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Feb 6, 2019
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hello, I recently got 2 fish tanks and started phsycling them. I had 4 guppies and a snail in one tank and in the other I had 2 mollies a snail and 2 guppies. In one of my tanks both of my mollies died. That startled me so I moved my other fish (the guppies and the snail) to the other tank because I knew the water was good and none of my fish died in that tank. I got the water tested this morning and and they said it was good but now I’m worried I have too many fish in that tank and don’t know what to do next. My other tank doesn’t have a filter because I read I didn’t need one, but I’m thinking I definitely need one now! Help! What should I do about my over populated cycling fish tank?
Try getting a filter ASAP. Don't overfeed when a tank isn't overpopulated, because this will trigger water parameter problems. Test your other tank's water, if everything is good, keep it cycling. Also, try to get another tank ASAP as well. How big is your current aquarium? In gallons. Keep up with water changes once the cycling has finished,and keep water parameters stable. Again, if being overpopulated depends on the tank size(again, in gallons please). Please attach some pictures of the aquarium, that would help. Also, what kind of fish do you have? Livebearers such as guppies, and platy etc. will soon overpopulated a not overpopulated tank. Send pictures please. Thank you. Please reply soon!!!

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