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  1. M

    Molly sickness

    Hi everyone all help is appreciated! We have had our tank set up and running for nearly a year, we have mollies platies and a couple of plecs, Recently we got a couple more mollies and brought with them some sickness, We've now had about 7 die in just over a week From looking at forums the...
  2. Slammin’ Aquascaping


    Hey fishkeepers! My name is Sammy and I am from thr GTA. I breed fish for fun, specifically livebearers (especially from the genus poecilia) and bettas. My goal on this platform is to help fishkeepers worldwide! (I may seek help as well) Fishkeeping is my favourite hobby and I have been doing it...
  3. GuppyPerson89586

    Molly with Ick and gasping for air! Help!

    Hi everyone! Recently, I bought some mollies from the local fish store, and some other mollies, that were in another tank, were under quarantine because of ick/ich. The local store had said that the other mollies were free of ick, and so I had bought 3 and put them in my 29 gallon tank...
  4. D

    Dalmatian Molly Not Swimming

    Help! I just set up a tank less than a week ago with 5 female mollies. I’m new to this but it’s important to me that my fish are happy and healthy. One of my mollies seems off. She doesn’t swim around and stays in the top corner near the heater. My other 4 mollies seem fine and swim around. At...
  5. F

    SOS! Is any molly pregnant?

    Hello friends, i am new here, i was looking for a forum to post my mollies to check if any of these 2 mollies is pregnant. I am waiting for a fast answer so i can put the pregnant in safe place to give birth! Thank you for your time.
  6. F

    Mom and Daughter New Member Hellos

    Hello, Thank you for any help we receive in advance. We are newish to hobby aquariums and we are hoping to come here when we have questions or need help. We have a 10 Gallon tank that has been running for 2 1/2 weeks with just plants. Yesterday we added 2 Black Velvet Mollies, 2 Dalmatian...
  7. Mollyforever

    Bully male molly

    I had three Mollies in my 20g tank. When i got them they were all female looking. But it turns out two of them is actually a male, and one male is in fact a platy. Then my female molly, Captain, got pregnant and the male molly Phoebo has been harassing her like CRAZY. He literally tries to mate...
  8. Mollyforever

    Is my molly pregnant?

    I think my female molly is pregnant! She has been pooping a lot recently and really aggressive toward other fish. But all mollies poop a lot so I am confused regarding when she is going to drop the fry. She is fairly young and she looks round when I look at her from the top and i also think her...
  9. Mollyforever

    Treat display tank for protozoa?

    Hi, I had two mollies in my 10 gal tank under metro+food treatment. And i got the new 20 gal as a display tank, cycled it all, and since I didnt have a third tank to use as a quarantine I got my new two mollies and one platy in the display tank. They were fine in the display tank. When I...
  10. Mollyforever

    4 mollies and 1 platy okay?

    Hello! I have 4 mollies ( 1male 3female) and one platy in my 20 tank. When i got the fish from the lfs, i found a very cute tiny red “molly” and it sorta looks like a platy to me. Ginger (the platy) doesn’t really get along with the other mollies. While other mollies get along she would...
  11. Mollyforever

    Finally got new mollies in cycled tank and i got questions

    I’ve been doing a fishless cycle for about a month and a half and I finally got three new mollies in the 20gallon tank! When I first put them in the tank ammonia was 0 the next day but I had nitrites fluctuating between 0.25 and 0.5. I did a big water change two days in a row and skipped a day...
  12. Mollyforever

    20g tank more hiding spots?

    Hey everyone! i have a 10 gallon fish tank with two mollies (the one with blue gravel in the photo) and i got a 20 gallon fish tank to move my fish into! the 20 gallon tank is nearing the end of fishless cycling and i was wondering if i need more caves or hiding spots for the new tank. if...
  13. S

    New to fish keeping!

    Hello! I have built my first "real" tank. I had a 5 gallon with a plant and 2 guppies. My wife surprised me with Permission to get a 20. So that's exactly what I got. I currently have 3 black mollies, 4 gold dust mollies, 8 Ember Tetras, 1 pink tux Guppy, 2 female Fancy guppies and 1 Albino Cory...
  14. S

    Mollies wiggling in one corner of the tank (one specific corner)(pls help)

    PLS REFER TO THESE VIDEOS TO GET THE CONTEXT This molly started wiggling like this...then all other mollies started wiggling(THE SAME CORNER!!)....then all of them started to die back to back without a sign (sudden deaths....just fine yesterday,..found dead today morning)....this happened like...
  15. A

    How pregnant is my Molly?!?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this hobby and I’ve noticed that my New black mollies are slowly but surely getting bigger. The store I got them from store Males and Females together so there is no real way of knowing how long she has been pregnant. I have attached a couple images, can anyone estimate...
  16. sgropp311

    Molly fry spinning, some getting popeye?

    Hi, i started off with about 80 molly fry from several mothers. They’re between 4 and 6 months old now. There’s only about 30 at this point and that number was pretty constant for a while but as soon as they hit about an inch long they start spiraling and some of them get popeye. I have no clue...
  17. Madisonkeug

    Rescue fish

    Hi guys, so I was given a bunch of fish from a local business who could no longer care for their fish. I’m new to owning fish and I’m not sure if I’m doing everything I can to care for these guys and I need help. Biggest question is the tank over stocked? 1x Bronze Cory (swimming around glass...
  18. andreisdabest

    A guy who is new here

    I have a very basic setup. It is an aqua one 200 clear hang on back filter, a heater from petstock, aqua one led light and 38l tank with rounded edges and some sand.i have live plants and self gathered rocks(rocks arent cheep in aus) i have a bunch of shrimp fry and 2 adult shrimp. I also have 2...
  19. Lgoldman

    How can I add more fish without overstocking?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 mollies, 3 platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. I usually siphon the tank every week and my filter is the one that came with a tank. (Its either Tetra or Aqueon). Recently I found fry in my tank. There were only two left by the time I found them, but I moved...
  20. Lgoldman

    Questions about Molly/platy fry

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with three mollies, three platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. Yesterday I noticed fry in the tank. I’m not sure how old they are, but there were only a few left by the time I saw them. I was going to leave them in the tank but I felt bad and ended up moving the two...