1. Fishkeeperwales

    Dying Sterbai Corydora - sickness/unknown

    Can someone please give me advice for my sterbai corydora please! I woke up this morning and went to check on my tanks and seen in my tank with corydoras that one was laying on his side still breathing, but breathing slow. When I first researched it I found a lot of forums suggesting nitrate (or...
  2. T

    Rural Networks

    New to the site and forums in general. Live in northeast Colorado with little to no pet stores and aquarium supplies. Best local fish store 55 miles away, the closest petco or petsmart is 115 miles away. I currently order food from a few places amazon, brine shrimp direct, etc. I've always...
  3. BettaChel

    Help me Gender my Cory Cats!

    Hello all! I’m relatively new to fish keeping but I love it so much! I got some new corys yesterday and I was wondering if anyone could help to identify their sexes if possible! Here are the two Juliis. I think the one in the back is female and the one in front male? (guessing! lol) Here’s...
  4. z09050

    Help, not sure what has happened to my corydora

    My Cory has not got any barbels, noticed this when I got him. He has not been moving around and is breathing very fast. I think he is weak because before this he was rolling around without control. He looks a lot paler then my other cories (Water parameters if needed) PH 7 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0
  5. F

    Planning a hundred litre (22 gallon) tank please help!

    Hi guys, I’m completely new to the fish world and have been told to take aqadvisor calculator with a grain of salt so I’m looking for a second opinion on the plan for my first tank. I wanted this tank to be full of peaceful fish after seeing my sister struggles with aggressive female bettas...
  6. B

    White Fluffy Faced Panda Cory

    Hi, I purchased 3 panda cory's around 3 weeks ago from my local fish shop to place in with my platy fry. After a week I noticed one had a strange fluffy looking patch on his (presuming it's gender) on it's face between it's eyes. Having looked at recommendation online I turned the temperature...
  7. D

    Betta and cories?

    Would I be able to put a male betta with some cories in a big enough tank? Nothing too flashy, just albino or green/bronze cories with one male betta
  8. T

    Corydora with whit spot on fin

    Hello, so I have had 3 corydoras in my tank for around 5 months now and they have been completely fine so far however 2 days ago I noticed a small white lump on his back fin and decided to monitor it. It has not gone away so am wondering if anyone knows what it is and how I can treat it. I have...
  9. D


    I adore cories, but I worry about how many can fit in a tank. I know that the 1 inch of fish per gallon rule is usually for beginners, and that overstocking can sometimes work just fine (example: 75 neon tetras in 75 gallons). How many cories is optimal, and what would be the best tank size?
  10. S

    Strange Panda Corydoras behaviour

    Hi everyone, My first post within the forum, so hopefully i'll provide enough information! I bought my tank about this time last year (70L) and got 5 Cardinal Tetras, 5 Rummy Tetras and 3 Panda Corydoras. Everything with the tank has been going well, until the last month or so where one of my...
  11. K

    Cory fry swimming too much??

    My corys had 100+ eggs and about 60+ hatched and now I have probably 40-50 fry that are a few weeks old (2-3 weeks), they are swimming all over the breeder box and I noticed today they are basically all swimming up the sides of the breeder box.. should I be concerned? Are they not getting to...
  12. S

    Floating Peppered Cory

    This is one of my peppered cory's he as about double the size as his pair. He spends most of daylight at the surface of the tank like this, however usually against the glass, and hidden further in the plants. He seems to be in a sleep state when i find him like this, and will not move what so...
  13. L

    Cory catfish chasing Molly

    Hi, I’m new to this forum this is my first thread so I’m sorry if I’m doing this wrong, hopefully you guys can help and I’ll learn along the way. Anyways, I recently noticed my peppered Cory cat chasing around the largest fish in my tank which is my female black molly. It doesn’t seem to be...
  14. A

    Stocking query

    Hi all, I am soon to take back my Chinese Algae Eater (Sucking Loach), he's pretty docile for one of them, doesn't go for other fish just warns them off if they get near his area. He's about 4 years old now. Anyway I'm waiting for a new tank to arrive - 230 litres (~60 gallons) and he will be...
  15. A

    Upgrading tank - CAE with amanos?

    Hi all, I've been in the tropical fish keeping hobby for a little while and I've recently ordered a 230 litre (~60 gallons) tank to upgrade from my biorb - I know people don't like these, I found it to be okay but not great. Anyway, a relative of mine is moving house and currently has a 100...
  16. G

    peppered cory can’t stop floating

    hi everyone, i came home from school today and noticed that one of my peppered cory’s was floating at the top of the tank. at first i thought he was dead so i gave him a gentle nudge with the net but then he was off swimming again. however, he would keep floating up when he stopped swimming and...
  17. L

    Stocking a 20H Gallon tank

    Hello everyone, Recently I got a 3.5 gallon betta tank in January and I have been preparing to cycle/set up a new 20H Gallon tank and I am starting to figure out what kind of fish to stock the tank with. I have my heart set on a community tank because I love the idea of having different...
  18. J

    Struggling to find any flag-tailed panda cory

    I really want some flag-tailed panda cory but am really struggling, does anyone know of where I can get some or even an importer from Brazil I could contact please. Would be really grateful
  19. Tool13x

    Cory Identification help

    Can anyone tell me what species this Cory is? I had always thought he was a Julii or Trilineatus but he lacks that characteristic mid-body stripe. Thanks for the help.
  20. L

    Beheaded fish in tank

    Hi there, I'm a newbie to the forum, and was wondering if anyone can help me out on this issue. I have had 3 fish in total now over the course of a couple of months, brutally attacked and killed. 2 of my sucker fish had their heads clean ripped off (none of the fish was eaten), and this morning...