1. carligraceee


    My molly fish has a small amount of white fuzzy stuff under his eyes. I moved him into a hospital tank and was going to go to the pet store to grab some anti-fungal treatment. Is that what this is? The camera won't pick up anything. But this is similar to what it is... Not as swollen and...
  2. H

    Molly died giving birth?

    My molly looked pregnant and like she was going to give birth this morning (she appeared to be crowning - I guess?). When I came back a few hours later she still looked like she was crowning and she also had what looked like a wound the front of her abdomen with something stringy coming out. She...
  3. LexiLex888

    Molly Had Babies???

    My sisters came into town for a week and a half recently and I asked them to pick out some fish to add to my 55 gallon tropical tank! One of them picked out an African dwarf frog and the other picked out three lyretail mollies. I quarantined them for a week and a half and released them in my...
  4. M

    Sick Molly

    One of my mollies has been hiding a lot for the past 2ish days. Today when she finally moved enough for me to see her, she was white on her underside near her head, she is normally completely orange. None of my other fish are acting odd or are having discoloration and I'm not sure what is wrong...
  5. carligraceee

    New Corys and an update!

    Hey guys! I took some tests these past weeks and have been watching my water. My ammonia levels are at 0 and all my water levels are puerfect (the hardness is a little low but my fish are not exhibiting any signs of stress or malnutrition). My fish have been so well that I took another step and...
  6. carligraceee

    Best bottom feeder fish for a 10 gallon tank!

    Hey all! So I have always been obssessed with plecos but I found out they grow incredibly large. And will most definitely NOT fit in my tank. I read that pygmy corys would do great with my selection of fish and the size of my tank. (I have two mollies and a platy and am going to grab some...
  7. G

    Molly Behavior and Feeding Issue

    For context, I have a 30 gal tank with Current Satellite LEDs, moderately planted with gravel bottom, mostly hornwart, water sprite, swords and java ferns, lots of driftwood, with 15 cardinals, 8 pygmy corys and 5 cherry shrimp. I have two female lyretail mollies and one black sailfin male...
  8. Falconwithaboxon


    Okay guys this might be a weird question but do fish get sad when one of their tank mates dies? I noticed that, about a month ago when one of my mollies died, the other mollies in my tank were not as active for a few days. I assumed it was sickness but they didn't show any symptoms except the...
  9. T

    Molly sitting top of tank

    Hi hope somebody ca help, we recently got two female mollies to go with our original male. But recently they keep sitting on the top of the tank. I also have tetras, angelfish, pleco and lots of shrimp. All the others are doing there normal thing. No obvious signs of anything being wrong apart...
  10. Falconwithaboxon

    Lights Off

    So I have a 29 gallon tank and a few of my fish, my gouramis, platies, and mollies, always charge the glass when I turn my lights off. They are the only fish in my tank that do that so I'm just wondering if that's normal behavior for them. They've been doing that since I got the tank about 2...
  11. H

    Yet another molly sexing question

    I know it's been asked plenty of times about mollies, but my lyretails seem to be a bit harder to tell, just because with the cases of heavy inbreeding I'm not sure if it's a deformity or just a very pronounced gonopodium. Also, I cleared the algea right after this picture. They just get too...
  12. L

    Pregnant mollies??

    Unsure how to tell when mollies are pregnant, can anyone help??
  13. S

    Is my molly pregnant?

    Hi, please can anybody tell me if they think my molly is pregnant? Thanks
  14. I

    Ideal temperature/tank requirements for encouraging livebearer pregnancy

    I currently have a number of platies, mollies, and a swordtail in a 55g community tank with a number of other fish set at 78 F. Is this an ideal temperature to encourage pregnancy or should I increase it to 79 or 80 degrees? I'll likely place any pregnant fish in a breeder net and then transfer...
  15. Barry Tetra

    Does my molly look skinny?

    Does he look skinny to you?
  16. A

    Should have gotten a bigger tank...

    Hi everyone! I got my first 20 gallon tank at Christmas to set up in my office and I LOVE it. There were some hardships and losses in January-February while I learned about the nitrogen cycle and some danios paid the price. :( I had to stop naming them. :( But then I bucked up, got the Tetra...
  17. EndlessFlame

    Stocking Advise - 75g

    Hello! I have a 75g tank and I’m having trouble deciding how to finish stocking it. Here’s what I have in the tank so far: 6 x mollies 3 x dwarf gouramis Planning on 6+ cory catfish I’m working on having the tank moderately planted. For additional fish I’m looking for something with variety...
  18. T

    Rural Networks

    New to the site and forums in general. Live in northeast Colorado with little to no pet stores and aquarium supplies. Best local fish store 55 miles away, the closest petco or petsmart is 115 miles away. I currently order food from a few places amazon, brine shrimp direct, etc. I've always...
  19. L

    Mollies male or female?

    I bought a couple golden panda mollies yesterday and I think I have a male and female even though I was told they were both male I've uploaded a pic it's not great as they don't stop long enough lol but am i right?
  20. Barry Tetra

    Help mollies not eating

    My balloon mollies not eating and doing have a behavior like gulping air @Retired Viking @Fishmanic