras. Added a dwarf gourami a couple of days ago, a surprise gift from a family member who found out I had the tank, and thankfully it seems it's a good match for all the other fish. However, I had water sprite and some other plant I don't...
  15. xipo817

    What do you feed to your grindal worm?

    I feed grindal worm to my betta and guppy. And I feed cat’s artificial food to the grindal worm. There's no problem at all now, but I am very curious about what other people feed to their grindal worm. I will appreciate it if you would answer my question.
  16. foxgirl158

    What should I feed my 2 day old platy fry?

    My new platies recently gave birth to fry. One batch was premature, but they seem to be doing fine with the exception of a couple that have died. The other batch had a couple odd balls, with a conjoined pair and a deformed one, but most of them are still alive. Thing is, they won't eat the...
  17. G

    Pea puffer brine shrimp

    Can I hatch brine shrimp live and feed them to my pea puffers alive??
  18. G

    Pea puffer feeding problem

    I recently got pea puffers and they are tiny, I have been feeding them black worms and this one other food that is very small and orange(frozen) starts with an m I forgot the name. They will only eat the black worms I need some recommendations for food I can give them because I do not know if...
  19. Falconwithaboxon

    Shrimp Food

    I like to treat my fish every so often with a bunch of Ghost Shrimp. These shrimp last a day at most usually. Although it looks like I have some new friends in my tank now. From my group of 30 I bought a month ago to acts as food for my fish, I counted 8 still alive this morning. At this point...
  20. Guyb93

    Finding the perfect pellet

    I have been trying to find pellets for my South American cichlids, after asking around and reading reviews Iv bought some Hikari cichlid gold and honestly they are scrap they are like little red fishing weights that float not one to force my fish to eat I removed the pellets and fed them there...