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  1. S

    Corys sitting at bottom of tank

    I've just recently got back into fish, and run into an old problem I've always had from my 20 gal to my 40 gal breeder. Tank has been up and cycled for years, just haven't been replacing fish until it got to the lone cory. I currently have a 20 gallon with 6 albino corys, 5 guppies, and a bamboo...
  2. L

    Little update on my tank

    Tried to get a few videos of my tank, unfortunately the cories were nowhere to be seen so its mainly a video of my frogs and snails hanging out at the top! Tank has been set up for 2 months and I'm happy with how it's going although will be happier when the plants grow in a bit more.
  3. D

    Panda cory no tail

    Panda cory has no tail Very small panda cory has lost its tail along the way more then likely due to tiger barbs Is there any hope for him or more then likely not Have him isolated as of now in a breeder box ad I don't have another tank as of now As you can hopefully see it is still alive
  4. J

    Bloated Cory, help needed

    Hey, I am new to fish keeping. One of my Corydoras got bloated lately. I thought it was about to lay eggs, then I read about different health conditions incl. constipation, bloat, and dropsy which may be the case here. Also noticed that Cory's color got lighter as well (FYI two other Corydoras...
  5. P

    Is My Cory Ok?

    Hi, 2 days ago I got some peppered corydoras - one of them died before I even got to drop acclimate them. The other two are doing well in the tank. I called pets at home and they said I could come get a new cory. I’ve just brought him home today and noticed his fins are a bit ‘teared’ ? Not sure...
  6. F

    Corydora having difficulties swimming, body twisting and not able to float

    Hi there everyone, I just have a situation happening with my corydora. For the past week one of my corydora has been struggling to swim and cannot control its body movements. It will try and swim and will just fall on its back or side and stay there before trying again. Obviously my biggest...
  7. outofwater

    Not an emergency, just looking for anything more expert members might notice

    Woke up to one of my female cories dead at the bottom of the tank. As the pictures might show she had the bent spine that seems common on these when overbred/inbreeding, but she was always pretty active and healthy looking, up to last night on my last glance at the tank all the fish were acting...
  8. H

    Bronze Corydora female is panting

    I noticed a couple of days ago that my big female bronze cory was panting. Normally they move their mouth/gills when eating food, but she does this constantly now and has never shown this behavior before. Other than her mouth/gills moving rapidly, she also goes up for air a bit more than usual-...
  9. G

    Black sand for Corydoras and Plants?

    I'm currently setting up a low tech 55g aquarium and I'm having trouble with the substrate. To cut to the chase, I'm looking for a black sand that won't be harsh on the cories and other bottom dwellers, but will also be a practical substrate for plants without too much extra care. I've heard...
  10. N

    Fat corydora?

    We got 3 corydoras at the same time and they were all the same size but one of them is now much bigger than the other two? Does anyone know why and should we be worried? (We have 6corydoras now) Thanks x
  11. CozyCat

    Cory eggs?

    Found these while doing a water change on my cory tank. They were stuck to the side of the filter inlet pipe. There's only corydoras, a couple female guppies and my male bristlenose pleco in the tank. Could they be cory eggs? If so, how do I successfully hatch and raise them?
  12. CozyCat

    Is my cory sick?

    Hi, new fish keeper here. I have a group of six peppered cories in a 12 gal planted aquarium with some guppy fry. Had three to begin with and recently added another three to the group. One of the new ones has a bent spine and is behaving a bit odd. He is very inactive, but can swim ok when he...
  13. N

    my corys are dying

    I bought 5 albino corydoras yesterday and lost one on the same day plus two more this morning. they seemed to be perfectly heathy. I also have a betta in the tank with them, but I haven't seem him chasing any of them, and there was no phisical damage on the dead corys. My tank is cicled, about...
  14. meezazee

    Can I put Corydora in my tank when I have a soil / dirt substrate?

    Hi all, I'm considering putting some Corydoras in my 200 L community tank as there are currently no bottom dwelling fish in there, however I heard sand or finer substrates are best for them. Will they be ok with my aquasoil substrate at the bottom? Or will this be harmful to them when digging...
  15. D

    Tank Capacity?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of getting the aquastyle 620 tank dimensions are 62cm W x 52cm H x 39cm D. It says the capacity is 90L but when I put it in to Aq advisor it says it's 120L and I'm mega confused. Would this stocking work? My tap water GH is 1-2 and PH is 7.56 - 8.01 2 Dwarf Gourami 6...
  16. P


    Hey guys i have 3 corydora catfish i have had for a while now and i have never had any issues with them. today when i got home from work i went to feed them and i noticed one was sorta laying on it’s side and wouldn’t move so i tried to pick him up with the net (i honestly wasn’t sure if it was...
  17. sweeteybabey

    I Need Some Quick Reasurance!

    Hello everyone! I'm not particularly stressed, but I'm just curious and slightly worried about one of my albino female corydoras. She had a red spot that faded to black on her egg area around a week ago, but it's completely gone now and she was lethargic for one day but instantly improved (it...
  18. Mizz_MayDK

    Female aquarist in Denmark

    Hi there I'm originally English but I live in Denmark. I'm fairly new to the hobby - and I've gone ALL in ... within 5 months I've gone from 0 to 7 tanks (360L, 250L, 190L, 150L, 125L, 40L, 20L) and I'm planning on a rack system with 3 x 80L ... I have got the rack system and the aquariums, but...
  19. C

    Is my 1y/o cory dying?? I dont want to lose her.

    I had an albino cory since i started my 5g with my betta about a year ago. Petstore said it was a good algae cleaner. I didnt know better. Since then i learned about groups. Finally saved for a bigger tank. Got a 20g. Lost my betta. It was just my cory, mystery snail, and some hitchhikers from...
  20. G

    Julii cory died within two days

    Hi guys I'm new to the forums here. I had some casualties this week and I'm trying to figure things out :/ I purchased two of these little Julii cory cats from Petco the other day (they were fairly small, maybe half an inch) and they both died already! My aquarium is well established with no...