1. primsloaches16

    Are these Corydora eggs fertile? *VIDEO OF SPAWNING!!*

    I am a very proud fish mom today! My corydoras have been spawning FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER all day today!!!!! I've been able to save 11 of the eggs so far, but most burst when I tried to get them. I'm not sure if it's because I'm inexperienced but I tried to be gentle. I read that fertlizied...
  2. P

    Corydora staying in the corner of the tank

    Hey guys a few months ago i got 3 corydoras and they were doing well and swimming around, but recently one out of the 3 has been staying in the back corner of the tank all alone and won’t move. he definitely is alive because i kinda nudged him out of the corner with a net because i was worried...
  3. L

    Will my Corys be happy? HELP A NOOB

    I am new to the hobby and I was told my Corys will be happy as long as I get at least 4. I asked if they need to be the same species and I was told that they don’t, so I got two Julli and two Peppered Corys. BUT I have been reading that they will not technically school together. They seem to be...
  4. W

    Water change mistake - please help

    My sister has a freshwater tank and was wanting to treat her betta who has finrot so I recommended aquarium salt in a water change. Unfortunately in the water change she forgot to include the stress coat water conditioner. This means she put in a water change of unconditioned water treated with...
  5. M

    Help is my Cory dying?

    Hi, I'm new to fishkeeping and have been loving it, however I am worried about one of my Corys. I have 3 in a 57 litre (12.5g) tank along with 6 neon tetras, 4 danios and a dwarf gouramis. A few weeks ago the smallest Cory disappeared and I couldn't find him. A few days later I found him stuck...
  6. pkenziep

    Help! What did my catfish die of and is it contagious?

    First off - I apologize as this will probably be a novel. Can anyone help me ID what killed my albino corydora? I've had two for over a year (which I know they need more friends, but I didn't have tank space until very recently and haven't even had a chance to increase their school size), and...
  7. Aoife_AJ

    Tank mate suggestions?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question, i'm not new to fish keeping, but I'm very new to keeping my own fish tank and species other than goldfish. My family has had goldfish for 15 years or thereabouts, so since I was 4, and currently we have a 13 year old and 3 year old goldfish...
  8. FishionistaB

    65 gallon angelfish tank diary

    Moved over from the introduction thread... I’m excited to be here. I have some experience with basic tanks in the past; betas, guppies, mollies, etc in 40gal or smaller. Nothing this big or beautiful until now. Most recently I deactivated my Facebook account and decided to go all out with a...
  9. L

    What species is this Cory?

    So I grabbed the last 3 of them from the LFS. And they were obviously not albinos though labeled as such the worker at the time sold them to me as albinos since he did not know what they were. This was a couple of years ago and 2 have died I want to get him a group but have not seen any like him...
  10. HoldenOn

    Would I be able to stock a cichlid?

    Hey all, I have a 29 gallon tank that is super close to finishing its cycle (thanks @mbsqw1d). I have 4 corydoras paleatus, and will be looking to get 4 more. Would I be able to stock a Blue Acara? If not is there any cichlids I could stock? Thanks!
  11. HoldenOn

    Hey all, I don't know if this is good or bad news. My friends tank was leaking, but he had a backup 20 long. This was a 29 gallon tank. He needed me to take care of 4 of his Peppered Corydoras. As you know my tank is relatively new and the plants have just started growing. I acclimated them for...
  12. M


    Can anyone tell me what these are. fish eggs or java fern related. thanks 120lit 0 amm 0 nitrites 5-10nitrates kh& gh is fine ph 7.4 stock is 7 corydoras, 1 bristlenose, 7 rummynose, 2 zebra nerites, 6 cherry shrimp
  13. M

    Sick Bronze Corydora

    I've already lost one Cory to this and I don't want to lose another, hoping someone can help. I got these 2 at the same time a while ago and got an extra 4 more recently. Basically, both of the older corys had what I assumed to be swim bladder issues since they were using leaves to avoid...
  14. M

    What's this on my Corydora?

    Hi all, This is our first post here. I purchased some corydoras about 7 months ago and within a couple of days, one of the corys started developing these lumps. At first they looked like fungal infections. They were fuzzy/fluffy looking. They grew quickly and then stopped. The lump on her side...
  15. Circus

    My Tanks!

    In my circus of an apartment I have several small and medium tanks. This will be a collection of pics of my tanks and fish. This first one is of the fish in my "Red" tank. It has cherry shrimp, ember tetra, a female betta, and temporarily some pygmy corydoras.
  16. tomatobloke

    Is this ich

    Ok so my corydoras have gotten these white spots and have had them for about a week but I haven't seen any major outbreak in my tank/ no white spots on any of my guppies and the specs have been limited to only a few corys, the white dots kinda seem to be off and on because i saw one cory with a...
  17. Geordie Paul

    Stocking ideas

    Hey all, another quick question! I'm finally ready to complete the stocking of my 33 gallon long! I'm looking to add a small school of mid level swimming fish but I want something colourful and not too small like tetras. Currently in my tank I have 7 corydoras and a bristlenose so I need fish...
  18. SRbettas

    Pygmy cory in fluval flex

    Hi I'm trying to decide the stocking for my fluval flex 15 gallon/57 litre So far I have decided on: 1 female betta 4 endlers And pygmy Cory's Some say they need school of 6 others say 4 is fine. I want them to be happy but also keep stocking levels relatively low. Also what do you recommend...
  19. joliee

    Am I Overstocking?

    Hi I'm kind of new to this so bear with me haha. So I was thinking of getting a 10 gallon tank and putting 5 scissortail rasboras (I heard they were schooling fish and that I needed to get at least 5), 2 cory catfish (again, I heard they liked to be with each other), 1 dwarf gourami, and 1...
  20. Tap Water

    White Fungus/Rot on Corydora

    I noticed some white starting to appear on some of my bronze corydoras fins, and I cant quite figure out what it is. One cory has it worse than the rest, and it looks as if the fin is actually beginning to rot away. I've had these cory for over six months now, and I've owned cory for about four...